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Forbidden Desire - S01 E37

Story 3 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 37

When she emptied the first bottle, Caleb called out to the waiter and asked him to return the rest of the drinks despite Daniella’s objection.

“No, Caleb let me drink some more” She protested.

“No Daniella. Like I said before, I won’t let you go home drunk. Because you might end up doing something you would wake up to regret the next morning” Caleb said.

When he was done settling the bill, he led her out of the bar and drove her back home.

Halting at the gate, Daniella took a deep breath before getting off the car.

Then turning to Caleb she said,

“Thank you for tonight”

“You are always welcomed. Do have a good night rest” Caleb said smiling at her.

“You too,” Daniella responded.

Then entering the living room, Daniella met Nathan who was already back home and waiting for her return.

“Just stop right there!” He drunkenly said motioning her to remain where she was. “And, where the hell is a married woman like you coming back from, by this time of the night?” He asked.

Heaving a sigh of exhaustion, Daniella placed her palm on her forehead.

“Look, Nathan, I really do not want to do this with you right now,” She said.

“Daniella really? Has it gotten to the point where you now go out to meet with your secret lover whenever I am not at home? Since when did you get the nerve to boldly cheat on me?” Nathan fumed.

“Nathan. Please. You are drunk and I don’t have the strength to pull any argument with you this night” Daniella said.

“Oh….! Really? So you’ve grown wings that you no longer fear or respect my presence in this house” Nathan said.

“Respect is reciprocal Nathan. You should at least learn some self-respect before expecting someone else to respect you. For Christ’s sake, I have had enough of your insults, your humiliations and worse of all, your nonchalant attitude towards me. You kept me waiting all night for your return while you were out there having the best time of your life with other women” Daniella raged.

“And so? Is that why you decided to use my absence as an opportunity to go meet with your secret lover? Is that it?” Nathan questioned.

“If you don’t see anything wrong with you coming home late after hanging out with your numerous lovers, then I don’t think my case should be any different. After all, im learning from,” Daniella said crossing her arm.

“Now that you just confirmed my suspicions by indirectly confessing to your crime. I won’t bother laying my hands on a cheap whore like you. Rather, I will take you back to your parents the same way I picked you up. And then, I will boldly tell whoever that cares to listen how you go about opening your legs for any available man” Nathan threatened.

“Oh yeah? If that’s what you want, then you can go ahead and do so Nathan. A

Otherwise, I will take it that you aren’t a man of your word. After all, we both have things to tell” Daniella said.

“Is that a threat?” Nathan asked.

“No, it is a fact Nathan. I promise to tell who cares to listen, how useless and infertile you are. You useless and highly frustrated thing” Daniella fumed.

Hearing this, a sudden weakness came upon Nathan who slowly sat back on the couch with a scoff.

“Finally, you’ve said what you have always wanted to say to me all this while,” He said with sadness in his eyes.

Seeing him in that mood, made Daniella remorseful as she began to wish she could take back the things she just said to Nathan out of anger and frustration.

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