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A Night With A Cute Guy - S01 E21

Story 6 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 21


I quickly sneaked out of the room with all the documents and head out.

I stared at my parents who were suspicious of me, as I sullenly walked out of the gate.

I drove as fast as I could back to my home…….I need to access this papers to be sure of what I saw.

I got home and met blake waiting anxiously…..I don’t have time for him, I passed without uttering a word, but he oulked me back..

“pls leave me, I have something urgent to do”,I said, but he won’t let go.

What kind of temptation is this?

I pushed him aside and ran to my room….and locked the door.

I brought out all the documents.

Oh my gosh! My parents….my patents…..oh my gosh….

That house belongs to lisa and her brother. Her name is actually lisa and that house is their family house which was passed on by her patents to her… She still have more properties…….. And the company my dad always claims he owns is hers and her brother..but who is her brother?

Lisa needs to know this! My patents are deceitful people…..am ashamed of them.

I called lisa and she picked on the third call……

“pls where are you?”,I asked.

”uhmn…I’ll text you the address”,she replied and cut the call.

Few minutes later, she sent the address, I don’t care if its night, I need to see her now.

I ran out…..blake wasn’t seen…phew! I drove to the place and got down from the car.

I knocked and a lady opened.

“amd who are you?”,she asked.

“am lisa sister, am here to see her!”,I replied eagerly.

”well, sorry, lisa doesn’t have a sister. Pls leaf”,she said, and tries to slam the gate, but I pushed it.

“pls its really urgent”,I begged but she paid deaf ears.

“pls let her come in”,Lisa said out of the blue.

I ran to her and hugged her.

We entered the sitting room… And her male friend was there. The other lady later joined.

”well, look at this”,I said,handing her the documents.


I looks at the document in shock. I can’t believe this, I own that house, I have a brother. Oh my gosh!

I must find my brother…and I think I know where to start from!

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