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A Night With A Cute Guy - S01 E22

Story 6 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 22


I became so impatient, and anger raged within me.

I tried to control myself and go to sleep, but it wasn’t working, then someone knocked on my door.

“am coming”,I muttered and opened the door.

Its Michael!

“what do you want?”,I asked.

“well, I knew you wouldn’t be able to sleep coz of all that happened, so I came to stay with you”,he replied.

“thats nice of you”,I replied

“thanks”,he replied, and we both sat on the bed.

“am sorry I didn’t you everything on time”,I muttered.

“there is no problem, at least you told me. You are a good gal”,he replied and I smiled.

We gisted and chatted, played games, watched movies, and I was finally able to sleep.

????The next day????

I woke up very early, getting ready for my surprise visit.

I dressed up, and walked downstairs…….oh, Richie slept here last night.

“hi Richie”.I said.

“hi, shouldn’t we come with you?”,they all asked.

“na, I can handle it”,I replied.


“no, I can handle it”,I replied, cutting them short.

I got to the house, and landed a harsh knick on the gate.

The gate man opened it, and on seeing me, tried to slam it back, but I forcefully pushed him away.

I walked in, and oh….they are seated, in my own house. Hmm, this is wonderful.

“how did you get in here?”,the wife asked.

“mother, my so called mother. I need to know, what are you guys hiding from me? Where is my brother? How did you get your hands on my properties”,I asked, as they were shocked on hearing this.

In no second……Mr dad stood up and walked to me.

I slowly darted backwards, but he rushed further and gripped me. He brought out a pocket knife and placed in my throat.

“you wanna know? Well listen! I killed your parents. Yes, I did! Why? Because I was jealous, I had nothing….I was living in this house under the mercy of your useless parents, so I had to kill them to obtain all their wealth. You see, your patents were naive people. Oh, your brother? He tried to escape, so I sent assassin to kill him. I thought as a girl, you won’t be a hindrance, that’s why I spared your life, but now I see you have bitten more than you can chew”,he said, and Pierced my throat with the knife, I felt sharp pains, as he slowly released me.


“Guys I have a bad feeling about this”,I said.

“me too”,Richie supported..

“i think we should go there now”,nora replied and I got the car keys.

She ran upstairs, for a reason I do not know then came back.

“lets go”,Richie said and we all ran out

I drove to the place…..since Richie had the keys, she opened the gate and we entered

We all rushed in, Richie was first

We found lisa lying in her own pool of blood.

“hands in the air”,Richie threatened as nora handed her a gun

Her parents seemed not be scared too much.

“that’s the height of wickedness, am calling the police”,Richie threatened and brought out her phone.

Her father scoffed

“you won’t date call the police on us, we are your patents”,her dad said, and I think his words are piercing deep into her….she let go of the gun. .

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