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A Night With A Cute Guy - S01 E20

Story 6 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 20


We got home, nora brought some food for lisa while I just sat there speeches.

Lisa……pregnant! There Is more to this than meets the eye.

Nora left the room to take a quick shower.

“i thought we were friends”,I finally spoke.

“we are”,she replied.

“then why did you hide it from me?”,I asked.

She breathed out loudly.

“i couldn’t muster the courage to tell you”,she replied.

“so now I know partially, would you mind explaining?”,I asked.

She stared st me for a while.

“its a long story?”,she replied.

“well, am all ears”,I replied

“ok. It all started out of my foolishness, I disobeyed the woman I called my mum and went for a school prom. There I met blake who spiked my drink and got me pregnant. He also did same to the girl I call my sister. During this period, I met you! Blake got exposed with tyr help of my friend, and so…..he was asked to choose whom to get married, cause he can’t marry two sisters”,she said..and paused.

“then what?”,I asked.

“then, he choose me”,she replied.

“then how come you are not married by now?”, I asked.

“well, I rejected him and somehow convinced my sister into marrying him, now they are married”,she replied and nora walked in.

“so..why then did you say you have no family and you are homeless?”,I asked.

“well, before their marriage, my mum threatened me to get married………..to you by all means, even if it means deceiving you, but I refused. I thought she was kidding when she said that after the marriage was over, I would leave the house. After the marriage, I drove back home and the gate man refused to open the gate. He threw my luggage, and when I persisted………my sad came out and told me I am not his real child, that I was picked on the streets, that’s how I ended up in the car”,she replied.

Oh my gosh!

“wow! So because you ain’t their real child, they treated you like this? What was the use of the help then?”,nora asked.

“sorry you passed through all those”,I said.

“come michael, let’s leave her to rest, she must be exhausted”,nora said and we left the room.


“mum, how could be this heartless?”,I half yelled on heating that lisa was sent out.

“what do you mean by that?”,dad asked.

“mum, dad, how could you do that to lisa?”,I half yelled.

“didnt we try on her, I mean we took her this far”,mum replied and I scoff.

“mum, lisa sacrificed for my happiness. She let me have blake, don’t you see? Is this how you could repay her?”,I yelled.

“Shut up”,dad fired, and landed a slap on my cheeks.

“you want that good for nothing girl to ruin our reputation by staying here and giving birth to that bastard?”,dad asked.

“so, its all about you! Did you think where she will stay, how she will feel? Mum, dad, from today henceforth, you are no longer my patents, I down you guys”,I yelled and ran upstairs.

I entered Lisa’s room, I can feel her presence here…I touched the bed. Lisa am so sorry, heaven knows I love and care for you.

I went to my parents room, something kept pushing me there, I entered and found some documents.

Oh my gosh! You won’t believe this!

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