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the shock in her eyes was uncomparable. I know why she was shock. not because she know what she had done was wrong but because she know it must get to daniel’s ears

she look at me with pity eyes and instantly i remenber the day i woe her for daniel

me: hi mary the beauty

mary: [shaking voice] hello idris what are you doing here?

me: ehm…ehm…actually i came to look for Daniel he told me he is here

mary: ehm…i see you came to look for Daniel anyway i am in a hurry

me: [for my mind] you are in a hurry to go and sleep with another boy


she left in a hurry. after like five minute when my something has gone down. i walk out of the hall and put a call through daniel

me:hello daniel where a you

daniel: am under the mango tree behind the church

me:okay i will join you in a few minutes time

i said and walk to where he was and we walk home together after exchanging pleasantries we walk home and it was they i show him the video tape..


pastor musty drove his camry car into the evil forest of akaya. the breeze from the shaded trees in the forest blew on him due to the narrowness of the road, he park his car at a shaded place

he came down from the car, nicely dress in black suit with an italian shoes,and red tie to rendered his dress to match.

he move to his car boot,open it and brought out a black nylon bag containing somethings.while walking through the narrow road,his phone rang,checking the contact,the name was save as’baba’.

pastor musty:[picking the call]hello baba i will be with you in a jifty

he said and cut the call.he fasten his movement and minutes later he found himself in a small hut.the hut was made with a combination of mud and palm fruit

knowing the hut very well,he pass through a narrow door at the centre of the hut,and he bursted at the other end of the hut,reviewing a well decorated compound with fence.the whole compound was smoky and no one could be found in the compound.

in the centre of the compound stood a gigantic shrine.the shrine was decorated with red cloths and snail shells.both human and animals skull where littering around in the shrine.

pastor musty moves straight to the location of the shrine.and just then a black thug appear in his back with a sword in his hand and swiftly moves to where pastor musty was and used one of his hand to hold pastor musty in the neck and pointed the knife at him

still holding pastor musty in the neck,he asked the popular question

black man:who are you

pastor musty:[shivering like a fowl]am pastor musty

black man:[release him slowly]are you the one baba is expecting?

pastor musty:yes

black man:am sorry for rough handling you baba will be with you in a minute time

he said and disappear into thin air.pastor musty arranged his suit and went to where the shrine was and sat down in small stone

sooner or later,a black short man appear in the air.his legs where not touching the ground neither his hands were.he hold a shining staff in his hand and said.

baba:hello pastor musty,hope you bring good news

pastor musty:[remove a white handkerchief from his suit pocket and clean his sweaty face]baba am here with the sacrifice material

baba:[nodding his head]good that is good[pause]where is the handkerchief with the virgin blood and the white c–k and other materials?

pastor musty[handed him a black nylon bag]they are all here

baba[collected the bag

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