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i stormed out of my pastor office and went to a small mango tree that has shade. i sat down and everything that happened back there in my pastor office began to replay back into my head, as many question began runing through my mind.

“could it be my pastor is having an affair with these lady”

“or is he just trying to be mr nice”

“anything it is i must get to the root of it”

“but hw will i start?”

i was still wearing a thinking cap when my phone rang. i check the contact and it was idris my roommate. meet idris an easy going young man with a good heart. unlike me,he wasn’t a player,very loyal.

i met him during my university days and since them, we became good friends. after our nysc, through connection, he got a job as a micro-biologist in a big company. he tried securing a job for me but it was to no avail. though he pay for our rent and feeding, he had never complain or saw it as anything.

presently, he travelled to the village to visit his sick mother and he promise to come back today.

Me[picked The Call] hello Idris Hw Fa? Are U Back?

Idris: no I Still Dey Village. Mad Man. Where Are You Let Me Come And Collect Key?

Me[oh I Forgot To Drop Key For Him]pls Am Sorry, Am In Pastor Musty Office Now

Idris:no Probs.Am Coming


I Hang Up The Call,relaxed Back,waiting For Idris To Come




he stood up from his sit, went to the door and lock it. he look left and right b4 locking the door to ensure daniel is not hiding somewhere.he came back and met mary already sitted

pastor musty[smiling] so what abt what we discuss last time

mary[shy face]am ready but you will ave to give me the money first

pastor musty[open his drawer, remove a bundle of 100k and gave it to her] here is the money

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mary[smiling] thanks sir[she collected the money and put in her handbag] thanks sir, you know am doing these because of the money

pastor musty:okay let get to business

mary:ok but be careful, am still a virgin

pastor musty[excited]wow i love virgins

they both pull their cloth and got to business…

When They Were Both Done With Their Stuffs, pastor Musty Brought Out A White handkerchief From His Drawer And Stylishly Clean every drop of blood, as A Result Of Mary’s Broken Virginity And Return It Back To His Drawer…

Pastor Musty[smiling]baby You Were Sweet

Mary[childish Smile]thank You Sir…I Must Be Going Now

She Said And Hurry Out Only To Meet Idris With A Lmg D–k….





I WAS TOO carry away into watching and at the same time videoing pastor musty and his super natural girlfriend in a life p–n that i didn’t know when the door flipped open and mx pastor supernatural girlfriend came out

i look at her and i got the shocker of my life; the same girl daniel has been toasting and she is proving hard to get?

girls are very bad



i shouted when i watch the sextape between pastor musty and mary. I couldn’t believe it…mary!!



these is highly unbelieveable. The s~xtape send cold shiver into my body, well to be a man is not easy

idris: [shouting] daniel daniel!!

me: [jotting back to life] ehmm yes what is it na? why are you shouting my name like a drunkard na?

idris: for the past five minute have been calling your name and i got no respones from you. what is the problem ?

me: sorry my dear. I was just thinking about something

idris: can you share what you are thinking with me?

me: no it is not shareable

idris:mad man, you think i don’t know you are thinking about the tape?

me[sight] see is not like that

idris:then how


idris:anyway if it’s for the tape i got some useful plan

me:[anxious]ehm..ehm…you say what?

idris:and the plan will even help you sleep with that mary and also become a pastor not even a fake pastor but a real pastor…..

what is the plan?

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