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Miss Mary Burial Was Successful.The Only Problem That We Were Having Then Was That They Wasn’t Enough Money To Finance Her Burial. But Fortunately After Two Weeks Of Her Corpse Being In The Mortuary, a Huge Amount Of Money Was Found In One Of Her Handbag And The Poor Parents Even When They Never Knew Where The Money Came From Used It.Truely na Condition Make Crayfish Bend.

After Mary Burial, our Next Plan As Suggested By Idris Was To Blackmail Pastor Musty To Make Me A Pastor And In Case He Refused Then He Should Get Ready To Visit The Court Of Law Because Am Going To Show The Video Tape To The Police Claiming That He Kill Mary In Other To Let Their Sex Escapade Out.

To My Ottermost Surprised, pastor Musty Sent An Usher To Call Me,after Sunday Mass To Meet Him At His Office.Though I Was Surprised, but It Was A Good Way To let The Cat Out Of The Bag.. After Service That Day,i Branch At His Office, to Know Why He Sent For Me. Hmm.

I Was At My Office Chilling WIth Some Snacks When I Heard A Knock On My Office Door,instantly i knew it was no other person than daniel.

“push the door, it is open”i shouted from inside the office

the cute young boy push the door open and came in. he turn back and lock the door while i stared at him vigilantly.he was corperately dress in a white well iron native cloth with a white italian shoes to rendered the dress-to-match.

i usher him a seat to sit down and he sat down comfortablely,though i could see curiousity written allover his handsome face.

me:[smiling]how are you daniel?

dan:am fine sir,sir i think you sent for me

me:yes i did.i invited you over to my office to discussed something very important with you

dan:alright sir am all ears

me:you see daniel,i find you as a special person i find you as a person with high standard of intelligency

dan:thank you sir

me:is allright,but first of all am sorry about what i did to you the day you came to my office in coincident with mary.

Me:actually Am Sorry For All That Took Place That Day. Am Very Sorry.

Daniel:it’s Nothing Sir.Am Not Angry At You.My Heart Is Pure As Gold.

Me:[breathed Hard]thanks For The Forgiveness

Daniel:no Problem Sir.I Must Be On My Way Now

He Stood Up And Was About To Leave When I Stop Him.

Me:ehrm…Daniel Please Am Not Yet Through With You.Can You Have Your Seat Back Lets Complete Our Discussion.

Daniel:okay Sir

he Came Back And Sat Down

Me:ehrm…Daniel I Think That Day You Came To My Office In Coincident With Mary,you Came To Tell Me Something Can You Tell Me Now

Daniel:[stratch Head]ehrmm Sir..,i..I..I….I Mean…I….

Me:speak Up Boy,am All Ears

Daniel:[breathe In And Out]okay Sir I Will Talk[pause For A Moment And Continue]ehm Sir Actually Am Interested In A Particular Job,a Job I Had Cherish For A Long Time,sir I Want To Be A Pastor,i Mean A Pastor That Can Perform Miracle,sir I Want To Be Like You,sir Pls Help Me,i Love Pastor Work With My Whole Heart…Pls Sir Help Me

He Said Kneeling Down.I Was Smiling Inside Me,watching The Drama He Was Portraying Was A Big Sight To Behold. I Was Glad He Had Told Me What He Want And Am Ready To Help Him,as Far As My Sex Videotape Is Not Exposed.

Me:[smiling]stand Up Boy,i Am Fully Prepared To Help You As Far As You Corperate With Me

Daniel:[stood Up And Started Cleaning Fine To Ensure He Heard Find]sir Pls Repeat What You Just Said?

Me:i Said Am Going To Help You

Daniel:[starting Dancing And Showering Praise On Pastor Musty]thank You Pastor.You Are A True Man Of God,a Real Pastor…,……….Praises Continue

when the atmosphere was quiet again,i spoke out

me:[clear throat]you see dan,i know you are happy that i accept you as a pastor and am also happy that you choose to be a pastor other than those useless boys on the street sagging theirs nika and always dancing azonto.

daniel:sir am so happy you accept to help me.thank you is one of my happiest day in life

me:no problem boy,but they is a condition that attached to me helping you

daniel:[eye widen]sir ?

me:yes they is a condition attached

daniel[timid]:hmmm…okay sir what is the condition?

me:[smile]don’t worry i will diclose the condition to you when you become a pastor.once again congratulation

daniel:[a little bit scare]thank you sir.ehm sir i must be on my way now,so that i will meet my roommate before he go

me:okay.but remember to visit me tommorrow

daniel:okay sir

he stood up and left hurriedly, but the jubilation on my face never disappear. convincing dan into pastor work was very easy

Stupid boy I said to myself… We shall see!

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