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“Huh?” I raised my eyebrows.

“Come here baby.” He pulled me to himself while I stare at the dress.

“I want you to attend a family gala with me and you gonna go in this dress.” He says .

Ohh that’s why he was being oddly sweet.

I knew ken can’t be acting all nice all of a sudden there’s something attached to it.

I sighed and moved away from him.

“Okay I’ll. When is the gala?” I asked and I got a shocking reply.

“Tonight.” He said and gave me the dress before excusing himself.

I rolled my eyes and dumped the dress on the bed.

He’s just so unbelievable.

I walked towards the window but unfortunately kelvin wasn’t In Sight.

I smiled brightly when I thought of how special he made me feel today.


All dressed up for the so called gala waiting for ken. Soon he descended from the stairs looking handsome as usual although kelvin is way cuter than him.

“Are you ready?” He asked and I nodded.

He smiled and held my hand and led me outta the mansion to his car.

Kelvin stood by his doorstep watching as ken helped me get into the car.

His eyes never left mine and I couldn’t tell his mood for his face was expressionless.

Something in me lit up whenever I see him.

I managed to avoid eye contact with him so ken won’t make a fuss outta it.

He entered the driver side and brought the engine to life before driving off.

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I heaved a sigh and relax and fasten my seat belt.


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