Billionaire In Disguise - S01 E13

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I walk back to my building with his words ringing in my head.

Maybe he’s right I don’t deserve to be treated like garbage.

I sighed and went back to cooking. Soon I was done. Not too long I was tryna set up the table when the bell rang.

“Be there in a minute!” I half yelled and walked towards the door and opened it behold it was Kendrick.

Woa he’s back so early today.

What a relief.

“Welcome back.” I greeted I tried to take his brief case from him but he refused and simply smiled.

“Thank you my darling tell me what’s for lunch?” He asked politely and I was stunned.

Okay what happened to Kendrick did he hit his head on something or what?

“Wh…a..t?” I shuttered unable to believe he just called me darling wife no bitch??

He smiled and pulled me along to the couch and made me seat down besides him.

“You surprised I called you darling wife? Relax okay ? Am not gonna bite I just miss my wife.” It came out sweetly.

This joke is becoming more expensive.

“ERM I’ll just go back to serving your meal.” I faked a smile and stood up immediately.

I went back to the kitchen Immediately. I really don’t understand what’s up with Kendrick .

Hope its not some trap to get me into making a mistake again?

I pray I don’t fall for this.


After lunch ken was acting all sweet and bought so many gifts for me.

I bet there’s a reason for all of this and I must find out soon enough.

I went to the bathroom for a quick shower and came out shortly to meet ken holding a fancy dress .

“Do you like it?” He asked .

“ERM whose dress Is that?”I returned the question.

“Its for you.” He announced.


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