Billionaire In Disguise - S01 E15

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Why does my heart hurts seeing her with him?

Get it together kelvin she’s f*cking married my inner mind told me and I sighed frustrated.

Right now I’ve pressing matters to tend to.

I got dressed and asked my second driver to come pick me up at the airport.

Am going back to my life just as the private investigator had instructed .


I boarded one of my private jets which took me back to Paris.

Already informed him I’d arrived.

My driver was waiting patiently beside the car. He bow in surprised.

“Hello mark.” I smiled at him and got into the backseat.

“Its good to have you back master.” He says and brought the engine to life.

Am sure half of France have been foretold of my arrival. Well that’s what I wanted.

If am correct there’s gonna be an attempt on my life which am praying for.

“Yeah sure its so good to be back.” I smiled and brought out my phone. Wanted calling mom but it would be nice if I’d given her a surprise.

I smiled at how much I’d missed her. She’s gonna be so happy to see her baby boy again.

Just hope she’s okay.

The gates of my mansion opened automatically and he drove in. All the servants were all lined up waiting for me I guess.

He pulled up in front of the mansion and got outta the car.

“Welcome back master.”they simultaneously said and I nodded and walked towards the entrance.

The whole place look taken care of. My guess they all did a great job.

I went upstairs to the master bedroom.

Took off my clothes and hit the shower. Everything was intact though.

I took a long shower and changed into something more comfortable than a suit.

Wore a diamond rolex watch and grabbed my phone .

Its show time.

“Are you ready ?” I spoke into the undetectable communicator in my ear.

“Ready at your 12oclock boss.” He responded and I nodded before walking outta my room.

Let the fun begin.


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