Bad Boy Romance - S01 E61

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(A secret relationship)



Brody’s POV

An Hour Later



‘ahaa!!! I knew you were scared’..i said aloud as i walked towards Payton who was on my bike.She didn’t reply me and turned the other wag and I smiled…

‘Payton what’s wrong??’..i asked with a skeptical look on my face…

‘I’m just thinking about some things that’s all’..She replied with a downcast look on her face and I smiled..


‘Leave me alone’..

‘Baby..’..i cooed again tickling her and in as much as she tried not to laugh she bursted out giggling…

‘Stop Brody I’m not joking’..She said when my giggling stopped and i sighed deeply…

‘If something is bothering you then you better tell me and if you can’t then i won’t bother you anymore’…i muttered.

‘Well Nicole and the other girls passed by and they were talking about you and Veronica Hampton,she said that she wishes you were back with her and I felt bad’..She replied and i frowned..

‘Veronica and I never dated Payton,it was just a sx fling and you and i know that Veronica is a slut and in fact our relationship is the first I’ve been in,Veronica and I was just sx and no strings so what are you getting so worked up about??’..i asked already annoyed…

‘You have a reputation for being a bad boy so what do you expect?!’..She retorted..

‘I love you Payton and I would always love you so don’t be scared..

‘You sure??’…

‘Yeah I’m sure’…

Payton’s POV

The Next Morning

I came downstairs thinking Brody would be waiting for me but instead it was Trevor who was eating breakfast..

‘Morning Trevor uhmmm is Brody not ready for school yet??’..i asked scratching the back of my head…

‘He’s gone to school already,I’m surprised he’s left early’..He replied..

‘Okay’..i murmured and walked way..

Why on earth would Brody leave for school without me??…


I got to school with Trevor and he headed over Serani who was at the left side of the hallway.I waved at her and then i spotted Brody with Veronica and Nicole laughing at something he said.I waved at him and he rolled his eyes the other way avoiding me blatantly without remorse….

What the hell??..

What did i even do??..

I embarrassedly walked towards my locker,got my books and headed for class.He came in and walked past me towards his own chair and when I glanced back he looked away.Mrs Henderson,our physics teacher came into the class and started the lesson for today.I took a pen and scribbled a note passing it over to Brody through James and when he saw it he frowned and crumpled the paper to bits..

What did I even do??..

Why is he even doing this to me??…

‘Are you okay??’..Serani asked from behind me and I shook my head…

‘No i am not okay how can you say I’m okay—Brody is clearly avoiding me and I don’t know why or is he back to his normal self I don’t know you tell me?’..

‘Hmmm maybe he’s mad at you or something and besides it’s just only been an hour or two it just doesn’t mean that he’s avoiding you’..She said .

‘But i…

‘Shhh Pay…when it’s recess you could go talk to him’..


The bell for recess was rung signifying that it was recess.I grabbed my lunch walking towards the cafeteria and then the next thing i knew someone dragged me into the bathroom..

‘What the?!..Ohhh it’s you’..I blurted out loudly seeing that it was Brody..

‘We need to talk Payton’..He said and I gulped hard seeing the dark look on his face .

‘Okay I’m listening’..

‘I think we should have a secret relationship that is..our relationship should be a secret to the rest of the school apart from Serani,Cooper and Trevor’..he replied..

‘A secret relationship?? Why??’..i asked obviously confused..

‘Well it’s the best reason known to only me and you wouldn’t understand,outside the school we are boyfriend and girlfriend and inside the school we’re just normal students okay??’..He muttered and I arched my brows…

Why does he want a secret relationship??..

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