Bad Boy Romance - S01 E58

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Brody's POV

The Next Morning



A bright light shone upon my eyes and I opened it only for me to see Payton clipping the curtains.She still in her skimpy pink night gown and as she stretched to open the curtains very well her thighs showed which made me smile..

‘It’s Saturday’..I murmured and she turned around sharply..

‘Ohhh’re awake??’..

‘Yeah I’m awake,what are you doing in my room??’..I replied as I stood up and yawned…

‘Well your mom sent me here to do that’..she said pointing at the curtains.I nodded and yawned again as I walked into bathroom to pee.When done i splashed a Littleneck bit of water and went back only for me to see her hands on my trophy…

‘You’re touchy’..I muttered and she flinched..

‘S..sorry I didn’t mean to..

‘It’s okay why are you so jumpy this morning??’..i asked and following the direction of her eyes i realized what she meant..

‘Ohhh’..I murmured and put my shirt on..

‘You didn’t really have to,i liked your physique anyway’..she said rolling her eyes and i smirked..

‘So…you like the bad boy’s body huh?’..I said and took my shirt off.I circled my arms around and lowered my lips to hers kissing her softly..

‘Mmmh’..she murmured and i propped her up on my waist…

‘I have to make breakfast’..

‘You are my breakfast’…

‘Well what if your mom catches us??’..

‘I’ll lock the doors’..

‘What about Trevor??’..

‘Serani would keep him busy’..

‘I haven’t showered neither have you’..

‘Would you like to join me??’..

‘Ohh you’re a pervert Brody Anderson!!!’…


I scrolled through my emails on my laptop checking for my performance ratio and that’s when I saw an unusual message..

????:YOU’VE BEEN ACCEPTED INTO THE HARVARD PRE-ADMITTED PROGRAM FOR THE COURSE OF LAW click on the following link for more information.


‘Mom!!!’..I yelled with the laptop in my hands and before I could reach i heard unusual giggles from Trevor’s room..

Wait a minute..

‘Trevor open the door I need to talk to you’..I hollered and I heard giggling again as he opened the door..

‘What??’..he asked.I clearly ignored him and bursted through the door only for me to see Serani on the bed laughing with a laptop in her hands..

‘Dude that wasn’t funny!!’..I screamed and the both of them laughed hysterically..

‘Oh my God you really fell for it!! You really thought you were going to Harvard!!’..Trevor laughed and I frowned deeply..

‘I just can’t with you guys!!!’..

Payton's POV

I was busy washing the dishes when a hand slipped around my waist and I flinched only for me to see that it was Brody .

‘Jeez you’ve gotta stop sneaking on me like that’..I said.

‘Sorry about that I need your help’..he replied..

‘With what??’..i asked and his face widened into a wicked smile..


‘Payback?? What do you mean??’..I asked.

‘Well Serani and Trevor pulled a dirty prank on me on which I thought isn’t funny—They sent me an email which said that I’ve been accepted into Harvard to study Law,I was almost happy cause mom has been processing my admission into Harvard before the year runs out and finding out that its a prank really pissed me off so I want payback’..He explained…

‘Harvard?? You’re going to Harvard??’..I asked and his smile faded..

‘Well not until the school year is over,we’re in the final year remember and your scholarship was for one school year remember??’..he replied.

‘Yeah i know but if you go to Harvard then…

‘Then what??’..

‘Then that means we can’t be together’..

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