Bad Boy Romance - S01 E59

2 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 59

(Movie night)



Brody's POV

‘You don’t have to be bothered about my admission Payton,if there’s one thing i learnt then it’s to live in the moment!! Let’s think about the present and see what the future holds’..I replied trying to keep a smile on my face so as not to worry…

‘You sure??’..Payton asked…

‘Yeah I’m sure so you up for a movie??’..I replied but still she didn’t look happy..

‘There’s a new cinema downtown and I would like if we go check it out yunno!! Brody and Payton…Bropay..Movie night!!’..i cooed poking at her ribs continuously and luckily her face broadened into a beautiful smile…

‘Okay fine but after movie night we talk about your Harvard admission cause I know you pretty well and i know you’re trying to evade the whole question!!!’…She said aloud and I smiled..


‘So there’s this movie i’ve been wanting to Watch—Its called Veronica and I’ve booked two tickets for you and I’..I murmured as i opened the door only to see Payton with a towel around her chest and all wet…

‘What are?!! Jeez Brody I’m half naked!!!’…She screamed and i just smiled…

‘Ohhh well it’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before so what’s the deal’..

‘What do you mean??’..



‘What I said nothing!!’..

‘No secrets Brody we promised ourselves that ,there’ll be no secrets between us!’..She muttered and I let out a deep sigh…

‘Okay fine i might have seen you naked in the shower once or twice’..i replied rolling my eyes to the other side of the room..

‘What?!! You’ve been spying on me naked?! Jeez i can’t believe this!! You’re a pervert Brody Anderson!’..She exclaimed and i chuckled low so she wouldn’t hear.She signaled me to turn around and I did biting my lower lip almost tempted to turn around..

‘I’m done now let’s talk about the movie you were talking about’..She murmured when I turned around…

‘Okay then well i was thinking we should watch a movie I’ve been hearing of,it’s titled VERONICA’..i replied tucking her hair behind her ear as we both sat on the bed…

‘Oooh Veronica?? Is it a Rom-Com??’…she asked..

‘Rom-Com?? No ewww it’s a horror movie and we’re watching it in 3D’..

‘Wait up!! A horror movie?!!’..She asked with her eyes already widened..

‘Yeah or are you scared of Horror movies,if you want we could just watch Jumanji’..i suggested with retreated look on my face and she scoffed..

‘No way! There’s no way I’m scared of horror movies what do you take me for?? A chicken??’..She asked and i arched my brows..

Judging from her first expression I’m pretty sure she’s scared of horror movies but she’s just trying to act tough..

I guess she doesn’t know what it means to watch a horror movie in 3D..

‘Are you sure??’..i asked..

‘Y..yeah what do you take me for?? I’m not scared of anything Brody Anderson,I escaped from a Cobra remember??’..She retorted and I hid my snicker.

‘Okay eightish then??’..

‘Eightish’..she replied and I left the room..

Okay Payton..

Since you’re acting so tough I would teach you a sweet lesson…

This is definitely a movie night to remember

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