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I've Got The Treasure Map!

Sweeping past the piles of crab shells and swimming less than 1,000 meters, Han Fei heard the sound of fighting.

Han Fei’s eyes lit up, and he continued to swim forward. After a while, he saw a large lava cave, in which quartz crystals covered the rock walls.

Han Fei hid on the side and peeped in, only to see two girls and a boy were rounding up a big lobster.

To his surprise, the two large pincers of this lobster were separate from the red lobster’s body and suspended on both sides of its body. Beside it, the pincers were spinning like gyros.

Han Fei narrowed his eyes, and the data appeared.

<Name> Iron-Armed Lobster

<Introduction>Its flexible iron arms can attack like catapults. It is good at drilling through the ground in combat and its pincers are extremely flexible, and its double pincers can be used to make magic weapons.


<Quality> Exotic

<Contained Spiritual energy> 2,192 Points

<Edible Effect> It can strengthen your own Qi and blood and enhance physical fitness.

<Collectable> Lobster Pincers


Han Fei frowned. An exotic creature of level 33! This lobster could rank among the top ten in strength among the large animals he had seen so far.

Han Fei did not know the three teenagers. Among them, a boy used a bow. The other two teenagers respectively used a spear and a knife. At this moment, the three were fighting intensely with the Iron-Armed Lobster; however, all their attacks were blocked by the lobster’s pincers and sparks flashed from time to time.

Han Fei glanced at them, then looked into the cave and found a small tree growing in the middle of the cave. The small tree was perfectly straight and silver-white, and there was a silver fruit on the top of it.

<Name> Snow Silver Bamboo

<Introduction> The treasure bamboo bred from the silver crystal mine, can be refined into an ultra-quality magical weapon. The bamboo bears a silver fruit. Eating it can strengthen your muscles and bones.

<Level> 30

<Quality> Ultra-quality Treasure Bamboo

<Contains Spiritual energy> 36,589

<Collectable> Snow Silver Fruit


Seeing this Snow Silver Bamboo, Han Fei almost drooled. It was not difficult to meet bamboo trees in the sea. For example, there were many in the Deep-Sea Jungle.

However, it was very difficult to find a good quality bamboo tree! Especially this kind of bamboo that could bear fruit. For example, the Purple Bamboo Tree he met before, it was very rare in the ordinary fishery.

Han Fei glanced at the Snow Silver Bamboo and then at the Iron-Armed Lobster. I want both of them! No, not just the two of them, I also want the Fiery Mountain Tokens of these three people.

Han Fei was not in a hurry, so he hid on the side and thought, Keep fighting. When you’re done, it’ll be time for me to show up. Haha!

Half an hour later.

Han Fei saw the bow-bearing girl roar, spitting a mouthful of blood on the spiritual-energy arrow as she shot out the arrow. The arrow made a sharp turn in the air, shooting at the lobster from below.


The Iron-Armed Lobster was furious and threw out a large pincer at the girl as if trying to smash her.

However, the spear-bearing boy suddenly attacked the lobster almost with all his strength. BAM!

The pincer flew out and broke many quartz crystal columns. The boy using a knife took the opportunity to drill into the abdomen of the Iron-Armed Lobster, wrapped his knife with thick spiritual energy as he inserted it into the lobster’s body with a jerk, leaving a long cut several meters long.

Han Fei was a bit surprised. The three teenagers, cooperating well, had almost killed this lobster. Although it took a bit too long, he had to say their performance was not bad. No wonder they could enter the top 100 list.

But would Han Fei sit by and watch this lobster die? Certainly not. It would only end up in the Demon Purification Pot!


When the three teenagers were going to kill this lobster, a spiritual-energy arrow suddenly appeared, taking them back.

“Be careful! Someone is here…”

The three warned each other. At the moment Han Fei shot the spiritual-energy arrow, the three of them quickly stood together. Although they had consumed more than half of their spiritual energy, they were not panicked.



The Iron-Armed Lobster was shot in the forehead, and its carapace cracked. Hearing the cracking sound, the three teenagers were shocked. They had been fighting this lobster for so long but it wasn’t injured at all. However, this person cracked its carapace with a single arrow, which meant that this guy was very strong.

Han Fei leisurely showed up, and seeing another pincer fly at him, he immediately brandished the Water Stirring Seal, directly hitting the pincer flying.

Han Fei ran to the lobster and kept hitting its head until the lobster’s head was full of cracks and it fainted.

Then Han Fei looked at these three teenagers with a smile. Fortunately, they had almost exhausted this big lobster. Otherwise, it would take him a lot of effort to collect it. However, the girl transmitted a message to him, “You’re shameless! This lobster is our prey!”

Han Fei simply said, “I don’t care. Anyway, it is mine now. Hand over your Fiery Mountain Tokens, and then you can go!”

However, he got no response.

Han Fei walked to them step by step. “We’re classmates. I don’t want to be rude to you!”

The trio’s faces changed slightly. Classmates? Is this guy from the same school as us?

However, when Han Fei was about to ask them for Fiery Mountain Tokens, the three of them suddenly attacked him. The spear-bearing boy thrust his spear at him and a big blue fish suddenly appeared and rammed straight at Han Fei’s face.

BAM… Thud!

Han Fei raised his hand and sent both the big fish and the spear flying.

Then three arrows swished at him and exploded in front of him, setting off huge waves. Even if Han Fei had been prepared, he was jolted back a few steps.

A cold glint flashed in the water and two knives appeared in Han Fei’s hands.

Clang, Clang, Clang… In the blink of an eye, he and the knife-bearing boy had hacked each other dozens of times, and the latter was sent flying through the air and his hands had been frozen.

At this time, a fishing hook went across Han Fei’s cheek, tearing apart the fish skin mask on Han Fei’s face.

“Huh? Not bad!”

Han Fei smiled and the other three stared at his face.

“Now that you’ve seen my face, then… Hand over your Fiery Mountain Tokens, before I become angry!”

All the three were speechless. Classmates? Isn’t this guy Han Fei of the Fourth Academy? There are only five students in their academy. Why are we so ‘lucky’ to meet one of them?!

Seeing that the girl still wanted to use her bow, Han Fei immediately put a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger against her neck. “Girl, you’d better surrender.”

The spear-bearing boy voiced, “Give the Fiery Mountain Token to him. We’re running out of spiritual energy, and we won’t be his match.”

Swish, Swish, Swish!

Three Fiery Mountain Tokens were thrown out.

Han Fei happily caught them and threw them into Forge the Universe. Now he already had 7 Fiery Mountain Tokens!

“Um! Good… Now you can go!”

The three of them didn’t dare say anything. If Han Fei was pissed and attacked them, they would be in danger. So they just gnashed their teeth and left.

Han Fei smiled and the Demon Purification Pot flashed. “Collect the demon.”

After collecting the Iron-Armed Lobster, Han Fei walked to the Snow Silver Bamboo, picked the Snow Silver Fruit, and pulled out the bamboo. When he was about to enter Forge the Universe, he suddenly saw some thick crystals on the ceiling of the cave.

Han Fei blinked and frowned. “Huh? Why does this place look familiar?”

After a moment. “What the f*ck…”

Han Fei’s face changed and took out a small box from Forge the Universe, which he took from Master Turtle.

Han Fei quickly unfolded the map in the box. When they got the map, none of them knew where it was. Now unfolding it, Han Fei found a large stone pillar in the southeast corner of this fish-skin map.

“Damn! The treasure map of the Fiery Mountain?”

At this moment, Han Fei was overjoyed. It was just like pennies from heaven. He had a treasure map of the secret realm of the Fiery Mountain! This was just wonderful!

In Forge the Universe.

“Haha! I’ve got the treasure map! Treasures, here I come!”

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