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A Quick Method of Boosting Spiritual Perception

Han Fei found that the Wandering Dragon Art was not fast enough now.

In fact, it was not the first time that Han Fei discovered that the Wandering Dragon Art was not fast enough. When he was exploring the ordinary fishery and the level-one fishery, this speed was fast but now it was not enough.

Han Fei had felt it when he was catching exotic creatures with the other four at the level-two fishery. None of them were slower than him, even if he had used the Wandering Dragon Art.

But that was reasonable. The Wandering Dragon Art was just a mortal-level divine-quality combat skill that only cost 1,000 points of spiritual energy. But now he was already an advanced great fishing master, so this art was not good enough for him now.

However, now being chased by the Phantom Fish, Han Fei discovered that no matter how hard he tried, he just could not get rid of these Phantom Fish.

“Shall I use Little Gold?”

Han Fei frowned. He didn’t want to expose Little Gold now. What if he was seen by others?

However, Han Fei did not panic. Although he failed to get rid of these Phantom Fish with the Wandering Dragon Art, he still kept a distance of seven or eight meters from these fishes. Even if a few Phantom Fish rushed up occasionally, they were easily handled by Little Black.

Thus, a strange scene appeared in the secret realm of the Fiery Mountain: a person was swimming at full speed, with nothing behind him but surging waters.

Half an hour later, Han Fei saw a strange boy fighting several horseshoe crabs with difficulty. Horseshoe crabs were 30-level creatures. He could hardly deal with several of them at the same time.

The boy was startled when he saw Han Fei swimming crazily at him. Is this guy coming at me?

“Huh! Han Fei?”

The boy was helpless. F*ck, did I ever offend you? I’m just killing these triops. Why are you coming at me? The boy stopped fighting and was about to slip away.

Han Fei smiled. Do you think you can slip away? Do you think I’m as weak as you?

Han Fei immediately said, “Hey, give me your Fiery Mountain Token, and I will let you go.” The boy responded, “Han Fei, don’t go too far. I didn’t provoke you. You’d better not push me too hard.”

“Huh? So you wanna fight me? Fine, come on…”

The boy immediately panicked. No, you took that the wrong way! That’s just my parting shot! I don’t want to fight you!

Although Han Fei’s speed was not so fast, he was still faster than the boy. Although the Wandering Dragon Art was only a mortal-level combat skill, it was still a divine-quality one!

Seeing Han Fei getting closer and closer to him, the boy turned around and shot an arrow at his face.


Han Fei smashed the spiritual energy arrows with one punch and said, “Great, now it’s my turn!”


The boy in front looked back and immediately turned green when he saw Han Fei swimming while pulling a bow.


The boy almost burst into tears. He shot three arrows in a row but failed to block the arrow of Han Fei. Huh! What?!… All my arrows were shattered?!

The boy was stunned. So was the spiritual energy of the three arrows all wasted? Han Fei put away the bow. Just now, when he pulled the bow, dozens of Phantom Fish hacked him, leaving many wounds on his body that had just recovered.

The boy asked, “Han Fei, what do you want? It’s just a waste of time for you to keep chasing me.”

“Give me your Fiery Mountain Token. Otherwise, I will chase you to death, and I will be able to catch you in at most half an hour. Think about it…”

The boy was helpless. Gosh, I’m really unlucky! I’ve just come in and I’ve already come across this bastard who was ranked at least among the top 50?

With a swish, a red token was thrown out and the boy shouted, “Here you are. Now let me


Han Fei smiled. “Sure, Brother. Since you are so generous, I will certainly not give you a hard time… See ya!”

Leading the school of fish, Han Fei made a turn and ran in another direction. Before they came here, Xiao Zhan said that although there were dangers here, they’d better not kill people randomly. Han Fei didn’t want to kill either. These students were all elite fishers of the Blue Sea Town and he bore no grudge against them, so he didn’t have to kill.

If he led the Phantom Fish tide straight ahead, the boy in front would definitely be killed. Even he could hardly block these fishes, not to mention him!

Behind Han Fei, the nine-star chain was still dancing wildly, and there were already more than hundreds of Phantom Fish that were killed by the nine-star chain and Little Black.

“Phantom Fish brothers, can’t you give me a break? You’ve been chasing me for quite a while! Don’t be so stubborn, OK?”

Han Fei was helpless. Are these Phantom Fish fools? I just killed hundreds of your brothers? Do you have to chase me down?

Han Fei discovered as he was escaping from the Phantom Fishes that the secret realm of the Fiery Mountain was very large, at least spanning a thousand miles. Along the way, he only met three people in total although he had already swum at least 200 miles.

“Huh! Aren’t those… Piercing Electricity Jellyfish?”

Han Fei was overjoyed as he saw a large swarm of Piercing Electricity Jellyfish that were discharging power at each other for fun.

Along the way, the schools of fish that Han Fei encountered all ran away, but these Piercing Electricity Jellyfish were too slow to run away!

Without hesitation, Han Fei immediately put away Little Black, Little White, and Nine Tails, and rushed over. He didn’t mind getting electric shocks!

After a moment.


Han Fei swore as he was caught in their electric field, “!@#¥%”

Han Fei was covered with Piercing Electricity Jellyfish, which almost turned him into a humanoid generator. Being electrified, Han Fei almost passed out and his body was shaking

While Han Fei was idly wondering if he could lose some weight after getting electric shocks, this group of Phantom Fish had shown their real forms and floated up, with their bellies facing up, after being electrified by the jellyfish.

Now Han Fei could finally see the Phantom Fish clearly after they were electrified until they fainted. Although they still looked like water, their body’s shape was shown.

Han Fei twitched, trying to rush towards the Phantom Fish. The dead Phantom Fish were taken into Forge the Universe one after another. After collecting at least a thousand Phantom Fish, Han Fei covered his body with a spiritual energy protective cover and then punched out.


A large swarm of Piercing Electricity Jellyfish were shattered by Han Fei, who ran quickly. The remaining jellyfish chased him behind, but the slow speed was their natural disadvantage. In a blink of an eye, Han Fei ran away.

In Forge the Universe.

Han Fei cut fish heads and threw one Phantom Bead after another into his mouth. He was very excited. He had been here only less than two hours but the range of his spiritual perception went up a lot.

Han Fei didn’t know how many Phantom Beads he had swallowed. When his spiritual perception range reached 200 meters, it could no longer grow, and the Phantom Beads lost their effect. The point was, he still had more than 300 Phantom Beads at the moment.

“Um, that’s enough! My two hours here was worth two months of meditation! Terrific!”

Han Fei suddenly appeared on a stone. He looked around and nothing happened. Above his head, some Iron-Headed Fish and squids swam past occasionally. These ordinary creatures were not valuable, and Han Fei didn’t pay any attention to them.

Han Fei quietly swam in the water like a big fish. He wondered, Is there a combat skill that can turn a human into a fish? If there is, it’d be very convenient in the sea. As long as you are strong enough, you can go anywhere.

Twenty minutes later.

Han Fei was still heading towards the mountain. But mid-way, he found a gap between two big stones. Han Fei wouldn’t have paid attention to this, but he saw that there was a remnant body of a sea python near the entrance of the cave, which seemed to have been dead for a long time and had almost been eaten up by horseshoe crabs.

“Huh! Is there someone in the cave?”

Han Fei immediately took out a piece of black fish skin and covered his face. Then he put away the knives, took out a stick, and slipped in silently.

Walking less than 100 meters, Han Fei saw a large number of rare Sapphire Crab bodies. These Sapphire Crabs were quite big, some were smashed, some were pierced by swords, and some were pierced by arrows.

Han Fei immediately frowned. There must be more than one person here…

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