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Underwater Devil

All spiritual fruit contained spiritual energy. This Snow Silver Fruit only contained 30,000 points of spiritual energy, which wasn’t even enough for Han Fei to refine a spiritual weapon, although it was enough to refine a magical weapon.

In Forge the Universe.

Han Fei swallowed the Snow Silver Fruit. It tasted cool and a bit sweet, not even as delicious as strawberries. However, immediately he felt a tingling sensation in his bones. Looking inside, he found his bones flickered with dots of silver light.

“Huh! My bones are shining?”

After a while, Han Fei discovered that silver light was fading away as the effect of the Snow Silver Fruit disappeared, but his bones had become a little different: they emitted silver light.

Han Fei got up and felt his body for a while, finding that his strength had risen by nearly 50% from its original state.

“Wow! This piece of fruit worked really well!”

Han Fei was shocked. Increasing his strength by 50% meant increasing several hundred pounds of force.



Besides, Han Fei felt that his bones had also become stronger. The Snow Silver Fruit did more than just increase strength. As for his spiritual energy, it might just be incidental.


Han Fei threw the rod into the Demon Purification Pot to refine it while looking at the map. Although there were no marks on the map, there were no less than 20 places drawn on it. Among them, there were as many as 6 mountains, and the place where he was now was actually not very conspicuous as it was just a very small dot on the map.

Han Fei calculated the ratio. 200 miles southeast from here, there were three doorways. Needless to say, it must be one of the treasures. A few minutes later, a silver long rod appeared. Because Han Fei didn’t consider the shape and texture of the rod at all, this silver rod looked very ordinary except for its good material.

<Name> Snow Silver Rod

<Introduction>It is made of Snow Silver Bamboo. The rod is extremely heavy and hard. The disadvantage is that it is not ductile enough and can’t be bent.

<Quality> High-Quality Magic Weapon

<Sealed Spirit> None



Note: Due to limited forging materials, it can be cast into a high-quality magic weapon at most.

Han Fei tried the stick and smiled. This kind of stick weighing about a thousand pounds was the best. After he dripped blood into the rod and made it his own, it wouldn’t be heavy even if he carried it. That damn rod in Forge the Universe was too heavy for him.

After a while, Han Fei carried the Snow Silver Rod and happily walked towards the three gates in the southeast. His main task here was not only to find opportunities, but also to get as many Fiery Mountain Tokens as possible. But he had to find people first! So, what was the easiest way to find people? Of course, the places with treasures.

Without any hesitation, Han Fei swam to the three gates at full speed. On the way, he found some bubble algae and took a few breaths of air, which was sweet.

On the way, Han Fei met two people, but both of them were advanced great fishing masters. Han Fei chased them for a while but failed to catch up, so he gave up and decided to replace the Wandering Dragon Art, which was too slow.

When Han Fei arrived, he narrowed his eyes slightly. This three-gate place was a little too conspicuous!

Different from the stone gap just now, the three-gate place was actually a small trench, which was not more than 100 meters deep and not more than one mile wide. In the middle of this small trench, three large holes were visible to the naked eye, which could be easily found by any passer-by.

There were traces of fighting at the entrance of the cave, and there were many big pits nearby. Han Fei hesitated, but still dove in. Whatever was in the hole, he would enter it first.

“Little White, which hole shall I go in?”

Little White floated against Han Fei’s cheek for a while, and then went directly to the middle hole.

“Huh? The hole in the middle is the largest and looks a bit appalling. Is treasure hidden in it?”

Han Fei carried the Snow Silver Rod, then took out a fish-skin mask, and put it on his face before he started exploring.

However, shortly after entering the hole, Han Fei felt that something was wrong. This cave was unusually cold, completely different from the outside where the water temperature was only about 20 degrees celsius.

If it was just cold, it was okay, but besides the coldness, there was a creepy voice, trembling and echoing.

“Woo… Woo… Woo… Hoo…”

The corner of Han Fei’s mouth twitched. What is it?

But before Han Fei swam a mile, he saw a hand floating in the seawater.

Han Fei: “???”

In an instant, Han Fei felt his heart skip a beat. A human hand? Someone is dead?

He became nervous. Those who could come to the secret realm of the Fiery Mountain couldn’t be weak. Even if they were weaker than him, they wouldn’t escape much more slowly than him.

Soon, Han Fei saw a carcass float over, on which there was a dark shadow, but he couldn’t see clearly what it was. The black shadow also seemed to see him and escaped at once with a swoosh.

Han Fei came over. It was a boy’s body. He seemed to have been dead for a long time. His chest was drilled through, and there was a blur of flesh and blood in the middle.

Han Fei frowned. That damn thing was eating the corpse just now…

Although, in theory, all the others who participated in this trial were his enemies, it didn’t mean he wanted to see any of them die in such a miserable way. Han Fei knocked the rock wall beside him and covered the body with gravel.

Of course, Han Fei also rummaged through this guy for his Fiery Mountain Token, but he didn’t find it. It must have been taken by someone else.

“Brother, that’s all I can do for you. Remember in your next life: don’t bite off more than you can chew!”

Han Fei continued to swim forward. When he swam only another 500 meters, he suddenly dodged and brandished his rod. A black shadow swished out from behind him. Data flashed in front of Han Fei’s eyes and disappeared before he had time to read it.

Han Fei did not chase after it. This thing was too fast and even Little Black failed to bite it. Han Fei grabbed Little Black’s tail. “No hurry. It will come back again.” Han Fei continued to swim in and saw blood occasionally in the water. There must be someone else injured.

After a while, Han Fei stopped. He saw dozens of split cave entrances that led to all directions. In most of the caves, he saw red blood spreading out.

“Huh? Did many people come into this cave?” “Little White… Where should I be going?” As a professional guide, Little White hesitated over the dozens of caves. He swam to the left and then to the right, hesitating. Seeing this, Han Fei frowned. Did Little White fail this time?

Finally, Little White chose a cave on the side. Han Fei swam in without any doubt. But soon after he went in, he saw many caves again.

“F*ck, what the hell is this? Why are there so many caves?”

After Little White chose a cave, Han Fei continued to swim into it. But this time, Han Fei was shocked. Halfway through, the seawater turned completely blood red. Everything he saw was covered with blood.

“Shit… How many people were killed?”

And at this time, squeaking sounds were suddenly heard in the seawater. Han Fei immediately covered his body with a spiritual energy protective cover, and at the same time, had Nine Tails attach to him.

Sure enough, in the next moment, a large number of black figures appeared and pressed on towards him like a huge dark shadow. In terms of speed alone, they were much faster than Han Fei.


When Han Fei saw the black shadow clearly, he was startled. They were all black rats! A string of data flashed in front of his eyes.

<Name>Dark Water Rat

<Introduction>Lives in seabed caves all year round, likes rotten things, extremely fast and has an amazing bite force. Its teeth are hard and can be used to make arrows.

<Level> 27

<Quality> Rare

<Contained Spiritual Energy> 596 Points

<Edible Effect> It can strengthen your own Qi and blood and enhance physical fitness.

<Collectable> Rat teeth


Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

The nine-star chain moved instantly, and the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers, like a winch, circled around Han Fei.

And Little Black had already rushed out. Han Fei saw Little Black open his mouth wide and bit a Dark Water Rat in half.

However, Han Fei was a bit scared. Just now, when the mass of Dark Water Rat pressed on towards him, he saw an eerie face, which was spooky.

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