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The End Of The Tunnel

Henry and his men left the room and were led through a dark tunnel that led towards the arena.

And the moment they stepped out of the tunnel, they all squinted their eyes and held their hands over their faces, as the bright lights completely blinded them for a moment.


"Rip them apart!!!"

"Kill them little bagwers, and make me rich!"

"Kill them!"


I placed a bet that the dude with the short green hair will die first.

So kill that motherf***er now."

"Com'on, make me rich!!!"


The audience cheered widely, as they were certain of the outcome of today's match.

They looked at the prisoners below as if they were looking at bags of coins.

Seeing that some prisoners had chosen spears, while others had even chosen daggers, they couldn't help but smile a little.


Tonight's battle would be exhilarating!


"Kill those sons of a b**chs!"

"Kill them, kill them all!"

Henry and his men raised their heads and faced all the excited faces in the stadium calmly.

And even though they knew that they had little chance of survival, they would still fight honourably to the death.

Because it was either they died, or the bagwers.

The arena itself was pretty massive, and one could even argue that it was one of the biggest halls in the base.

The arena here looked exactly like those outdoors.

The entire floor was filled with sand, and one could see several dried up blood stains all across the high arena walls.

It was clear that the arena was constantly used by these guards, because the foul stench of blood and death had forcefully filled up their nostrils in one whiff.

And coupled with the enthusiastic audience above the arena, everything added up together to create an extremely exciting feeling.


Henry calmly bent down, dropped his sword, and grabbed the soil beneath his feet.

He rubbed the soil against his palms before picking up his sword once more.

His men did the same and calmly stood in a rectangular formation that gave everyone enough space to swing their swords or launch their attacks.

Right now, 25 out of 57 men had formed a straight line across the arena, while the rest just stood behind the first group in formation.

Henry looked closed his eyes for a moment and prayed for a bit.

Even though all hope seemed bleak, he was really wishing for a miracle anytime now.

As for the predators in the massive cage, they were continuously squirming and scratching their teeth against the metal cage.

'Tri! Tri! Tri! Tri! Tri! Tri! Tri! Tri! Tri!!'

Their eyes were reddish, making their actions look like those of lunatics.

Of course, it didn't take too long before a guard stepped into the arena.


It looked like it was time for the fun to begin.

The guard stepped into the arena through a metal door and just stood close to the door.

He then kicked up a thick rope on the ground and pulled it as hard as he could before hurriedly opening the metal door and rushing back for safety.


The right-hand side of the cage was opened, and out came the bagwers.

'Din! Din! Din! Din! Din! Din! Din!'

Like a tidal wave, the creatures all dashed towards their prey excitedly.

And just when they were somewhat close to their prey, he quickly stopped and stood on their back legs.

That's right!

Just because they were animals, didn't mean that they were stupid.

Just like a scorpion who first gushes its enemy, or like a lion that first observes its prey, none of these creatures liked losing a battle.

Even a crab would pause for a bit when it neared its prey.


The bagwers tilted their heads to the left in unison when they saw the weapons these men carried.

They acted as if they were confused.

But shortly after, they straightened their heads and revealed their large fangs.

In fact, one could almost say that it looked like they were smiling arrogantly.

And the moment they revealed their cunning smile... their previously nonexistent claws now elongated out of their hands in a blink of an eye.


Like a wolverine, their claws popped out of nowhere and made the crowd above cheer even more loudly.

Because no matter how many times they saw this scene, it still provided an epic moment that kept them glued to the arena like magic.


That's what I'm talking about!"


They don't stand a chance!"


How could they?

There are 209 bagwers down there for 57 men, so what chance do they have?

Each man would have to fight at least 4 or 5 at once.

And if they aren't careful, then they would either get bitten or clawed.

So this is definitely it for them."


Do you see that prisoner with short blonde hair?

I placed a lot of money on him getting killed first.

And since he's on the front line, then doesn't this mean that my wish will come true?

Die money bag, die!!"


Henry and his men smiled wryly when they heard the comments from the crowd.

The audience as always, was quite the supportive one.

The bagwers on the other hand had thoroughly prepared themselves for the battle.

And now, it was time to take action.




Henry who was on the second row, clashed his blade against the razor-sharp claws of one of the bagwers.

And from the corner of his eyes, he saw another bag wet sneakily trying to bite his left angle.


He kicked it as hard as he could, sending it flying into the air like a soccer ball.

But before he had time to feel accomplished, he felt a sudden gush of pain jolted through his back.


One of the bagwers climbed onto him and brandished its claws on his left side.

The creature then sunk its claws into his wounds once again, and was about to bit Henry with its poisonous Vampire-like teeth.

But how could Henry allow himself to be killed without a fight?

He gritted his teeth, grabbed the creature by the back of its neck, dropped it onto the ground and hurriedly used his sword to stab the bastard to death.

'Skwii!!! Skwii!!!'

The creature cried for a bit, before finally dying with its eyes open.

With that, Henry huffed and continued defending against the other incoming bagwers.


He held his injury for a bit and tried to steady himself once more.

It was either him or them.

'Ting! Ting! Ting!'







Go get them bagwers!"

"Yeah money-maker, go get them."

"That's right!

Kill them, kill them all and make us rich!!"


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