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Friend Or Foe

'Ting! Ting! Ting!'






The battle continued for a bit amidst the excited crowd, with both sides getting either killed or injured.

The prisoners had only been given water to drink when they had arrived here, and had been promised food only when they survived the entire ordeal.

So just like the bagwers, they too were fighting on an empty fuel tank.

Which made them feel a little lightheaded after their injuries.

Henry was quickly losing strength, as he had now been injured by these creatures multiple times.

His wounds were pounding, his stomach ached, his legs began to weaken and his arms lost feeling, as all his energy seemed to be sucked out of him as the battle progressed.

His breathing became heavy and the beads of sweat on his face constantly fell into his eyes making them appear teary.

Even his tongue now had a faint taste of blood on them, which made him spit severally.

engulfed his entire mouth.

With his wounded and bruised body, he continually fought in and even resulted in throwing several fists punched if necessary.


Was this his end?

He couldn't help but recount his entire life and feel like it was meaningless.

Helplessly seeing his enemies laugh at his fallen men and take pride over it, was what truly made him feel useless.

They were all right!

He was indeed weak.

But now, what was the use of dwelling on it any further?

He knew that deep down, today would be his death day.

'Even if I am to die, I will fight till my very last breath as a true warrior should.' he thought, before glancing at the incoming bagwers that had jumped towards him.

And with that, he swung his blood-stained sword for the last time with all the strength he had left in his weak body.

This was it.

This was his end.

But just when all hope was lost, something surprising happened in the arena.

Suddenly, a thick mist of pink smoke completely filled the arena in a blink of an eye.

And with that, no one could see anything that was going on below.

The mist came like a flash, leaving the audience utterly speechless.

They all abruptly stood up and looked at each other in confusion.

That was their money down there, so how could they not want to see what was going on?


"Commander, is this a new form of entertainment?"

"Captain, what the hell is this?

Is this your way of cheating us of our money?"

"Everyone settle down!

I guarantee that this has nothing to do with us."

"I believe them.

The pink smoke filled up the area too suddenly, so it can't be the work of our Captains and Commander."


What if it were the bagwers?"



But how?"

"What if they released the smoke because they were in a difficult situation?"


That does make a little sense.


I thought I knew everything about these creatures.

But it seems like I don't.

What a cunning group."


The worst part of it all is that the smoke is now their zone.

So if any of the guards go there, they might get killed.

Who knows... maybe all those prisoners are already dead."


If so, then we should sit down and wait for the smoke to clear out."



Everyone said seriously.

The audience looked at the situation sternly and tried as much as they could to see through the smoke.

They opened their eyes widely and looked at it so much that their eye muscles began to feel strained.


Their eyes felt like they just worked out in a training courtyard.

It felt heavy and tired.

As for their leaders, they too felt like it would be wise for everyone to let the smoke settle.

And so, they sat there calmly with their eyes also glued to the pink cloud of smoke below.

1 minute... 2 minutes... 3 minutes.

A total of 3 minutes had gone by before the pink smoke began to clear.



The smoke is clearing up."

"Hahahhahahhaha.... finally, we can continue the show."


What show?

I reckon they'll all be dead by now.

So what show are you talking about?"


My money bags have definitely made me proud."


The smoke is disappearing fast!"

"Dammit, Andy!

Your big head is blocking my view.

Please sit down or lean back!"


Everyone's already stained eyes, became even more tired and painful.

If it were possible, they would even pluck out their own eyes, hold it in their hands and extend it towards the arena as much as they could.

The host of the event was also very excited, as he held his megaphone tightly.


Come!... Let's look at our victors, the amazing ba--



The entire room was now filled with utter silence.

Everyone's eyes opened up even more widely, and their mouths were all in the form of the letter 'O'.

What the hell was going on here?

The screen of smoke completely vanished, revealing a stunning scene to behold.

All their victors had died!

And just standing before the surviving prisoners, was a youthful man with a broad smile on his face.

"Who the hell are you?!!!!!"

They all shouted in unison.

Their shout wasn't that of outrage, but that of total shock.

Even the prisoners were stunned too, when they saw the lifeless bagwers surrounding the mysterious man.


One should know that when they were engulfed within the pink mist, they were a little bit scared as well.

After all, they could hear all the suggestions and murmurs from the crowd, so they also felt like the bagwers were going to feast on them within this smoke.

So when the smoke had cleared up, of course they were shocked by the outcome.

They looked at the mysterious youth before them in curiosity.

Who was this man?

How did he get here?

And was he a foe or an enemy?

The entire audience looked at the scene before them in confusion.

Did this man create that pink smoke?

And did he really kill all these bagwers within 3 minutes?

Was he a God or something?

The commander didn't believe in all those whimsical thoughts and felt like there would be a logical explanation for everything once the mysterious man was caught.

The Commander quickly grabbed a megaphone, stood up and pointed at the man below.

"You there!

Who the hell are you?!!!"


"Yes, you!!"

"Well, I'm here to make his highness Henry's wish come true.

You see, I'm his fairy Godmother."


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