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The Hungry Bagwers

The 'weak' were now in danger.

That's right!

Powerful royals now feared the weak royals, because they felt like one day, they might rise to the occasion and kill them.

So why not take them out now?

And so, all of Henry's brothers focused their attention on getting rid of him fast.

The enemy they knew, A.KA themselves... Was better than the enemy they didn't know.

Who knew if all of this weak act was just a hoax?

They had to admit that they had truly neglected this brother of theirs because of his lack of power.

But now, no way!

He had to be the first one to go!

After taking him out, they would finally be able to focus on each other.

Sigh... But how would they have known that even the heavens would be on the side of this weak brother of theirs?

The burly man looked at Henry in disgust and sneered.

His highness Radcliffe had requested to see his first thing tomorrow when he arrived.

Of course, those were the only instructions given by his highness.

So he had today, till tomorrow to cool off the bastard's head.

With that thought in mind, he had quickly organized some sort of amus.e.m.e.nt for him and his men.

That's right!

They had planned to place all 57 prisoners within an arena filled with Bagwers!

And what were these creatures?

Well, one could say that they were small but deadly.



These animals were extremely fast and had serious nail issues.

They looked like massive beavers with Vampire-like teeth on the corners of their mouth.

And their claws were retractable and so sharp, that one slash could cut a person's head off cleanly.

But one shouldn't be fooled by the adorable looking nature of these creatures.

Because one bite from their fangs and a person would be out to sleep for an entire month.

Most times, the creatures would eat their prey after making it sleep.

And if they didn't want to, that didn't mean tht their victim would be safe. should know that if the victim was out in the forest, another deadly creature would definitely swallow the victim whole.

And even if they weren't eaten by any predator, just starvation, fever from the weather and other issues might kill them before they woke up a month later.

Hence 98% of their victims died during this period, while the other percentage lived due to sheer luck.

The bagwers that the guards had prepared for today's event, were all starved and would gladly feast on the flesh of these men.

'Tri! Tri! Tri! Tri! Tri!'

They squirmed and scratched the sides of their cages in excitement when they saw new prey step into the arena.

Some even did backflips just to show their level of excitement towards their prey.

It was almost as if they were saying: 'Food! Food! Food!'

Henry followed behind his men, and just when he was about to step into the arena, the burly man quickly stopped him.

"And where do you think you all are going?

Are you all so eager to die?" The man said in disdain, before signalling for his men to come closer.

"Quickly, take them to the back, get them ready."

"Yes Commander," the men said in unison.

How could they let the show begin when the audience and the bets hadn't been placed?

Wasn't that just a loss?

Plus, to make tonight's amus.e.m.e.nt exciting, the prisoners had to choose a single weapon from their collection.

Be it a club, sword or even a whip, it was typically the best when these prisoners fought a little before getting killed.

The longer a fight lasted, the more exciting it was.


Henry and his men were quickly pushed to several rooms at the back of the arena.

And as they were pushed away, several guards hurriedly made their way towards the entrance of the arena like crazy.

"4 silver coins (400 copper coins) on the prisoners."

"What are you? Nuts?

There's no way that those tired, hungry and sick looking prisoners would stand a chance against the bagwers.

So I'm betting 10 silver coins on the bagwers instead!"

"1 silver coin on the bagwers."

" 20 solved coins on the bagwers."





The entire place quickly turned rowdy, as the guards hurriedly made their bets.

Of course, most people betted on the bagwers to take today's victory.

After all, this wasn't the first set of prisoners that had bought against these batters.

9 out of 10 times, the bagwers would win.

So with a 90% winning chance, of course most people placed their bets on them instead.

And while the chaos continued outside, Henry on the other hand, faced his men calmly without any expression of defeat on his face.


At first, I thought that we might have a chance of escaping from here.

But from what that guard said, they want us all dead by tomorrow.

So this might be the end of the line for us.

We have come a long way, and with that said... It has been my honour to be your leader."


They all knelt before him proudly.

"No, your highness.

It should be us thanking you.

Throughout the years, we have been working diligently with you.

And we, more than anyone else, know of his highness's dreams to turn this empire around.

And even though we might not get to do that anymore, we will never regret our decision in following your highness."

Henry looked at them and sighed.

Indeed, he had hoped to better Deiferus.

But now, fate was saying otherwise.

His sudden capture didn't come as a shock to him because over the past 2 years, his brothers and some of his sisters have been driving him nuts daily.

They sent assassins, gangs, cults and even pirates to hunt him down and bring his head over.

In the underground world within Deiferus, he had a bounty of over a thousand gold coins.

That was over 10 million Copper coins, alright?

So every day of his life, he had been experiencing attacks constantly.

But somehow, he had always managed to evade these attacks.

Of course, what killed him in the end was a woman tgat he loved with all his heart.

That's right!

It was. a woman that he had trusted with his life for 4 years now.

But she had betrayed him for a share of the bounty.

And in the end, what rewarded her was death.

They killed her like the dummy that she was and fed her body to the wolves before dragging him along to this hideout.

He looked at his men and only regretted that would have to die alongside him.

Sigh... It looked like the heavens had truly abandoned him.


The bets were still being placed outside the arena, and soon...a few guards came towards Henry and his men and spat on them.


"Get up!

It's time to die!"

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