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Fearing The Weak!

Landon sorrowfully sat on his office chair in agony while massaging his tired shoulders.

Was the system really out to get him?

At this point, he truly believed that he may have acc.u.mulated some sort of bad Karma in his previous life.

He took a deep breath and calmed himself while trying to feel energized too.

Well, feeling bad wouldn't change the fact that he still needed to complete the mission.

So why should he torment himself even and give the system any satisfaction?


No way!

He would rather die than let the system laugh up in the heavenly realm while chewing popcorn at that.

He quickly ate a protein bar to keep his energy levels up, before calmly looking at his side-Mission.

His eyes lit up for a brief moment, before hastily making his way to dismiss his secretary, as well as exempt himself from tonight's dinner.

He didn't want anyone finding him when he was away.

So he just locked his office door and put a 'busy' sign on it.

Of course he had done this many times in the past, so everyone typically had the understanding that his majesty had some work that he had to finish up by the end of the day.

He could only hope that he finished the mission before 1 P.M, because if he didn't, then either the guards, maids or even his family would bring him brewed coffee or dinner.

Landon finished up what he needed to do and wrapped out of Baymard speedily.


He was gone.


Meanwhile, somewhere along the hilly ranges in Deiferus, several men were currently dragging over 350 soldiers by chains.

A single chain had 30 handcuffs spaced evenly along the chain.

They handcuffed the prisoners and made them walk up one of the tallest hills in Deiferus by foot.

In fact, one could almost confuse this hill for a small mountain if they weren't careful.

Its entire terrain was very rocky.

Just the massive boulders, as well as the stony paths, could make one slide right down the hill if they weren't careful.

The hill was too vertical, making it dangerous for horses and carriages to walk up straight.

That was why they decided to create a footpath all around the hill in a circular manner, that swirled right to the entrance of their base at the upper section of the hill.

Currently, from the place of capture... the prisoners had been walking for days now with only 4 hours of rest every 2 days.

As for what they ate, well... it was typically bread, leftover cooked meals and water from the streams or lakes.

Nonetheless, even though the prisoners were strong and able-bodied... after travelling for 20 days on foot tirelessly, their huge bodies felt pain like it never had before.

Some fell down and never got up again, while others tried their best to continue forward.

Of course once a prisoner closed his eyes for good, their hands would be cut off cleanly so as not to drag along a dead body up the mountain.

And by the time they reached the foot of the mountain, only 57 men remained.

The prisoners walked up the swirly path around the hill and finally came to a dead-end in confusion.

Did these guys want them to kill themselves by jumping off here?

If so, then what was the point of taking them as prisoners and making them walk for days just to get here?

Some of the prisoners couldn't help but think that maybe this was a new form of psychological torture or something.

And while they were still all deep in thought, one of the lead guards calmly sent his hand through a hole on the wall and quickly revealed a red flag that had an 'X' on it.

And immediately after that, he heard 4 distinctive sounds coming from within the hill.

'Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting!'

And to reply to the sound, the guard also took an arrow and tapped it around the hole 8 times too.

'Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting!'

'Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting!'

From there, unbeknownst to the prisoners... several stone-like windows opened up a little further from the Stony door.

At this point, the men inside peeked at the pathway briefly, before closing the stone-like windows calmly.

And finally, after a while of silence... everyone on the footpath could hear the loud sounds of the massive stone door opening up gently.


The massive stone-like door opened up slowly, and soon... the prisoners saw a well-lit tunnel within.


They walked in quietly and observed the many guards standing stationary along the tunnel.

The place was indeed heavily guarded and somehow didn't seem to be stuffy as well.

Thinking of it a bit more, one of the prisoners couldn't help but wonder if there were some hidden windows within this base.

After all, if he and his men had to escape, they had to properly examine this place from head to toe.

"Hey, you!

What are you looking at?

Keep your head down and move along!" Said an arrogant guard, who quickly shot a small pebble towards the prisoner's way.


The prisoner lowered his head and continued walking forward.

They walked into the massive base, and made several twists and turns that could make anyone lost.

And soon, they finally stopped before a massive room filled with poisonous Bagwers!


So, you finally caught the rascals Paru!


His highness would be thrilled when he arrives tomorrow." Said another burly man who was calmly walking towards them.

The burly man looked at one of the prisoners and sneered.

"So, you are the useless, last Prince of Deiferus, Prince Henry?

As expected, you're as powerless as you look.

But not to worry, your brother, his highness Radcliff... has decided to give you a besotted burial that would make you feel like a true hero." The burly man said in disdain.

What was the use of loyal trash?

He was the weakest royal within the empire, as even his sisters were more gifted and talented than he was.

But with his low capabilities, his existence still made his brothers view him as a threat.

So, he had to die!

After all, no one wanted another Landon Barn or Sirius Maclaine situation.

Those 2 were belittled in their own empires and now look at them.

One ruled an entirely newly established empire, while the other was now the ruler of Yodan.


Before they might've let this brother of theirs live.

But now, forget it.

Not a chance!!!!!!

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