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Family On The Way

'Bam! Bam! Bam!'





What the hell was going on here?

Skye's men looked at their noble master in shock.

Were their eyes deceiving them?

They blinked severally just to be sure

One should know that their master was outstanding when it came to swordplay.

And even they couldn't measure up to him.

But who would've thought that they would meet an abnormal lady today?

As they watched their master get his ass kicked, their faces grew even more distorted.

I mean, the lady even jumped onto his shoulders, squeezed his neck and somehow managed to bring him to the floor in one swoop.

And from there, she kept punching him like crazy.

She even slid under his legs at one point and punched them as well.

Of course one shouldn't forget how she kicked their master's chin while doing a backflip.

'Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!'

They watched everything in rage and swore to get back at Penelope when they finally took over Carona.

And so, the beating went on for a bit, until Skye couldn't take it anymore.

If he let this continue on, then wouldn't he be disfigured by her?

His entire face was already swollen and his body already had several bluish-black bruises on them too.

He felt extremely weak, hungry and tired.

It was like he had all his energy sucked out of him by some unknown force.

And the most fearsome thing was that during the battle, this sorceress did something that made him lose control of his body multiple times.

He tried to move his legs, but it was no use.

Fortunately, he could move them a tad bit now.

He looked at the Barbarian sorceress before him and felt rage build up within him.

She obviously cheated, so how was this considered a fair fight?


"Well now, your prince Skye, since I've won, I hope that this would be the last time that you ever mention marriage to me again.

Because the next time that you do, I will bear you up so good that even your own mother won't be able to recognize you.

Now, since I'm a nice person, I'll give you all just 10 minutes to get out of my palace or else I will throw you all out!"

"B...But my queen, your palace is very large.

And it will take us over 30 minutes just to leave.

This is unfair!" One of Skye's men retorted.


And do you think that I care?

Men!... Follow them closely!

And when the time is up, drag them out.

As for you all, the clock is ticking.

So I suggest you leave now.



The men looked at her carefully.

And if eyes could kill, then she would've already died countless times by now.

They piggybacked their master, carried their trunks of gold and ran as fast as they could.

And for sure after 10 minutes, the guards following behind them aided them in leaving by dragging them away in disgrace.

"You! You! You! You! You!!!!"


Your highness!!"

Skye who was boiling inside soon fainted from Fury.


He would remember this!

And so just like that, his royal highness, Prince Skye William had been thrown out in a humiliating manner.

But of course, he wasn't the only one who was feeling angry as well.



At the back of a highly-secured transport vehicle, Alec was currently screaming from rage as well.

Ever since the trip had begun, he had cursed, screamed and swore at the Baymardians who were helping Oden.

He had been cuffed and placed in the massive vehicle that had a mattress, blanket, toilet paper and even bathroom in it.

And as the days went by, Alec became restless because he knew that the moment he got to the Capital, he would be executed.

So he had to find a way to escape before then.

But no matter what he did, these lousy Baymardians didn't even allow him to leave the van... not even once.

He had even bitten off a chinch of his flesh just to get medical attention.

But these people just stood before him and pointed a strange weapon at him.

And soon, he fell asleep like a baby.

Of course by the time he woke up, his wound had already been properly treated and bandaged.


What now?

He truly felt like he was running out of options here.

'Think Alec, Think!'

He fell deep in thought, and soon his eyes lit up gleefully.

His wives!!!!!

If they knew of his capture, wouldn't they use their forces to save him?

He leaned back and calmly thought of his next move.


Who said that he had lost?

Things would certainly get interesting once they arrived at the Capital.



Right now, Oden and his crew were only halfway through their journey.

And as they drive, those on the roads also noticed the magnificent Baymardian vehicles as well.

Some people were immediately intrigued and curious about the identities of those within the vehicles.

Was it his majesty Landon, or some other nobles from Baymard.

In particular, some carriages belonging to the same noble family stopped to observe the situation even more.

"Look husband, those are people from Baymard!" Said a 30 something-year-old woman.

Her eyes looked at the vehicles as if calculating the cost for them.

Baron Gustav looked at the vehicles and pursed his lips slightly.

In truth, even though he hated that abandoned daughter of his, since she had now made it, it was only right for her to show him filial love.

But the Baron had been quick to forget that it was he who disowned her decades ago.

What he wanted now was to ride over Lucy's luck and eventually elevate his own status back in Arcadina.

"Mother, why do we have to address that b**ch as 'princess' when we see her?"

"Yeah, why do we need to?" Retorted her daughters.

"You two should just stop it!

We've been through this already.

If you show your best side to his majesty Landon, then he would undoubtedly favour you all over that wretch.

After all, with your beauty who wouldn't?"

"Your mother is right!

You both are way good looking than Launchy."

"No dad, her name was Lubly."


I think you both are wrong.

It's Lichy."

"Well, whatever her name is, we will get to know it when we arrive in Baymard.

So remember, show your best side when we get there.

Do this, and his royal highness will be yours."

"Yes father."


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