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Brotherly Gifts

Of course, while people were busy scheming away... Back in Baymard, Landon was currently running around the place like crazy.

First, he had promised the guys (Gary, Mark, Josh and Trey) that he would oversee their wedding since they wanted it to be like none other.

So Landon had come up with some brand new ideas and designs just for the occasion.

Be it the wedding dresses, decorations and whatnot, they were all unique.

Even the wedding rings showcased the different character and personality that was similar to each person and couple.

Of course, wedding preparations weren't the only things that took Landon's full attention.

There was also the matter of War!

That's right, a war was coming... A navy one at that.

So every day, Landon would make his way towards the Coastal region for a very brief meeting with the superiors there.

They usually went over their plans and dealt with any other trivial issues in the process.

For example, cleaning up the Ocean's floors was another important matter that they had to discuss.

Because after the battle, there was no way that they would leave those scattered boards of wood to float about the ocean floors, messing up the ecosystem there.

Even damaged sh.i.p.s couldn't be left out in the open.

So they had to haul back the sh.i.p.s to the surface, as well as clean everything up nicely

Any sunken items would also be grabbed by the sh.i.p.s, which had a camera attached to a claw grabber-like system.

Of course, they didn't mind scuba diving too.

But that might not be a good idea now, since blood from the injured or dead might bring dangerous creatures to the feast below.

So no one was allowed to get into the water until they were absolutely sure that there were no dangerous creatures below.

Of course, the Coastal guards would be the main people involved with clearing up the waters.

Hence they had to be prepared and ready to do their part once the war was over.

Also, the place needed to be clean and clear for incoming visitors who came to Baymard on ship.

So everything needed to be done as swiftly as possible.


Additionally, apart from talking about meters concerning clean up, they also made arrangements for prisoners too.

After all, they needed to know the latest intel about Terique, so why but capture some of these men?

One should know that even though Landon knew everything that was going on, the rest of the soldiers didn't.

So for him to avoid suspicion it was best to make these enemies tell them about the latest updates instead.

Especially info on the location of Nopline's residences and hideouts within Terique, as well as how many new soldiers had been recruited into his army within this time frame too.

In short, their mission was to protect Baymard.

But how they went about it was entirely up to them.

They didn't just want to blow up all those sh.i.p.s, as it would just give them more work in the end.

What if there were over 100 sh.i.p.s?

Then wouldn't that mean that they would need to pull out those 100 sinking sh.i.p.s and do even more intense cleanup?


That was just giving them more work to do.

So they had decided that only 50% of the enemy's sh.i.p.s would suffer that fate.

And as for the other half, they would just get deck surface level attacks instead.

In other words, the marines on the navy sh.i.p.s would swoop down onto these sh.i.p.s and take out the enemies on sight.

Those who put up a fight would be shot, and those who surrender will be handcuffed and taken away.

It was as simple as that.

And as for those on the sinking sh.i.p.s, if they were still alive... For sure, they would definitely grab onto some floating planks or objects.

So capturing them at that point wouldn't be a hassle.

But again, these weren't all the things that kept Landon busy.


He entered his car and drove towards District B for an important meeting.


"Ah... Your majesty, welcome."

"Hmhm... Nice to see you too Gonovich."

"Your majesty, welcome!"

"Welcome your majesty!"



Landon walked into the hall and was immediately greeted by several government and military personnel.


Today, they had to talk about Baymard's expansion!

To put it simply, before William and his crew left, they had already had a meeting with Landon and a few military personnel about the treaty that they had signed.

And as a thank you gift for Baymard's help, they had decided to gift Baymard with 4 cities closest to Baymard.

Of course, one shouldn't look down on that number.

Because around and alongside these cities, one would be able to find 17 villages and 2 towns that all depended on these 4 cities.

So that meant that Baymard had gained a total of 23 territories.

And the happiest person was none other than Landon.

Previously, the system had told him that he wasn't allowed to force or steal any territory from William.

So he planned to ask William about it after his Coronation.

But who would've thought that William would be the one to gift him this new territory just like that?

Well, if one really thought about it, he had saved the dude's ass back in the main base and also taken down Alec... which was something that William himself didn't think would happen this year, as William was still struggling to deal with Eli and Connor.

Additionally, he also provided fast and secure transport to the Capital making them only take a few days on the road.

Again, he sent his men out to transport and keep Alec in check, and aid William in taking over Arcadina.

And best of all, he had given William and his family the revenge that they had yearned for throughout these years.

Landon couldn't help smiling stupidly as he walked into the meeting room gleefully.

Hehehhehehehheh... Finally, Baymard would get expanded once more.


The meeting room tables were arranged in a rectangular position, with everyone facing each other.

Only 13 people were attending this meeting, so there was no need for any microphones and whatnot.

The note taker looked at his watch and held out a tiny golden mallet in his right hand.


"The time is now 10:00 A.M.

The meeting has now officially begun."


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