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A Royal Ass Whopping

As Skye and his men were led to the training courtyard, all those who were aware of the fight shook their heads in pity.

Was he looking down on their ruler because she was a woman?

Sigh... Ignorance was truly a crime.

And since he asked for it, then he shouldn't bear any grudges at the end of it all.

Skye on the other hand, couldn't wait to teach this lowly b**ch a lesson.

How dare she strike his beautiful face?

The harlot had only been able to hit him in the hall because she took him unawares.

But now that he was battle-ready, what chance did she have?


Skye smiled and looked at the courtyard, which currently had several guards swarming in like crazy.

Hmhm... this was definitely for the best.

When she got her ass handed to her in front of her men, how would she feel?

Utterly humiliated like how he felt all this while.

The soldiers, both male and female, all watched the scene in anticipation.


I'm so excited.

It's been too long since I've seen her majesty fight!"

"The poor dude will probably be crying at the end of the day."

"Well, maybe not.

After all, they did say that he was from the continent of Veinitta.

So maybe there they have way better battle skills than we do."

"You have a point there.

Because even though I'm rooting for her majesty, it's always good to analyze things realistically."


But aren't the people from veinitta similar to us?

They have almost the same language as us, and also have a long history of using spears and swords on the battlefield like us too.

So I don't think that there's that much of a difference anyway.

In fact, it's said that long ago, several people from there migrated to the Pyno continent and made it what it is today.

So we might have much in common than we think.

That's why I think that our queen will definitely kick his royal ass!"


Skye's face became distorted as he listened to the soldiers.

He clenched his sword and tried his best to remain calm.

Nothing was better than slapping everyone's face in the end.


All he had to do was win!

As for Penelope, she couldn't be bothered with whatever Skye or anyone else was thinking.

All she knew was that someone had dared to look down on her Benjy (Benjamin).

So as his protector, how could she let the culprit go just like that?


The duo calmly faced each other and waited for Carmelo to give the signal to begin.

"I have to say wife, I only hope that you don't hold a grudge against me for what I'm about to do today."


Your highness Skye, I'm not the one who will be holding a grudge at the end of the match.

So it's better for you to think of your own matters first, no?" Penelope said casually while watching the smile on Skye's face turn grim.

'Damn tramp!

I'll show you who's boss

And very soon, you'll be the one begging me to marry you instead.' Skye thought.

"Queen Penelope vs Prince Skye

Round 1: Fight!"


Their swords collided briefly, before Skye quickly withdrew his sword back and sent it flying towards Penelope's side.


She blocked his attacks again.

'Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting!'

Their swords collided severally, with Skye always being the one to make the move.

He aimed for her neck, waist, legs and even her chest.

But he kept countering his attacks while taking on several flexible positions.


Was she that flexible because was a woman?

'Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting!'

As the fight continued, sometimes Skye would unleash his attack while holding his sword with both hands... and other times, he would use only one hand instead.

The force from Penelope's counter-attacks sent waves of motion travelling back to his hands, making him hurt a bit.

Of course, this pain was nothing for a swordsman, but soon.. the person's sword would start feeling heavy as time went by.

For sure if they were on the battlefield, many people wouldn't feel anything because of the drive to stay alive.

But when sparring, since one is sure that they won't die, all those things are all but noticeable to them.

As for Penelope, because she had been blocking, rolling on the grown and making several flexible poses, she had time to rest her hands for a bit.

'Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting!'

Skye looked at the tiny woman before him and was somewhat impressed.

No wonder she was queen.

Well, since she was this skilled, then it was time for him to take things seriously.

After all, he had only been using 70% of his strength.

But the moment he wanted to attack her once more, she calmly dropped her swords and held her fists closer to her face.



Skye and his men looked at Penelope in confusion.

"Queen, we are currently sparring.

So what are you trying to do?"

"Oh, don't mind me.

I've already tested out my sword skills on you, so now I want to test put something else instead.

After all, this is a spar, and I'd like to see how my skills fair when compared to those from other continents and empires." Penelope said while boxing the air calmly.

One of the main advantages of using swords was that they acted as an extension for one's hands.

But the drawback was that they made the person too focused on using it.

If one had a finger that was as long as a claw, almost all their attacks and attention would focus on using it.

And this would drastically decrease one's creativity and tactic when battling.

Of course more than anything else, she wanted to beat the arrogant prick up first before the battle was over.

Penelope dropped her sword and continued punching through the air.


Skye looked at her and tried to hold in his laughter.

Even his own men tried not to laugh as well.

Was she a fool?

How could an unarmed person beat an armed person?

"Queen, are you sure about this, I just to want to injure you severely."


Don't worry Barbie Ken, I'll be fine.

So let's continue, shall we?"


Who the hell was Barbie Ken?

And how was he in any way similar to such a person?

Forget it!

He wouldn't stoop to her level

So since she was asking for a beating so bad, then who was he to refuse?



Skye ran towards her and quickly sent another fierce attack towards her chest.



Skye massaged his nose in pain.


She had done it again.

After ducking, she had startled him by magically appearing right in front of him with a large grin on her face.

The punch she had given him was enough to make his nose bleed again.

Why was she always targeting his nose?

He felt like he heard a bone pop from her attacks.

But how could Penelope give him a moment's rest?

After punching him in the face, she quickly elbowed him on his lower belly twice before stepping back calmly.

She could have ended it already, but she felt like she still wanted to beat him up a little more.

Skye's entire face was red from rage.

Screw this!

And at this point, he didn't care if he injured her anymore.

With that, he ran towards her like crazy.

But how could Penelope be fazed?







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