Mr Lecturer - S01 E24

6 months ago

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I just was confused on what to do. I couldn’t believe my wife was gone for real. I thought about my parents. I thought about her family. It was just a matter of minutes before they all get to hear the heartbreaking news.

The only solution i could think of that moment was running to God. For the first time in my life i looked towards God to solve my problems.

Yea i was a Christian quite alright but never was a strong one, but the situation of things clearly needed divine intervention and it clearly wouldn’t take much from me to kneel and pray. I knew God was all merciful and forgiving. He was my only hope.

I quietly dressed up and headed to a catholic church down the street to offer prayers to God. Luckily the parish priest was holding a confession session when i got to the church. I bravely joined the queue and waited for my turn to confess my sins before the Reverend father.

“perhaps God can talk to me through him” i reasoned as i set up my mind to do something i hated doing. Of course it was bad condition that pushes most people to God, just like it was doing to me that moment.

It soon got to my turn and i boldly went and confessed everything before the listening ears of the parish priest.

“My brother you truly offended God in many ways but i’m glad to tell you that God doesn’t turn his back to anyone who runs to him for shelter. As you were making your confession, God opened my eyes for your sake. Yea i saw a very rough future before you but don’t give up. Your wife will still remain yours at the end of the day. Your family and hers will still remain one big family, but for that to happen never turn your back on the second woman nor her child. I couldn’t see them in your future but nevertheless, do the right thing and fulfill your responsibility. Remember nothing is hidden under the sun. Do all i told you and leave God to do the rest for you. Remember i never saw the second woman in your future and so shall it be if you take care of her presently” he concluded before dishing out prayer points and bible verses i should read and pray on everyday.

I left the church thirty minutes later, relieved and optimistic but as i headed to my car, I got a very surprising phone call from my wife’s father.

“hey Caleb, i’ll be at your office in forty minutes time. Hope you are there” he said with his usual commanding tone and hung up without waiting to hear my reply. I instantly froze with fear.

I never knew the old man who was more in Abuja than in the state was in town.

My greatest fear was confronting him over the mess i dragged myself into and it was all about happening

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