Mr Lecturer - S01 E23

6 months ago

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I tried once again to beg and possibly mutter some explanations to her even though i knew my plea wasn’t going to get anywhere because what i did was total unforgivable and heartbreaking. I bravely sat on the bed and called her.

“baby please can you listen to me?” i begged nervously.

“I want to be left alone Caleb. Let me think about my life please” she cried.

I stared at her silently for a while and tried holding her gently but she flung away my hand furiously, turning to face me with eyes filled with anger and tears.

“what’s wrong with you?. Leave me alone bikonu , or do you want me to leave your house this night?” she threatened, while i quickly backed away.

“you can sleep in any of the empty rooms. Just get out” she barked.

I couldn’t do anything else than to obey her and so I quietly left the room for her, first heading to the dinning room to clear the dinner plates which were still lying on the table. After dropping the plates in the kitchen, i headed to one of the empty bedrooms, where i spent all night thinking about the problem i brought unto myself. I couldn’t help but think of what my wife would do the very next day.

I was however certain of one thing. Things were never going to be the same between us.

Very early the next day, precisely at 5:55am, I sneaked into the master room to check on her, but was surprised to see her fully dressed up, packing a luggage. I was totally alarmed and quickly drew close to stop her from leaving.

“my love” i breathed,

“i’m moving into a friend’s house. I will be there for sometime before bravely making up my mind to meet my parents. You can come this Christmas to collect the bride price you paid on my head” she said seriously, wounding my heart with her words. I quickly held her hand, but she instantly snatched it away.

“there is no point remaining married to you. You not only cheated on our marriage but also expecting a child from it. I no longer have a stake in your life so it’s over between us” she concluded dragged her luggage and tried leaving the room but i strongly held her down.

“i hope you won’t want me to create a scene or do you?. Just let me leave right now or our neighbours will gather for us” she threatened and forcibly walked out of our apartment, my life and marriage.

“It’s that the end?” was the question i kept asking myself that fateful morning. my life was instantly at a standstill.

I caused it all.

how do I redeem myself?

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