Mr Lecturer - S01 E25

6 months ago

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As i headed to my office that fateful morning, I prepared my mind for the difficult task ahead.

Not only was i about having a long talk with my father in law, the old man equally was a faculty dean and a very powerful academia. Of course he could ruin my future with just a signature. There was no doubt I had to be extremely diplomatic when dealing with him.

On getting to my office, i tried calling my wife on phone but she refused answering just like i expected. I breathed deeply, muttered quick prayers and tried concentrating on a new work i was getting ready for publishing while waiting for my father in law at the same time. I really would have preferred going over to the old man’s office for the discussion but since he chose coming over to mine, I had no choice than to nervously wait for him.

He finally showed up an hour later, looking very serious and grim. I quickly stood up to greet him, respectfully offering my hand for a handshake which he declined accepting, giving me the first hint of trouble.

“i hope you know the reason i’m here?. My daughter told me she moved out of your house. She told me everything” he said seriously, searching my face with his eyes. I swallowed hard and stared back at him, visibly confused on how to explain myself to him.

“I did wrong sir. I cheated on my wife. I betrayed your daughter’s trust. I broke the sacred oath of marriage, but don’t kill me. Allow me to fix things. I beg of you” i pleaded solemnly. The old man simply scoffed and sat down on the empty seat opposite my table.

“how do you fix a house that has already collapsed?. You were unable to fix it when the structure was still shaking. How do you fix it now that it has collapsed?” he asked seriously.

“i will start from the beginning sir. I will start from the foundation to build it over again” i answered quickly as if it was a simple thing to do but the old man wasn’t moved at all.

“shut up!” he barked.

“do you think i’m a fool?” he asked,

“no not at all sir” i answered with panic.

“so don’t try acting a telenovela with me. Everyone now acts as if the world is as easy as this nonsense shown in movies. Your marriage with my daughter is barely a year, you got another woman pregnant and you are here trying to tell me you will fix things. What do you thing you are going to fix?. Our relationship is over from this minute. I will personally see to the divorce formalities. The bride price will be returned, but then better start packing up your things because your days in this school is now on countdown” he barked and stood up while i shook with fear.

“i beg of you sir, don’t add more fuel into the fire already consuming me” i begged with all my heart but unfortunately the old man looked more hurt and annoyed than his daughter when she left my house.

Not only did the world crash on my feet. It exploded and shattered the only hope i had left that very moment. I felt that the prayers i offered to God earlier in the day was rejected. I felt my sins were totally now beyond redemption even though the priest’s words kept ringing in my head as the old man left my office. I slowly dropped down and cried hard.

The reality of losing my wife and job in a hard country such as ours was so hard to bear.

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