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“The 35th floor has 4 Condensation Period later stage ghost creatures. Their true strength had already surpassed the early stage of the Crystallization Period. In addition, all spiritual pets and other puppets cannot be used in the tower. The Sword Cultivation also consumes quite a lot of spiritual power. You can climb to the 35th floor in one goal, it is not bad already.” Long Yanfei glanced at him and said faintly.

Sha Tongtian gave a wry smile, and he said nothing more.

At this moment, the other female disciples of Piaomiao Peak on the side cheered. Following the eyes of a few people, the other rune on the 35th floor of the Void Spirit Tower turned dim. The runes on the 36th floor lit up

“Junior Sister Apprentice Jia Lan actually reached the 36th floor!” Among the female disciples, a woman in white clothes, who was the leader of the female disciples, said cheerfully.

Hearing this, Long Yanfei looked at the 36th floor with some emotion.

Sha Tongtian’s pale face also showed a look of surprise at this time, and his eyes flickered while thinking about something.

The other person in the tower is actually Jia Lan.

The other 3 inner disciples from other peaks also whispered for a while, seeming to be discussing Jia Lan.

Just when Jia Lan reached the 36th floor, Liu Ming also rushed all the way to the 26th floor.

From this floor, Liu Ming felt that the hall seemed to be a lot more spacious; it was about a few miles in radius.

There were 2 Condensation Period intermediate stage puppet warriors in front of him now. The 2 puppets seemed to cooperate quite tacitly. 1 of them was holding a 30 meters long giant blue sword, and the other was holding a 10 meters huge scarlet shield.

Although they were the puppets of the Condensation Period intermediate stage, Liu Ming still didn’t take them seriously. As the gray spiritual sword trembled, a few gray sword qi rolled out.

However, the 2 puppets flickered one after the other, barely dodging Liu Ming’s Sword Controlling technique. They then charged toward Liu Ming.

Liu Ming snorted coldly. A murderous intent appeared in his eyes, then his figure blurred and appeared in front of the puppet with the giant sword.

This puppet seemed to be quite smart. It didn’t attack, but it just flickered back. The other puppet with the scarlet shield also flashed out in front of Liu Ming.

Liu Ming changed his chanting in his mouth, then he threw a giant black palm phantasm forward.

“Boom“, a burst of black gas rose into the sky. It was mixed with traces of red halo in it. This was the red glow released by the huge scarlet shield.

On the huge scarlet shield in the puppet’s hand, there were only 3 shallow claw marks, but there were no traces of severe damage.

Liu Ming thought quickly. If he forcibly used the sword technique now, he should be able to easily defeat the enemy, but it would also consume a lot of spiritual power. Now it was close to the 30th floors, so he had to save some spiritual power now.

After all, after defeating the puppet in the hall, he would immediately be teleported to the next floor to continue fighting.

After Liu Ming thought for a moment, he had already decided in his heart. He made a gesture, and his figure became blurry.

The next moment, he appeared strangely again in front of the human-shaped puppet with the giant blue sword.

However, when this puppet saw this, it still didn’t even have the thought to fight. It turned around without hesitation. Simultaneously, another crimson shadow had arrived quickly.

At this timing, a spiral of invisible sword qi had already shot out from Liu Ming. This was the finger sword mystic art that Liu Ming had secretly condensed.


An invisible sword qi was fleeting. It penetrated the head of the giant sword puppet. The puppet still maintained at running position. It paused slightly before exploding into little light spots.

At the same time, another puppet holding the huge scarlet shield only managed to arrive now; it was a step too late.

After Liu Ming got the kill, he already appeared 10 meters away in a flash. He calmly took out a golden yuan pill and consumed it, then he held an upper grade spirit stone in his palm to slowly recover his spiritual power.

Just when Liu Ming wanted to delay the time, the human-shaped puppet, which was primarily defensive and didn’t have much attacking methods, showed a trace of madness and took the initiative to rush toward Liu Ming. Its speed was 2 times faster than before.

Seeing this, Liu Ming couldn’t help but look surprised.

In desperation, he made a gesture, and black gas rolled out from his body. He evaded the horizontal slash of the huge scarlet shield in a flash, then he struck the puppet’s neck heavily.

“Boom“, the human-shaped puppet exploded before Liu Ming’s hand knife hit.

Liu Ming was shocked. He immediately channeled the black gas to cover his whole body, and his figure retreated quickly.

At this moment, after hearing only a muffled sound in his ear, a green light rolled up. His vision then turned dark.

When he saw clearly again, he appeared on the 27th floor.

About an hour later, another fierce battle was in full swing in the 36th floor of the Void Spirit Tower.

At this moment, the hall was filled with layers of blue ripples. Among the flickering blue lights, more than 10 phantasms in blue clothes were quickly dodging the dazzling scarlet fire.

Suddenly, a monstrous fire wave with a height of 100 meters swarmed from behind the blue phantasms, trying to cover all the phantasms in it.

At this time, the layers of blue phantasm suddenly faded, revealing a blue and slim figure. After that, a talisman was launched out of his sleeve. It formed a pale golden shield around the woman.

In the next moment, the monstrous red wave has already rolled over!

“Boom boom boom!“

The pale golden shield only shuddered slightly, then it stabilized again.

The giant wave rolled backward and disappeared. A half lion and half tiger beastkin appeared above the woman in blue clothes. It was making a low groan. As its eyes rolled, it opened its mouth and shot out a silver lightning arc.

The woman in blue clothes was startled. She quickly channeled her spiritual power into the golden shield.


The pale golden shield only tanked for a moment before shattering piece by piece. After making a gesture, the woman in blue clothes turned into a wave of blue light that retreated.

But at this moment, there were 3 crimson hurricanes of tens of meters in the air again. They instantly spun past her, sealing their retreat…

After a while, a green rainbow flashed out from the 36th floor of the Void Spirit Tower and directly hit a big tree not far from the Void Spirit Tower.

There was a muffled sound!

After the green light dissipated, a woman in blue clothes slipped down slowly from the tree; it was Jia Lan who was knocked out of the tower.

The woman’s original beautiful face looked pale now. Her beautiful eyes are tightly closed, and her aura was extremely weak.

“Junior Sister Apprentice Jia Lan, are you okay?”

Amidst the crowd outside the tower, a woman in white clothes appeared in front of Jia Lan with a flicker. She took out a white talisman, tore it and stuck it to her chest. A soft white light appeared.

After a few flashes, Jia Lan’s face showed a hint of vitality again.

At the same time, Sha Tongtian appeared beside them in a flash. He also took out a healing talisman and stuck it onto Jia Lan’s body. After that, several disciples of Piaomiao Peak also arrived.

“Thank you, Senior Sister Apprentice Yin. I really didn’t expect that the 4 Condensation Period later stage beastkins of the 36th floor has the strength of the Crystallization Period intermediate stage, and they have 4 different attributes. If they are in a disadvantage, they will even use fusion technique to turn into a Pseudo Pellet State Liger. All my skills are useless against it.” Jia Lan’s injuries didn’t seem severe. Under the support of the woman in white clothes, she sat straight and said with regret.

“Junior Sister Apprentice Jia Lan. You only recently broke through the Crystallization Period. It is not bad that you can reach the 36th floor in one attempt. Senior sister apprentice only reached the 34th floor and was teleported out.” The woman in white clothes comforted softly. At the same time, she glanced at Sha Tongtian on the other side.

“Haiz, I really don’t know what kind of monsters were those disciples who had passed the 36th floor with the Condensation State cutlvaition?” Jia Lan sighed lightly.

After Sha Tongtian saw that Jia Lan was okay, he turned his gaze and stared at the lit runes on the 34th floor of the Void Spirit Tower.

“Senior Sister Apprentice Long, beside me and Jia Lan, who is challenging the tower too? The person actually manages to advance to the 34th floor.” Sha Tongtian suddenly asked.

At this time, many people suddenly remembered that there was another person rushing to the tower, and he was just an outer disciple in the Condensation State world.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu is only at the Condensation State later stage. In such a short period of time, he has reached the 34th floor. His strength is indeed outstanding. He really deserves to be the top 1 in the outer door major competition.” Long Yanfei also showed a hint of surprise.

“What, did you say it’s… Liu Ming?” Sha Tongtian opened his eyes fiercely, and his expression changed slightly.

Jia Lan was shocked when she heard this from a distance. She immediately looked at the giant tower.

She also fought in this Void Spirit Tower just now, so she still remembered everything in it. Especially since the 30th floor, the difficulty would be increased by a lot after each floor. In addition, she didn’t have much time to let her spiritual power recover, so it was quite overwhelming with her Crystallization Period cultivation.

Liu Ming was still at the Condensation State, and he had reached the 34th floor!

Just as everyone was whispering and guessing who the person in the tower was, a scene that surprised everyone again happened!

The runes on the 34th floor of the Void Spirit Tower suddenly dimmed, and the runes on the 35th floor were lit up again…

There was a commotion among the inner disciples.

In the lobby on the 35th floor of the Void Spirit Tower.

Liu Ming was holding a top-grade spirit stone tightly in his hand, standing in place with a vigilant face and restoring spiritual power.

The 4 giant ape puppets on the 34th floor already had the cultivation of the Condensation Period later stage, and the combined force of the 4 was already comparable to the early stage of the Crystallization Period.

Although it shouldn’t be too difficult for Liu Ming to deal with these 4 puppets with his current strength; he only used Golden Fallen Sand and Heavy Water Droplet to easily win, but he still used more than 10% of his spiritual power.

In order to recover as soon as possible, he took advantage of the short time before being teleported to take a golden yuan pill and restore his spiritual power with spirit stone.

Can he get past the 36th floor and become an inner disciple?

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