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Unimpeded Momentum

“Senior Sister Apprentice Long has overthought about it a lot. I just want to try it. I don’t expect to succeed the first time going into the tower.” Liu Ming was moved in his mind, knowing that this woman was also being kind. He said without expressing his true intent.

When Long Yanfei heard the words, her surprise was gradually relieved.

In her opinion, although Liu Ming was already one of the top disciples of the Condensation Period, he still had still a big gap before the Crystallization Period after all. It would be too ignorant for him to try to challenge until the 36th floor.

Of course, if this woman knew Liu Ming was the mysterious disciple who had caused a sensation in the sect by killing Withered Bone Monk and the other evil disciple, she naturally wouldn’t think so.

At this moment, 1 of the runes on the 34th floor of the giant tower was lit up.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Sha Tongtian has reached the 34th floor.”

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Sha deserves to be a Sword Cultivator. His strength is really amazing.”

Seeing this, the 2 Tianjian Peak disciples on the side said with joy.

The female disciples of Piaomiao Peak on the other side just took a glance after hearing the words, then they looked at the flashing rune on the 35th.

Obviously, on this floor, another disciple was also in the tower. It was probably the disciple of Piaomiao Peak.

But Liu Ming was quite surprised that Sha Tongtian was actually challenging the tower.

He glanced at the flickering rune on the Void Spirit Tower again. After a moment of contemplation, he bade farewell to Long Yanfei and walked straight toward the entrance of the Void Spirit Tower.

Looking at his back, Long Yanfei didn’t stop him, but she just shook her head.

The other inner disciple just ignored him entirely.

On the ground floor of Void Spirit Tower, in front of a dark gray stone tablet.

Liu Ming took off the outer disciple token from his waist and shook it lightly. A green light shot out from the token and went into the stone tablet. The contribution points on the token had been reduced by 50,000 points.

The next moment, a “click” sound!

The blood-colored array at the bottom of the Void Spirit Tower suddenly lit up. Several blood-colored lights rolled out and enveloped Liu Ming, then he turned into a bloody light and disappeared into the tower.

Seeing that Liu Ming really spent so many contribution points and entered the tower without hesitation, the disciples of Tianjian Peak and Piaomiao Peak looked over with a little surprise.

After all, failing to break through the 36th floor was equivalent to paying 50,000 contribution points in vain. Even the inner disciple would think before acting.

In their view, Liu Ming’s 50,000 contribution points were already in vain.

At the same time, at the center of the 1st floor of the Void Spirit Tower.

A blood-colored light flashed in from nowhere. After it faded, Liu Ming’s figure was revealed.

He calmed his mind for a while, and he immediately began to carefully observe everything in the tower.

This place was slightly similar to the Green Sky Illusory Palace. It was a quite spacious hall that was the size of acres. The surrounding walls were engraved with dense black runes.

The ceiling of the hall couldn’t be seen, and it was as bright as daylight.

At this moment, a low wolf howl sounded!

In the corner of the hall, more than a hundred meters away from Liu Ming, a gray shadow flashed. A gray wolf suddenly appeared, looking at Liu Ming with a ferocious look.

Its gray white skin looked very rough. It was just a puppet beast without a single hair.

Liu Ming scanned with Divine Thought and found that this wolf had only the strength of the Spirit Apostle early stage.

He launched a punch across the distance instantly.

With a soft “bang“, the body of the giant wolf immediately turned into fragments and burst open. The next moment, its corpse disappeared into light spots like the phantom in the Green Sky Illusory Palace.

Seeing this, Liu Ming exclaimed in his heart.

This Void Spirit Tower was really mysterious. The puppet was no different from the real thing. Its mystery seemed to be greater than the Green Sky Illusory Palace.

Just as Liu Ming was thinking, a green light rolled up underneath his feet. He disappeared on the spot right away.

When Liu Ming opened his eyes again, he already appeared in a hall quite similar to the 1st floor. Two mantis puppets at the Spirit Apostle early stage appeared in the distance.

After Liu Ming’s mind turned sharply, he struck out with 2 punches, crushing the 2 mantis puppets apart and turning them into little light spots.

With his current strength, he was naturally unimpeded. Every time he passed through a floor, the Void Spirit Tower would directly teleport him to the next floor. At the same time, the rune of the corresponding floor outside the Void Spirit Tower would also light up.

At the 3rd floor, Liu Ming encountered 3 python puppets with the strength of the Spirit Apostle early stage. However, the 4th floor was replaced by 4 humanoid puppet warriors with the strength of the Spirit Apostle early stage. The 5th floor became 4 ghost creatures of the Spirit Apostle early stages, but their strength was far stronger than the 4th floor’s puppets.

On the 6h floor were 4 lizard beasts of the Spirit Apostle early stage, but their intelligence was no different from the real beastkins. They were also extremely fierce. Their strength was far superior to the normal human cultivator of the Spirit Apostle early stage; they were almost comparable to the Spirit Apostle later stage.

On the 7th floor, it was replaced by a tiger puppet of the Spirit Apostle intermediate stage.

In this way, as the floor increased, the levels of beastkin and puppet appearing on each level would also increase correspondingly.

Half an hour later, when Liu Ming had reached the 18th floor in one goal. He was still in the identical spacious hall. 4 crimson fire lion beastkins of the Spirit Apostle later stage were glaring at him in an encirclement.

Liu Ming carefully looked at the 4 flame-like beastkins, then frowned slightly in his mind.

Although the 4 beastkins in front were only at the Spirit Apostle later stage, the flame aura exuded from them was not weaker than the Condensation Period early stage. The minds of the 4 beastkins seem to be connected too, so their actual combat power could match up to the Condensation Period intermediate stage.

According to his previous inquiries, the Void Spirit Tower had a total of 108 floors. Every 18 floors was categorized into 1 realm, and every 6 floors was a small realm. The last floor of each major realm would be 4 beastkins. Their individual strength was far beyond the existence of the previous floor; their combined strength was comparable to the existence of the next realm.

Several angry roars interrupted Liu Ming’s thoughts.

As soon as the fire lions’ eyes burst into flames, they charged at Liu Ming in 4 clusters of flame.

Liu Ming’s eyes flashed. The black spirit patterns on both arms flashed wildly, his arms enlarged instantly. After his figure became blurred, he disappeared on the spot.

“Bang bang!“

While the other 2 flames missed the hit and revealed their figure, another 2 golden flames were swept past by a black shadow and exploded.

At the next moment, a black phantasm flashed out in a corner of the hall; it was Liu Ming.

He easily killed 2 fire lions of the Spirit Apostle later stage by using the Three Shadowy Mirages Technique skillfully. He looked at his bare fists which seemed to be slightly burnt.

At this moment, the other 2 fire lions roared, and they once again turned into 2 clusters of flames and combined into a 10 meters fireball in the air.

Liu Ming glanced at him, turned around in a weird shape, and shot a palm in the void. After the sound of dragons and tigers on his body, a black giant palm phantasm flashed.

A loud explosion sounded in the hall. The fireball burst apart and turned into little crimson flames.

Outside the Void Spirit Tower, the runes on the 18th floor suddenly dimmed; the runes on the 19th floor lit up.

Seeing this, Long Yanfei flashed a thoughtful look in her eyes. After a slight shock, she looked at the 2 runes on the 35th floor again.

Inside the Void Spirit Tower, in the hall of the 35th floor.

A green sword light of 100 meters long flashed and penetrated the 20 meters tall skeleton’s chest.

However, just before the skeleton disappeared into light spots, its bone axe also turned into a white light that struck on the sword light.

Suddenly, the sword light flashed wildly a few times, and it became a bit dim. After circling in the air, the sword light turned back into the young man in brocade; this man was Sha Tongtian.

At this moment, he was holding a sword in one hand and an upper grade spirit stone in the other hand. His face was extremely pale, and he was gasping heavily. He looked like he was insufficient in spiritual power.

Not far in front of him, 2 other huge skeletons flashed under the gray light in their hands, and 2 gray long bone spears were condensed. With a throw, the spears blasted forward at high speed in 2 gray lights.

The bone spears became blurred in mid-air and turned into 10 identical spear shadows.

Sha Tongtian’s eyes moved slightly. He made a sword gesture again and rushed forward in a green sword light. He scattered a few spear shadows during the rush, then he made a vigorous turn to barely dodge the remaining bone spear shadows and charged at 1 of the skeleton.

“Swoosh“, a green light flashed past the skeleton’s body, and the 30 meters tall skeleton burst apart, turning into little light spots.

However, the green sword light also faded under the explosion. A human figure reappeared in a flash.

Before Sha Tongtian stood still, another skeleton got close. Amidst strange laughter, it smashed its bone hammer at his back swiftly.

Sha Tongtian sensed a huge crisis. He wanted to try to dodge again, but he felt an emptiness in his spiritual power. After a sharp pain came from his back, he was instantly knocked out.

He suppressed the pain while taking a few talismans from his sleeve. He threw the talismans and uttered the word “blast”.

A loud”bang” sound.

The huge skeleton was instantly swallowed by the spark. There was no longer any movement of the skeleton

At this moment, “poof“, Sha Tongtian felt a pain in his left shoulder; it was pierced by a white bone arrow.

Not far away, the last huge skeleton was in the posture of shooting while holding a giant bone bow.

The next moment, after Sha Tongtian gave a wry smile, his vision went dark. A green light rolled up beneath his foot!

Outside the Void Spirit Tower.

A green light rolled out from the 35th floor. As the light disappeared, Sha Tongtian’s figure slammed heavily to the ground.

“Damn it, I almost did it.”

Sha Tongtian looked pale, and his spiritual power was almost exhausted. After he stood up, he hurriedly took out a black vial from the storage talisman around his waist, poured out a golden elixir from it and swallowed it.

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