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The 35th Floor

Liu Ming raised his brows. He felt that there were 4 spiritual pressures of the Condensation Period later stage-perfect stage coming from not far in front.

After a while, a cloud of gray mist appeared in front of the hall. Amidst the rolling mist, 4 tall figures were faintly galloping toward him.

Liu Ming narrowed his eyes, then he saw it clearly. The 4 tall figures turned out to be 4 human-shaped skeletons.

Each skull was more than 20 meters tall, and the white thick bones were exposed. Their eyes were flickering in green light. There was a trace of white yin qi and there is a faint white yin qi in the mouth.

These four tall skeletons seem to stand irregularly in a square, vaguely in a strange battle formation.

But if this is the case, as long as one of them is broken, its power will be greatly reduced.

Liu Ming quickly decided in his heart, his sleeves flicked, and a sound came out, the gray little sword fell into his hand, and his whole body spiritual power was madly injected into the little sword without saying a word.

The next moment, the small sword burst into gray light. Circles of spirit patterns emerged one after another; the 26 enchantment patterns were all stimulated.

With a slight tremor of one hand, the small sword was launched. It released a gray halo in the void while enlarging into 800 meters long.

Liu Ming condensed a symbol in his hand and whispered the word “Go”.

The clear whistling sounded!

After the sword light trembled slightly in the air, it turned into a cold light that rolled at the skeletons.

Facing the swift sword light, the 4 giant skeletons opened their mouths and spouted a black and white light ball at the same time. The black and light white balls combined into a 10 meters huge light ball, flying toward the sword light.


As soon as the sword light touched the light ball, its light faded in a tremble. Its speed became extremely slow as well.

The 4 giant skeletons pointed at where the light ball was.

“Boom“, the light ball burst open instantly. It caused a fluctuation that overwhelmed the sword light.

There was a crisp sound of “dang“.

A small sword several inches long fell directly from the air as if it had completely lost its spirituality.

Liu Ming’s face changed. He grabbed in the air, and the small gray sword bounced and blasted back to him.

The light balls launched out from the skeleton seemed to have a restraining effect on the Sword Controlling Technique. As a result, the Sword Controlling Technique he relied on seemed to be unable to exert its effect. Once the fight was prolonged, the consumption of spiritual power would intensify. This was extremely unfavorable for him to pass the 36th floor.

At this moment, the light ball intertwined with black and white lights flickered in the air and flew toward Liu Ming again.

Liu Ming’s eyes were cold. He pointed at the black and white light ball and launched an invisible sword qi from his fingertip.

“Bang!”, the black and white light ball exploded in the air.

Seeing this scene, he couldn’t help but be surprised. A flash of joy flashed in his eyes.

It seemed that although this Sword Controlling Technique had nothing to do with this light ball, the finger sword was actually quite effective against it.

Liu Ming immediately made a gesture, releasing black gas out of his body. He cast another 2 phantasms instantly. The 2 phantasms launched countess punch shadows at the 4 skeletons.

Although these 4 skeletons were huge, their movements were not sluggish. As they changed their posture, they could always avoid Liu Ming’s attack. At the same time, they continued shooting black and white light balls at Liu Ming.

These skeletons’ formation was obviously messed up by Liu Ming’s elusive bodily movement and fierce attack. The power of the light balls was diminished as they couldn’t combine.

Liu Ming flickered once again, skillfully dodging a wave of black and white light balls. In a blink of an eye, he appeared on the side of a giant skeleton. He condensed sword qi at his finger and launched a spiral sword qi.

What he didn’t expect was that another skeleton flashed out with a bone shield.

“Boom“, the bone shield exploded!

Under the force of recoil, the 2 giant skeletons flew backward; the sword qi also collapsed and disappeared under this block.

These 4 giant skeletons really cooperated with each other well. If he couldn’t destroy 1 of them first, once they were in a formation again, it would be much more difficult to deal with.

After Liu Ming thought for countermeasures in his mind, his figure flickered again with an afterimage to the blind spot of the 4 skeletons. He took the opportunity to let his sword qi burst out. He instantly turned into a sword light of tens of meters and blasted at 1 of the huge skeleton.

This time, Liu Ming didn’t hold back in this body and sword fusion attack. After a flash of gray sword light, he pierced through a skeleton’s skull like lightning.

After a “boom“, the white skull burst open and the skeleton collapsed. It turned into little lights and dissipated.

After the gray light faded, Liu Ming’s figure holding a gray sword appeared.

After killing 1 of them, he did not intend to use the body and sword fusion that consumed tons of spiritual power. Otherwise, even if he could slay the remaining 3 skeletons, he couldn’t get past the 36th floor.

The remaining 3 skeletons seemed to feel the disappearance of their comrades, and they were unexpectedly angry. As their bodies flashed in black and white lights, they charged at Liu Ming with a spiritual pressure close to the Crystallization Period.

Liu Ming snorted coldly. After a blur of his figure, he rushed directly toward 1 of them.

At this time, the 3 skeletons condensed white bone spears in their hands and threw at Liu Ming.

In the midair, the white bone spears were split into 20 identical bone spears and whistled at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming twisted his waist, and after turning blurred in the air, he split into 2 again to dodge a few bone spears. He then changed his gesture and launched 5 invisible sword qi at 5 bone spears.

The whistling sound came from the air.

A moment later, the 2 phantasm cast by Liu Ming flashed, and they had passed through the body of another giant skeleton.

At this moment, the giant skeleton turned its head abruptly and looked ferociously at Liu Ming in the gray light. The light in its eyes turned blood red.


The skeleton self-exploded. Liu Ming narrowed his eyes, and he retreated for 80 meters after a blur of his body.

At this moment, a fluctuation came behind him. Another skeleton appeared in a flash with a bone hammer and slammed it heavily.

Liu Ming forcibly twisted his body in the air, barely evading the smash. Then, he pointed at the skeleton’s skull with his finger without looking back, and a spiral sword qi was launched.

“Bang“, at such a close distance, the giant skeleton had no way to dodge at all. Its skull burst apart, and its body also turned into scattering lights.

From the moment the 3 skeletons attacked Liu Ming to 1 of them exploded and the other was shot in the head by Liu Ming’s finger sword, it was just a few seconds. Liu Ming consumed some of his spiritual power in that instant.

At this time, only the last giant skeleton remained.

He flicked his sleeve and scattered the golden sand onto the floor, then he sat on the floor to replenish his spiritual power with an upper grade spirit stone.

The last giant skeleton seemed to be in a frenzied state. It uttered a strange roar and dashed toward Liu Ming.

The next moment, Liu Ming changed his gesture. A golden sand array appeared and wrapped the skeleton in it, making it unable to move.

It turned out that he planned to use the technique of multitasking to trap the last skeleton while buying time for him to recover spiritual power through elixir and spirit stone.

Liu Ming took out a golden yuan pill from the Sumeru Ring and swallowed it, and he held a spirit stone in 1 hand to continuously absorb spiritual power.

After getting past 30 more floors, he had already know that the Void Spirit Tower seemed to have some kind of enchantment to make the puppets increasingly violent, increase their strength and even explode if it discovered that the challenger didn’t past the floor after a long time.

As time passed, bursts of black and white light balls continued to impact in the Golden Fallen Sand, making the original golden light looming and a little unstable.

Suddenly, there was a muffled sound. A black and white light in the sand rose into the sky. After another roll, it revealed a skeleton that had clearly reached the early stage of the Crystallization Period. It was holding a huge bone axe. As green flames rolled violently in its eyes, it groaned and charged straight at Liu Ming.

“It’s almost time now!”

Liu Ming smiled slightly. With a flicker of his figure, he appeared strangely behind the giant skeleton. With a tremor of the gray spiritual sword, a cold light swept out…

At this time, outside the Void Spirit Tower.

“For such a long time, it seems that Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu is also trapped on the 35th floor.” Long Yanfei looked at the flashing rune on the thirty-fifth floor, and said with a frown.

“The giant skeletons at the 35th floor are quite powerful and their minds are connected. Their cooperation is on point. and they are very tacit. My Sword Controlling Technique at the time has little effect on them.” Sha Tongtian also looked at the 35th floor of the Void Spirit Tower with a serious face.

When other inner disciples heard the words, they also whispered to each otehrs. They apparently thought Liu Ming couldn’t get through this level.

At this moment, the runes on the 35th floor became blurred, then it dimmed abruptly.

Just when everyone thought that Liu Ming would be forcibly teleported out of the Void Spirit Tower, the 36th floor’s runes lit up after a while.

Whether it was Long Yanfei or other disciples, they were all taken aback.

Sha Tongtian’s face sank, and he couldn’t help clenching his fists in his sleeves.

However, a strangeness flashed in Jia Lan’s beautiful eyes.

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