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Void Spirit Tower

“This man is not simple. The 3 evil cultivators he inquired about had now fallen, and the time sequence is consistent with the time of his inquiry. It must be him who did it.” The old man in black clothes said faintly.

“He seems to only be at the Condensation Period later stage, but he was able to kill Withered Bone Monk. He also seems to have deliberately changed his appearance. I wonder if Elder Ge can see his origin from his technique?” When the middle-aged man in white clothes heard the words, there was a hint of surprise on his face.

“This man is very careful. According to the information currently collected by our pavilion, he must be from Taiqing Sect. You first send someone to organize his relevant information into a book and record it into the Mystery Classic for future reference.” The old man in black clothes said slowly.

“Yes!” The middle-aged man in white clothes responded quickly.

Not to mention the Big Dipper Pavilion, some people were already paying attention to Liu Ming. Even in Taiqing Sect, Bloodaxe Frenzy Demon, Demonic Bee Shang Ren and Withered Bone Monk of the top 10 on the life and death list were being slain secretly one after another. Some outer disciples had discovered that, and this news had spread quickly.

For a time, the entire Taiqing Sect middle level and lower level disciples were discussing it in surprise.

Although the top 10 on the life and death list were in the Condensation Period, even the Taiqing Sect’s Crystallization Period inner disciple had been killed by them before. Otherwise, their rank wouldn’t be so high.

Even since Withered Bone Monk was on the life and death list, no one had been able to change his ranking for a dozen years.

Even some of the Real Pellet State powerhouses in the inner door also tried to inquire about the disciple who did this after knowing the news.

However, the Life and Death Pavilion was very tight with their mouths; they didn’t reveal any news about Liu Ming. Moreover, Liu Ming had disappeared from the eyes of these people these few years, so there weren’t many people doubting him instead. They rather suspected the inner disciple at the Condensation Period.

In the cave house, Liu Ming ignored the rumors outside. He just sat cross-legged and thought about his own affairs.

In the past 5 years, with the help of cold condensing pill, he had advanced to the Condensation Period later stage, and he almost completely mastered the 3rd level of the Tiger Dragon Hell Prison. Unfortunately, because the Sky Wind Cave wasn’t available to him, he had not been able to truly cultivate it to the perfect stage.

At the same time, he also spent a lot of effect on top of other magical powers; the body and sword fusion, finger sword and several other magical powers had also greatly improved.

In addition, the Three Shadowy Mirages Technique had reached the 2nd level. He could now cast 2 afterimages. Liu Ming was able to kill Withered Bone Monk and others in succession before because of the contribution of the Three Shadowy Mirages Technique.

Now, he thought it was time to challenge the Void Spirit Tower.

It was just that although anyone could challenge this tower, the disciple had to pay a shocking amount of contribution points every time entering this tower. After all, it needed to consume a lot of resources to activate this tower.

Even if Liu Ming had hundreds of thousands of contribution points, he still had an astonishing debt behind him. In addition to the other expenses after entering the inner door and the cost of the Sky Wind Cave, he didn’t have extra contribution points to pay at all.

The top 10 evil cultivators on the life and death list were a good opportunity for him to earn contribution points. Otherwise, once he entered the Crystallization Period, even if he killed these evil cultivators again, he wouldn’t even get a single contribution point. Instead, this would immediately provoke the truly powerful existence among the evil cultivator.

After all, things like the life and death list were originally a tacit understanding between the Taiqing Sect and the major powerhouses of the evil cultivators.

If the Taiqing Sect sent Crystallization Period disciples to chase down the evil cultivators on the list, these evil cultivators would also retaliate. By then, Taiqing Sect would also be overwhelmed.

After all, the evil cultivators on the life and death list were only at the Condensation State. This was intolerable to all evil cultivators.

The top 3 evil cultivators of the Middle Sky Continent were someone that even the 4 ancient sects didn’t dare to provoke easily.

Now that Liu Ming had made up his mind to challenge the Void Spirit Tower, in the next few days, he would frequently look for information to be prepared for it.

“There are even such restrictions…” In the cave house secret room, Liu Ming’s Divine Thought slowly withdrew from a jade slip. He fell into contemplation for a while.

The jade slip clearly stated that a special enchantment was set up in the Void Spirit Tower to forbid the use of spiritual pets and puppets.

Without Bone Scorpion, Demon Flying Skull, and even the 4 guardian puppets, Liu Ming’s strength would be reduced by at least half.

However, the Void Spirit Tower was to test the strength of the challenger, so it was normal to have such regulations.

“Wait, although this jade slip clearly states that spiritual pets and puppets cannot be used; rune soldier is a kind of talisman, so it shouldn’t be counted.” Liu Ming thought of this idea.

In previous battles, he did not use the rune soldier many times. He mostly used them to divert attention or to provide some simple support; he never used it as main combat power, so he never really explored its usage.

After thinking about this, Liu Ming immediately immersed himself in the classics related to rune soldier. Finally, he figured out the talisman in his hand was the yellow turban soldier talisman that was famous since ancient times.

However, even Taiqing Sect had many classics, there were not too many records about this kind of ancient rune soldier. One thing for sure was that there weren’t many ancient rune soldiers being passed down completely, and each of them had many mysteries in them. They were differently from the rune soldiers refined by each major sect.

After reading all the classics, Liu Ming showed a thoughtful look on his face. He immediately left the Scriptures Pavilion.

When he returned to the secret room of the cave house, he took out the yellow turban soldier talisman and launched a symbol at it.

As the pure spiritual power was continuously injected into the talisman, a faint golden armor soldier gradually took shape.

At the same time, Liu Ming’s mental power was also injected into the talisman to explore the mystery of it.

1 month later.

Thousands Spirit Mountain Range, above a blue lake near the Void Spirit Peak, a black light faded. Liu Ming in a green robe appeared.

At this moment, he narrowed his eyes and was staring at a huge gray tower that could reach the sky.

The tower was about 5000 meters tall. It was located on the top of an emerald green mountain. The entire tower was covered by a layer of gray mist. At the bottom of the tower, a blood-colored array of an acre size could be seen. It should be some kind of enchantment.

At the bottom of the tower, there were already a dozen people gathering there in a few groups.

After staying for a while, Liu Ming once again turned into a black escape light and flew toward the Void Spirit Tower.

The distance of more than ten miles was just a blink of an eye for the current Liu Ming. As he approached the peak, the Void Spirit Tower in front of him gradually became clear.

The whole body was light gray. Each floor was 50 meters tall; each floor was inscribed with spirit patterns of different colors, and the number was not the same.

Below the 36th floor, there were 3 green runes on each floor; below the 72nd floor, each floor had a purple rune; above the 72nd floor up, each floor had a giant black rune.

At this time, the 33rd and 35th’s green runes were flickering nonstop.

The blood-colored array Liu Ming had seen before was actually dozens of blood-colored jade that distributed around 100 meters of the tower.

The red halo in the jade flashed as if each piece contained some kind of energy.

His looked around. There were 2 groups of people outside the Void Spirit Tower. One group with more people had a woman with a graceful figure and delicate appearance; she was actually Long Yanfei.

Behind this woman, a few inner disciples who had reached the early stage of the Crystallization Period stood around her. Their costumes had the words “Tianjian” on them.

These disciples looked extremely respectful to Long Yanfei. They seemed to regard her as the leader.

He had come into contact with this woman many times before, but he only knew that she had practiced some kind of secret technique. His cultivation was below her, so he couldn’t see through it. Now it seemed that this woman was at least above the Crystallization Period intermediate stage.

After Liu Ming touched his nose, he landed beside the few people.

The woman had discovered Liu Ming too. Before Liu Ming could speak, she turned her head and said with a smile,

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu, long time no see. Since you are here today, you are just passing by in a coincidence right?”

“It turns out to be Senior Sister Apprentice Long. No wonder I felt a little familiar looking from afar. Today, I’m here to challenge this Void Spirit Tower too.” Liu Ming replied calmly.

Hearing Liu Ming’s words, Long Yanfei suddenly showed a hint of surprise.

The Tianjian Peak disciples behind her were shocked at first, then most of them looked contemptuous. Obviously, they felt that Liu Ming was self-deprecating by challenging the tower with his Condensation Period cultivation.

“Does Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu know that the outer disciple has to pay 50,000 contribution points in order to challenge this Void Spirit Tower. This is not a small number.” Long Yanfei’s crystal eyes flashed. After a moment of silence, she reminded him faintly.

“I know this, but I heard that there will be rewards for passing the 36th floor. In addition to returning all the contribution points paid for challenging the tower, there will be a huge reward.” Liu Ming ignored the gazes of other Tianjian Peak disciples and said faintly.

When Liu Ming mentioned the 36th floor, Long Yanfei’s face changed slightly again; the expressions of the disciple behind her suddenly became a little weird.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu is right. After passing the 36th floor, you can directly be accepted as an inner disciple, and the inner disciple has a chance to enter the Void Spirit Tower for free. Therefore, the contribution points paid will be returned. In addition, as long as you pass the 36th floor, 54th floor, 72nd floor, 90th floor, and 108th floor of the Void Spirit Tower, there will be a lot of rewards. But in recent years, those who can become an inner disciple by challenging the tower are very few.” Long Yanfei’s beautiful eyes also flashed strange eyes, but she still slowly explained.

Can Liu Ming get to the 36th floor and above? Will the difficulty be higher than the Green Sky Illusory Palace?

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