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Withered Bone Monk

Bloodaxe Frenzy Demon was also a tough one. After a violent shout, the bloody light appeared on his body again, turning like a spinning top. With a wave of the bloody giant axe in his hand, Bone Scorpion that couldn’t escape out of the golden light curtain in time was knocked flying back. The bloody axe shadows then rolled at the gray sword light.

After showing a fierce look, Liu Ming jumped into the golden array. While holding the gray spiritual sword, he changed his gesture. The silver sword light that shone brightly parried the giant bloody giant axe, and it struck at Bloodaxe Frenzy Demon again.

In that instant, the bloody light and gray light were looming in the golden array. The golden array had covered the situation inside, so only the violent spiritual power fluctuations could be sensed. There were waves of sword qi’s remnants blasted out from the golden light curtain, stirring dust all over the sky.

After a quarter of an hour, the golden light faded, revealing Liu Ming’s figure in the array. His face was extremely calm, but he was holding the head of the muscular man who was glaring angrily.

After he collected the bloody giant axe, he disappeared into the sky in a black escape light.

Half a month later, Liu Ming silently returned to Taiqing Sect with the head of Bloodaxe Frenzy Demon, and he handed it over to the Life and Death Pavilion.

The middle-aged man of the Life and Death Pavilion saw the head of Bloodaxe Frenzy Demon, and his face looked shocked.

After all, among the top 10 on the life and death list, each of them had the strength comparable to the intermediate stage of the Crystallization Period. Even the inner disciple couldn’t be sure to kill them for sure.

“Piaohong Courtyard’s disciple, Liu Ming, oh… so you are the top 1 in the last major competition. If I remember correctly, Yin Yang Strong Demon was also killed by you.” The middle-aged man looked at the token in his hands, and he seemed to still remember Liu Ming.

Liu Ming smiled faintly, but he did not answer.

Seeing Liu Ming didn’t want to say much, the middle-aged man just took out a jade pen and gave 60,000 contribution points.

After a moment of thinking, Liu Ming paying some contribution points to prevent Life and Death Pavilion from revealing his name. He then left with peace of mind.

A few years ago, he still remembered the sensation he caused by killing Yin Yang Strong Demon previously. If people knew that he killed another evil cultivator again, this would attract attention from others again. He didn’t want this to happen.

After returning to the cave house to rest for a few days, Liu Ming once again secretly came to the Black Water Market.

5 months later, beside a huge lake tens of thousands of miles south of Thousands Spirit Mountain Range, 4 golden puppets of 10 meters were surrounding a red-haired man, launching powerful golden punches. They were in a heated fight with the red-haired man.

Not far from the battle circle, Liu Ming was fighting 3 giant demonic bees of the Condensation Period later stage with Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull.

The red-haired man tried his best to resist the attack of the 4 puppets while controlling the black flying fork to try to break through the encirclement of the golden fists, because on the other side, the 3 demonic bees were about to be slain by Liu Ming and his 2 spiritual pets.

Unfortunately, these 4 golden puppets were terribly sturdy, and they attacked desperately under Liu Ming’s order.

The red-haired man’s flying fork could only leave a few traces on the puppet with a full blow. In a short period of time, he could not severely damage the 4 puppets. He could only watch Liu Ming killed his demonic bees one by one.

When the last bee was slashed into half by a sword light, the red-haired man looked a little pale.

Around 10 minutes later, when Liu Ming left the giant lake, there was another head of Demonic Bee Shang Ren, who was ranked 8th on the life and death list, in the Sumeru Ring.

A year later, on a famour dangerous place in the Middle Sky Continent, Purple Smoke Sea, a black light and a white light were on a chase at an astonishing speed.

At this moment, dense gray sword shadows were launched from the black light behind. After turning blur, it turned they formed a gray hurricane that overwhelmed the white light amidst the whistling sound.

The white light stopped for a moment being wrapped in the gray hurricane. After a burst of crackling sound, silver lightning arc appeared on a man’s body.

With just a moment, the sword shadows in the hurricane were shattered.

The white light group flashed again and continued to dash forward.

The black light behind only paused slightly, then it rolled forward in a black gas again.

Such a chase lasted for a dozen days.

“Taiqing Sect junior, you have been chasing me for almost a hundred days, do you think I, Withered Bone Monk, can let you bully me endlessly!?” An agitated voice came from the white light in front; a sense of feebleness could be heard from the sound.

Liu Ming turned a deaf ear to it; he still pursued behind in an escape light, and he launched a few gray sword qi from time to time.

These gray sword qi seemed to be unable to cause any damage except stopping it for a moment.

After less than half a day, the white escape light in front stopped. The white light faded and revealed a young man with a withered face.

His eyes were sunken, but they were full of vigour. He had no beard and hair all over his body, and his flesh and blood were almost close to wither. He wore a large red robe. Under the cold wind, his skeleton-like body was shown vaguely.

Such a weird appearance, if a timid person saw it, he would be scared to death.

At the same time, black escape light behind him also revealed a young man in a green robe; this man was Liu Ming.

Speaking of which, he was helpless for this 100 days pursuit.

On that day, he learned the news of Withered Bone Monk who ranked 3rd on the life and death list from the Big Dipper Pavilion, he then rushed toward the Purple Smoke Sea nonstop and forced him out of his hidden lair.

The opponent was infuriated as he immediately fought Liu Ming.

Although Liu Ming knew that this person wasn’t simple since his rank was so high, and his strength should be above Bloodaxe Frenzy Demon and Demonic Bee Shang Ren, he still underestimated the opponent.

The opponent could cast 7 skeletons with a demonic flag. Each skeleton was at the high of a normal person, and its cultivation was also close to the Condensation Period later stage.

Liu Ming cast Bone Scorpion, Demon Flying Skull, yellow turban soldier and 4 guardian puppets without hesitation to fight with the skeletons. He himself fought with Withered Bone Monk instead.

As a result, the battles lasted 1 day and 1 night. The strength of the seven skeletons was not weaker than Liu Ming’s spiritual pet and puppets. They were fighting fiercely nonstop. The strength of this opponent was shocking as well. The mystic arts, spiritual weapons and talismans he used were endless.

When the 2 were fighting, Liu Ming finally found an opening and cut down the head of the opponent with the body and sword fusion technique.

However, Withered Bone Monk used an unknown technique after being beheaded, forcing his own skeleton out of his body. It merged with one of the skeletons that was fighting beside.

This skeleton instantly grew a whole body of flesh and blood, turning into the appearance of Withered Bone Monk. He then exploded his previous body right away.

Liu Ming was caught off guard, so he was injured. However, through the endless supply of golden yuan pill supplies, he finally eliminated the remaining skeletons after a few days.

But Demon Flying Skull and Bone Scorpion also suffered a lot of damage, and they were retrieved by Liu Ming.

When Withered Bone Monk had 1 last body left, he naturally didn’t dare to fight. He immediately turned into a white escape light and fled.

Liu Ming naturally chased all the way, and the chase lasted a hundred more days.

At this moment, he looked at Withered Bone Monk who was obviously weak in aura, and he launched the gray sword light without waiting.

The battle on the Purple Smoke Sea lasted for half a day. Liu Ming used all his mind to exhaust the opponent’s spiritual power with Golden Fallen Sand and Sword Controlling Technique. At the last moment, he cast the Nine Skulls Shield before getting close with Three Shadowy Mirage Technique. He then used his great physical strength to kill him.

When Liu Ming returned to the Taiqing Sect, he once again came to the Life and Death Pavilion with the head of Whithered Bone Monk. The deputy in charge of the life and death list stared at him for a long time like he was looking at a monster before rewarding 300,000 contribution points to Liu Ming. The head of Demonic Bee Shang Ren could only exchange for 80,000 contribution points.

He now had more than 400,000 contribution points in his hand, which was more than some inner disciple.

Before leaving, Liu Ming naturally told him not to reveal his name. After seeing the middle-aged man readily agreed, he felt at ease.

In the Black Water Market and Big Dipper Pavilion, Liu Ming once again sat in the secret room on the 2nd floor, drinking tea quietly.

This was the 4th time he had come here. He was of course here to seek the whereabouts of the top 10 evil cultivators on the life and death list.

“I’m so sorry, mister. Those characters you asked us to inquire about are too concealed. Our pavilion can’t get any definitive news for a while.” The middle-aged man in white clothes walked out from inside with an apologetic expression.

Liu Ming couldn’t help sighing when he heard the words, but he didn’t feel much surprised.

These people at the top of the life and death list were the top figures of the younger generation in the evil cultivators. They were usually hidden in their tracks, so it was extremely difficult to track them.

The Big Dipper Pavilion was able to track 3 out of the 10, this had greatly exceeded his expectations.

“In that case, I will leave first, but if there are news about these people’s whereabouts in the future, I hope you can keep an eye on them for me.” As Liu Ming said, he stood up and bade farewell.

“Of course, mister. Don’t worry.” The middle-aged man in white agreed.

Soon after Liu Ming left, a black shadow flashed out from the side door, and a gloomy old man in black clothes walked out.

The old man’s white eyebrows drooped to his chin. His aura was vast and restrained. He was a Real Pellet State powerhouse.

“Greetings to Elder Ge.” The middle-aged man in white quickly stood up and saluted him respectfully.

Is this Elder Ge a friend or foe to Liu Ming?

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