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…..Zita POV

It’s true that love at first sight was very hard for me to believe

But I happened to be a victim to it

I couldn’t tell what actually attracted me to David but I fell for him

I waited for him at the cafeteria for close to one hour but he didn’t show up

I decided to check on him at the washroom he said that he went to use

But I was told that he wasn’t there

I became confused


….. David POV

Jenny never ran out of interesting stuff that could hold a conversation

She was really lively

I recalled what Zita said about her having a boyfriend

I was a little bit jealous

Even Jenny confirmed it

I just had to let it go

“So why did you leave your former school?” Jenny asked

“My late Dad was transferred to this country, so I have to” I replied while she nodded

Meaning that she got it

Just then, the wind storm started

It was blowing heavily

I knew what was next

“You need to go now” I tried telling her

I know she wouldn’t buy it just like that

“What’s the problem?” She asked

I couldn’t tell if she could feel the wind or not

“Someone is coming, please take another door while I take here” I said pointing at the entrance where we followed

I was just talking, not knowing if there was another door

All I was thinking was for her to go before the demon enters me

I know once it enters me, I wouldn’t be able to control myself any longer

I felt it entering me

I turned back and ran almost out of the hall when it enters completely

I tried so hard not to scream because I was sure that it would call more attention but I wouldn’t like to take Jenny’s life

I lost myself

My eyes changed to complete red

My mouth turned to black and bloods were flowing down

I felt thirsty for blood

My fingers grew claws and my breathing speed increases

I know I was no longer myself

I turned to devour Jenny but surprisedly, she was gone

I couldn’t believe it as someone tapped me from the back

I was just turning when my body returned to my normal self

It was Victor


…… Jenny POV

The conversation was becoming more interesting when David suddenly said I should go

I was just confused looking at him, I thought he was joking but it sounds so serious

He turned running towards the door while I watch him

He stopped at that spot

I smiled thinking maybe he was joking when someone dragged me from the back and we left following the other door

“Let go of me!” I shouted but the person gave me a deaf ears

It was a female but I couldn’t recognize her from the back

We stopped at a passage which was a little bit far from the Hall but there was no one passing by

She turned to face me and she was our new female student

She was breathing heavily

“You? I don’t even know your name”

“What is the meaning of that?” I asked

“Sorry for that but let me start with, my name is Dorothy” she introduced but I didn’t say a word because that was not all she supposed to say

“Actually, you just have to understand things sometimes” she said but I wasn’t getting it

“How do you mean?” I asked in surprised

“Did you see that?” She returned the question

I don’t even know if she was just playing around

“If you are interested in making friend with me, just tell me and stop this acting” I said

I was already getting pissed off

“You are mistaking” she tried saying but I waved it off and walked passed her


….. Dorothy POV

That Jenny of a girl was just acting rude

I was in the classroom checking out my books after the break period

I was still studying when a girl greeted me

I raised up my head to attend to her

“Please my name is Zita, I don’t know if am bothering you?” She asked while I smiled

Making friends was all I wished

“Of course no” I replied

I was still thinking if I could tell her to sit

“Have you seen David?” She asked

I was confused

I wondered why she must ask me that when she was seeing only me

But I had to maintain

“No, any problem?” I returned the question while she shakes her head negatively and left

My mind ran to David

“Where could he be?” I asked myself and focused back to read

It didn’t take long when I felt the demons noise

It was close to our door post

It laughed and laughed

As it continued going but I tried controlling myself

My mind ran to David

I stood up and walked out

I followed where it was going

It was upstairs

The main hall

I have been there twice and I knew the shortcuts to the hall

I took the other side and ran as fast my legs could carry me

Luckily the room at that side was Labs

So I wouldn’t draw anyone’s attention

I wanted to rush into the hall when I heard David asking Jenny to leave

“So he is aware of it?” I asked myself

I could see pity on his eyes but Jenny wasn’t making any move

David turned running towards the entrance then I walked in properly

Jenny was busy looking at him making her not to know when I came in

The demon was too fast to entered him before he could run out of the hall

I could hear it laughing from inside

I used the opportunity to drag Jenny out of the hall following the same side I took

I had to do it before Jenny will be aware of what was happening


Jenny surprised me more when she said that she didn’t get what I was saying

I guess it was even better because I never wished for her to know it

It was a relief when she walked downstairs instead of going back to meet him

I thought I had to try out what my uncle told me, about making him friend


….. David POV

It was Sunday afternoon as I sat in the Balcony surfing the net

My Mom was not around

She went to visit my Dad’s people concerning what happened

I was asked to stay back because of my study although I tried protesting

The whether was bright and sunny

The breeze was so good to my liking

I do a little reading through browsing and my books

Then give it a break with games because all work and no play makes a jack a dull boy

Our house help was in her room while our gateman was in his duty post

They were released that very day the police people took them

I came across a joke and couldn’t help my laughter

I was busy laughing when the wind storm started again

My eyes widened

I remembered our house help and gateman

‘what am I supposed to do’ I thought

I was really getting sick of this

“No, no, no” I said when I saw our gateman coming towards me

“Small boss, please I want to rush somewhere” he said while I nodded immediately so that he would go

I don’t even know why the demon was delaying

Just as the gateman left, the demon shows up

That scary face of it made me to jump up from my seat

“That’s so bad” I said

“I suppose to be saying that because you just jumped up” the demon said

“That’s because of that thing you called face, so scary” I responded while it laughed

“Can you just stop using me?” I asked really angry

“You no other option because you can’t control me, you just have to kill your loved ones for me” the demon said

“What!!?” I shouted because I don’t know who would be next

“Can you just stop shouting?” The demon requested

Just then, the living room’s door opened as our house help ran out

“Sir, are you alright?” She asked really worried and scared

“Can’t you see it?” I asked her while she started looking around the whole compound

“See what, Sir?” She returned the question

“I can only make her to do so, she can’t see me” the demon said

I looked at it then to our house help

I managed to smile

“Just kidding, am okay” I replied while she nodded

“Am just scared, I thought maybe that same thing that attacked the big boss has attacked you” she said while I smiled shaking my head negatively

‘when it is’ I thought but couldn’t say it out

She nodded before walking inside

“Why have you been hiding from me but only come whenever you want to use me?” I asked the demon as I managed to sit

“Because that’s the only place you are useful to me” the demon replied

I wished I could kill it for the second time

“Is there no other way to take your revenge than this way?” I asked

“This is the best way I would love” the demon said smiling

“So, can I hear your story now?” I asked

“I wanted to give you the details now but someone is coming, it can’t be possible today” the demon replied

Before I could say a word, it has gone to the thin air

I scratched my hair before collapsing on the seat

The gate got opened as I was forced to raise my head

It was COP Kelly

“Good afternoon officer” I greeted standing up

He nodded instead of saying something

He narrowed his eyes walking around the balcony

I was just confused because I can’t buy it, if they say that COP Kelly could see ghosts

“Hope there’s no problem?” I asked looking at him

He stopped walking

“It was here” he replied

“Who?” I asked just for him to say it out

“The same thing that attacked your father, where is your mother?” He asked

“She travelled” I replied

“Okay, you need to be careful because I must say that it ran when he feels me coming” he replied

That was when I know that there was a war because he might catch up with me one-day


….. Jason POV

I was really upset when Victor told me that a new guy in the school was fleeting with Jenny

We arrived on Sunday

I was told to take a rest the following day but I refused because I needed to deal with that guy

I got dressed up and sped off to school with my driver

When I got to school, Jenny was already in school

When I got to the door post, she was busy with her book making her not to see me

I used my eyes and did a sign to Victor who was at the back and he shakes his head negatively showing that the guy was not yet in school

I walked and stood before Jenny

She couldn’t believe it when she saw me

Joy was written all over her face

She smiled and stood up hugging me tight

Just then, a junior student walked in after taking permission

She delivered the message which was that Jenny was needed by a teacher


…. David POV

I stepped down from the car when we arrived at school

I bids the driver goodbye while I headed to the class

I met with Jenny who greeted me and told me that she was called

I smiled and she walked away

I walked straight to class

Immediately I walked in, I heard someone shouts

“Yes!” I traced the voice and it was Victor

I smiled thinking that he was greeting me

I haven’t walked half of the class when a guy stood up and stopped before me

He was well built with muscular body

That was my first time seeing him in the class but I was confused why he was blocking my way

“Please, I want to pass” I said politely but he held my cloth on the neck

I tried releasing it but he was stronger

“So you the new guy who’s not afraid of me?” He asked

“What’s the problem?” I asked back

Just then, the wind storm started

“Oh no” I managed to say


….. Dorothy POV

It was my first time seeing this guy but the way Jenny hugged him, shows that he must be one of them

I was ready to make friend with David so as to help him

Immediately he walked in, I smiled

He was really handsome for him to be tormented by the demon

He was almost closed to our seat when the guy blocked him

I was just confused on that sudden thing

I thought maybe they knew each other and might be having issues not until he asked him that stupid question

It was dawn to me that Jenny was his girlfriend

I could hear the demons noise but it was not close

“Let go of him Jason” a girl said

I traced the voice immediately and it was who they called Benita

‘Jason?’ I said inwardly

“Jason let go of him please” another voice from the door post said

I turned to Jason

I could see that he was surprised

Just then, the demon shows up

“Let go of him Jason!!!!” I screamed

He would surely be in trouble’ I thought because the demon won’t spare him

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