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…. Jason POV

I was just amazed and confused because of what I was seeing

How everyone was supporting the new guy

Even Jenny and another girl who I was sure must be a new comer as well

I just had to let go of him when I saw Benita coming towards our direction

I know what she was capable of doing

Even my gang won’t try touching her because of what my father did to them the last time they beats her just because she challenged me as usual

“Oh no, no” the new guy said as he kept his head down

I could see his hands vibrating but he didn’t bother raising up his head

I guess he must be controlling his anger

I was getting scared, maybe that was why they were asking me to let go of him

Someone walked and stood beside me

I turned to look and it was Victor

“Is he a hot tempered type?” I asked referring to Victor who smiled

“Something like that” He replied

Everybody was just watching and I could tell that they were confused

He has created a big scene

“No o!!” The new guy shouted and turned, raising up his head

He meant to run out of the class when Victor held him from behind

“Hey” Victor said as the guy stopped

I could hear the new guy breathing heavily

I guess his temper has gotten down but being a hot tempered type can never stop me from controlling him, anytime I want

He slowly turned around


….. Dorothy POV

Immediately Jason of a guy let go of David,

But it was already late because the demon was already taking over him

David bent his head in order for them not to see what was happening

He tried struggling with it but the demon was undefeatable

I was just watching the demon while it kept laughing at me as it finds its way in David’s body

I couldn’t tell why it was taking long for it to enter

I guess it just wanted to suffer him first

Just then, a guy walked closer to where he was standing with Jason

As the demon has finally possessed him, David knowing what would happen next, decided to run out of the class but the guy who just walked in the spot held him from the back and said as if he was greeting him

I could see the demon flew out of David’s body

It just looked around before flying out of the class

There must be something about the guy

I wondered how

I was just confused because the guy did not even look at the demon when it flew out of the body

I could see that David was also surprised

He managed to smile to the guy

Jenny walked in entirely because she has been standing at the door post all this while

I wished she didn’t see that

She took Jason’s hand and walked to their seat

David gently sat beside

He didn’t bother greeting me as usual

“Hi, Good Morning” I greeted

He turned in disbelief knowing that I have been avoiding him since he came into the school

“How was your night?” I asked because he hasn’t found his voice yet

“Are you for real?” He asked instead while I smiled

“How do you mean?” I returned the question

“You always avoid, why the sudden change?” He indirectly returned the question again

“At least we aren’t enemy” I said smiling while he smiled back

“Anyway, thanks, my night was good and I hope yours was fine?” He asked while I nodded instead

“So, what’s up with Jason of a guy, as in, is he always like this?” He asked diverting to another topic

“Actually, I don’t know because am just new as you are and today is my first time seeing him” I replied

“Oh, I see” he simply said and started bringing out his books

“Do you know the guy who held you back when you was about to run out of the class?” I asked

“Oh, his name is Victor, I actually met him on Friday” he replied

I wanted to ask him more about Victor but I waved it off


…..Faith POV

The previous week, After noticing that Jason was no longer in the school

I asked after him while I was told that he travelled and would be back the following week

Due to that, I went on a vacation also

He was the reason why I was in that school

So there was no point in being in the school, since he wasn’t there

That Monday morning, I knew that Jason was back

I could perceive it

I transformed myself to a beautiful girl that I normally use whenever I want to visit humans

I stood under the biggest tree in the forest as I watched Jason through a big mirror that was attached on the tree

I could see their experiences with a demon that wants to penetrate into a guy

But unfortunately, they were able to chase it out

I looked closely at the demon

It was that same demon that was casted out of their domain after requesting for a revenge

It has been 5years since they casted it out from their domain but the demon as human being was killed 20years ago

Which means it was after 15years of the death that the demon requested for a revenge

It was asked to exercise some patience because they had a very big occasion going on in the land of the dead

But the demon was greedy and Its demand was too much

The demon decided to do it under it own power

Due to that unrespectful decision, the demon was casted out from the domain

And since then, the demon has been wandering around the whole world, seeking for souls to terminate forgetting those it wants to take its revenge on

Immediately the demon left the class, Jenny walked in and took Jason’s hand

I smiled but was somehow jealous

“Don’t forget what your assignment is” a voice came from behind

I know it must be the queen mother

I didn’t bother turning around as I fixed my eyes on the mirror

The queen mother walked and stood beside me

“Am just planning on a very good day” I replied

“You already know that you have a rival, that demon doesn’t stand with anybody” she said while I nodded

“And one more thing” she added

I was forced to turn, looking at her

She did the same

“There are two people that you need to stay away from” she said

“Who and who?” I asked

“I will only tell you one person, then you need to find out the other” she paused and turned back to the mirror

But I didn’t take off my eyes from her

“It’s a lady, she just came into the school, her name is Dorothy” she said

“Does she have power?” I asked

“No she doesn’t, she only has the gift of seeing demons and gods, which means she stands in a chance of seeing who you really are and if you don’t act fast, she might posses power” she replied

She stretched her hand towards the mirror as a lady’s face was shown

She was smiling, discussing something with the guy that the demon wanted to posses earlier

Dorothy of a girl was very beautiful

She looks so calm

“I will just have to kill her before it’s too late” I said

Although I felt for her because she would just die

“I think that will be the best option and you need to act fast” she responded

“What about the other person?” I asked

“Like I said, you will have to discover the person and that person has the power and I don’t think you can kill Jason without killing both of them” she replied

It was a difficult task, I don’t have the talent of vision

The worst part was that I don’t know if it was a male or female


….. Zita POV

During break period

Every other people has gone out as usual

It was left with only me, Dorothy and David

Meanwhile, Jenny has gone out with Jason

Victor went out to get something for both of us after telling him that I was not in the mood to go anywhere

My intention was to go out with David

Even though Victor has asked me out

I told him that I wasn’t interested

Meanwhile he told me that he won’t force me but I should just accept to be his friend

I asked him why he didn’t make the move ever since I have been in the school while he said that he was scared, because I seems to be a mean type

He was scared of me avoiding him

I had to accept being his friend, I knew that his mind was, I might later fall in love with him but I wasn’t intending to

Dorothy seems not moving outside like before

After waiting for some minutes but nothing changed, so I decided to go and meet them

As I was getting closer, they both stood up immediately

“Oh, hey Zita” David said as he turned when he noticed me

“Hi” I greeted back smiling

Dorothy seems not worried

“Where are you up to?” David asked

“Normal place” I replied maintaining

“Oh, that’s where we are actually heading to” David said

“Why don’t we go together?” Dorothy requested

She seems different because any other person would be jealous

I managed to smile nodding

It was somehow boring

I couldn’t start up a conversation as usual

After dismissal, I had already told my driver to come very early than before

We parked outside the school compound as I waited for David

Dorothy has left for public bus as usual but very early

According to her, she was rushing somewhere and would not like to miss the first bus

I waited for close to 20mins before David’s driver arrived

The car drove out after few minutes

“Follow them but maintain distance” I instructed my driver

I just wanted to know where he lives

After 30mins of driving, David’s car entered a building

My driver stopped at a spot while I got down and walked closer to the building

I took a close look at it

The gate has already been closed

I walked to the other edge before going back

It wasn’t that big to be compared with my father’s own

“Good bye David” I said smiling to myself

I went back to the car and the driver drove off


….. David POV

I felt tired as I was walking inside the house

Everything that happened at the school started flashing back on my mind

Right from when Jason attacked me

He later warned me to stay clear off Jenny

Although I had no feelings for her

My mind ran to Dorothy then to Zita

I would say that she was my first friend in that school

She treated me with good mindset

But that very day, she acted dull, unlike before

She was always the conversation holder but things changed

I guess she thought that Dorothy would take her place

I could feel it from her face

What I always like doing was to pay back love with love

I was still thinking when the wind storm started again

I wouldn’t like to kill anyone again, not even in my house

I was already in the living room

“Oh no!” I shouted as the demon shows up

“You don’t have to be screaming anyhow” the demon said

I was about to reply when our house help ran out from where she was

“Young master, what is the problem?” She asked

I turned to look at the demon who was just smiling

It was too ugly

“don’t bother, She can’t see me” the demon said

“Nothing just that I forgot to return a pen I took from a friend” I lied

“Okay, please your food will be ready soon” she said

“No problem, is my Mom home?” I asked her

“Not yet” she replied

“Okay you can go” I said while she left

I waited for her to go far

“Too scary” I said before I went to sit on a couch

“So go on” I said not looking at it, hoping that the demon was ready to tell me what it wanted me to know about its past

“Am just here to warn you” the demon said while I raised up my head

Its face was so scary and ugly

“What do you mean?” I asked

“We don’t believe in love” the demon said

“You and who?” I asked because I didn’t want to believe that it was what I was thinking

“You already know that you are no longer one but two, better stay away from anything concerning love” the demon said

“Am just warning you, I won’t spare” the demon added and disappeared

“I wish not to be seeing this” I said breathing out loud

“I wonder why it thought that am in love, It can’t be” I added

The following morning, I dressed up for school

When I got to the class, almost everywhere was filled up

I waved at those who wished to greet me

Surprisedly, Zita wasn’t in the class

It was unlike her because she normally come early

“Hi Jenny” I greeted waving at her just as I got to their seat

She smiled waving back

“Hi” she greeted back

I could see Jason burning in anger

“I will like us to speak, Jason” I said while his face changed

His eyes widened and his head bent

“Later” I added

I had nothing in mind to talk about but I just had to say it

I excused myself and went to my seat

“Hey, good morning” Dorothy greeted smiling

“Good morning, your smile is bright just like today’s sky” I said

“Don’t just start” she responded laughing

Just then a junior student walked in

She greeted everyone before coming to me

“Sorry to disturb you senior but a teacher asked me to call you” she said

“Which teacher please?” I asked

Why would a teacher call for me

“Actually, am new in this school, so I don’t know but she said I should come with you” she replied

“Okay then, since am going with you, let’s go” I said as I stood up

I looked at Dorothy and we nodded at each other

“She’s in there” the junior student said pointing at an empty class meanwhile

We haven’t gone far from our classroom though

“What on earth will a teacher be doing there?” I asked because I couldn’t figure it out

“I don’t really know” she replied bowing her head

“Okay, no problem, you can go” I said while the junior student bowed before going

‘very respectful’ I thought before going in

As I got in,

there was Zita standing and was smiling endlessly at me

I don’t know, but anytime I see her, I always felt joy in within me

“Zita, why are you here? And where is the teacher?” I asked

“Two questions at a time, anyway, am the teacher” she replied

“I don’t understand” I said because I was kinda confused

Does it mean she was a teacher all this while

“I asked her to say that a teacher was calling, meanwhile I am the one” she replied while I smiled

“Why is this class empty?” I asked as my mind ran to it

“This room is actually meant for Jason” she replied

I was just confused

Is he God or what but I didn’t bother pushing further

I concluded it with a nodding

“So why did you call for me?” I asked

“Please don’t see this in another way” she paused

“Can we go on a date, I will take care of the bills” she requested

Immediately, my mind ran to what the demon warned me the previous day

I wouldn’t want to hurt Zita

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