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….. David POV

The following morning, I was just sitting in my room starring at the ceiling

I could tell that my Mom has not yet discovered that my Dad was dead because everywhere was silent

I wasn’t able to sleep the previous night because what happened was something I couldn’t hold

The worst part was that the demon has refused to show up

The most unbelievable part of it was that anytime I killed them and turned back to my own self, not even a stain of blood will be left in my body

Both my mouth, fingers and clothes will be as if nothing happened

“Jesus!!!” That was what I heard next

I had to rush out from my room pretending not to know what the scream was all about

“Oh no!!” My Mom cried out

I rushed inside my Dad’s study room and it was worse than before

The whole room was filled with bloods

His eyes was totally damaged

His nose was covered with bloods

His chest was divided into two

My Mom couldn’t lift up her head from the floor as she sob endlessly

The other end of the room was our house help crying

I was just standing there, starring at the corpse

I had nothing in mind to do

I hated myself

I wished there could be a way on getting back on the demon but I knew there wasn’t

Few minutes later, the entrance door which led to the living room was opened

The study room’s door was just at the right hand side of the living room

I turned as three policemen in their uniforms matched in

I guess my Mom has called them earlier before I arrived

I made clear for them while they walked inside but one of the policemen stopped before me and turned looking at me

I guess he has more rank than others

From the look of things

He returned his face forward

“C. O. P Kelly” the higher ranked policeman said as he brought out his ID card, showing it to my Mom, who was already standing up

She stood up immediately she noticed their arrival

My Mom nodded still sobbing

“Sergeant John and Sergeant Henry” COP Kelly introduced the other two policemen who came with him while all my Mom did was to nod

The COP (Chief Of Police) Kelly bent over my Dad’s dead body

He stood up after some minutes

“What actually happened?” COP Kelly asked turning to my Mom

“I can’t tell, after dinner, he decided to visit his study room as usual, meanwhile I went straight to my room because I needed some rest” my Mom paused trying to control herself

“I waited for him for close to two hours which wasn’t as usual as he used to stay”

“So I came down to know if he has slept off, when I knocked for him, he told me that he would be with me very soon, which means he was still awake, I had to return to my room”

“After 30 minutes, he was still not yet back, so I went down again, I knocked for him again but there was no response, I tried opening it, but the door was locked from inside, that was unusual, I couldn’t sense anything bad then, so I returned to my room after wishing him goodnight”

“So this morning, there was no sign of him when I came down, I decided to let him be until I finish the breakfast, when I was done, I came to call him”

“Surprisedly, the door was open, I pushed it open but only to behold his dead body” my Mom burst out crying

I was just surprised when she said that she came back 30 minutes later and the door was locked but this morning, it was opened

I was just confused because I left immediately my Mom leave after knocking

So how come it was locked and later got opened?

“This is strange because it doesn’t look like a human hands” the COP Kelly said as he looked at my Mom and then back to the deaf body

“As in the fingers and the palm am seeing here is not of human being, I guess he was attacked by an animal” He added

“How could animal attack someone in this house and we weren’t able to hear, not even its voice nor my husband’s own?” My Mom asked

I wouldn’t blame the COP Kelly on what he said because he was just confused

“It doesn’t look like a human finger and this was exactly what we saw on a woman who was killed yesterday, just exactly as this and the woman happened to live in this same area” the COP Kelly replied

On hearing that, my mind ran to the old woman I killed that previous day while coming back from school

I could see that my Mom was confused on that

“He must be your son?” COP Kelly asked pointing at me

Fear filled my whole body

What was he up to

“Was the gateman at work last night?” The COP Kelly asked while my heart came back to rest

“Yes, he’s always” my Mom replied

“Am sorry but we have to take him with us to the station, he have some questions to attend even your house help will be needed as well” COP Kelly said

While our house help gasped

“Sir, I don’t have any idea of what happened” our house help tried defending

“Are you trying to tell me that they might be aware of this?” My Mom asked looking more confused

“I didn’t say that either” COP Kelly said instead

“Am just doing my job” COP Kelly added

The ambulance arrived that minute as nurses rushed inside the building and took the body away

I couldn’t control the tears that was rushing down my eyes

“Don’t worry ma’am, I will personally investigate on this” COP Kelly said

He looked at me once more before walking out

Followed by the other Sergeants

Sergeant John held our house help though without handcuffing her

I walked slowly behind them

They also took our gateman

I could tell that he was very very surprised

“Won’t you be going to school today?” My Mom asked from behind

I turned not believing what I heard

“How can I? When something like this happened?” I asked

Another set of tears were already forming in my eyes

“The only thing sure in life is that we can never undo what has already happened, we can only correct it by avoiding it from happening again” my Mom said

“Besides, you just started and you are in exam class, you don’t need to lack behind” my Mom added


….. Jenny POV

It was Thursday and the fourth day since I heard from Jason

I always miss him ????

What baffles me more was that he never called since he left

I wish he was safe

I got dressed up and left for school

My mind ran to the new guy who turned to the demon immediately he walked in

I couldn’t tell if he knew about it or not because he never act like one and he was so gentle

Although I can’t tell if he was really gentle

It might be because it was his first time in school

I got to school and found my way to the class

The class was already filled with my classmates but the new guy was not

I greeted those that cares for it and I found my way to my seat

I stood and took a good look at the whole classroom

Still I couldn’t find him

Then I sat down bringing out my books

‘he might be a latecomer’ I thought

I don’t know why I cared to see him but I just felt like

I dropped my bag and went outside

I needed to freshen up

My stomach was really disturbing me ????

Few minutes I was done

I sighed before walking out

I was almost closed to the entrance when someone blocked me

It was Zita

“What’s the meaning of this?” I asked confused

“I don’t know if you are a slut” Zita said

Shocking me

I couldn’t recall where that was coming from

“What does that supposed to mean?” I asked

“I want you to stay away from David, you can’t be having both David and Jason” she said

I couldn’t get it because there was no one in our class that bears David as a name

“Who is David?” I asked, just to know first

“The new guy” she replied

On hearing that, I was beyond shocked

When I haven’t for once speak with him

“You got to be mad, I don’t even have anything to do with him” I said and walked passed her

She was saying something but I didn’t bother listening

I got inside the class

I didn’t waste time in sitting down

It was because Jason wasn’t there that was why that rubbish happened

As in, if Jason was around, I would be with him rather than having encounter with Zita of a girl

The mistake I had made so far was not asking Jason’s gang if they have heard from him or not

I was about to try that when someone sat beside me

“Hi” she greeted

It was Benny

Jason’s cousin

I was surprised because ever since we became classmates, we had never for once speak to each other because never liked Jason’s life

“Hi” I responded

“I guess you are surprised” Benny said smiling but I didn’t reply her as I focused back to my desk

Bringing out my books

“I don’t know if we are supposed to be enemies just because you are dating my cousin and I don’t like him” Benny added

“What do you want?” I asked not ready to talk much still focusing forward

“Don’t be harsh, I just want us to be friends” Benny replied

“All of a sudden?” I asked as a surprise smiles curved my mouth turning to face her

“There’s no point in keeping malice” Benny said instead while my eyes widened

“I don’t keep malice, just that I like respecting people’s lives” I said then turned back to my books

“So, Friends?” Benny asked stretching out her hand

I thought for a while before turning to face her

“Friends” I responded, taking her hand while she smiled

“I will be staying here till my brother comes back” Benny said making me to smile

“I have no problem with it” I said

She started bringing out her books because she came with her bag

“So have you heard from him since he left?” Benny asked

I turned in surprised but she didn’t turn

“As in how is he doing?” She asked again before turning to face me

“I pray that he is doing good, he haven’t called since then” I had to tell her the truth

Maybe she might get something to say about it

“Bad” she said

Just then, a teacher came in while we greeted him

Our maths teacher Mr Sanjay

The teaching began


“So that will be all for today” Mr Sanjay said after teaching

I could see another teacher standing at the door post, waiting for Mr Sanjay to leave

“One more thing” Mr Sanjay said while everyone paid more attention although we almost greeted him for dismissal

“The new guy who came yesterday, why is he not here?” Mr Sanjay asked

Who could tell when he was still new

But I had to think of something

“I guess something came up that’s why he didn’t come” I said

“No, he went to get something from his former school” A student from the back said

I turned and it was Zita

Could it be that they really know each other?’ I asked within me


…..COP Kelly POV

I couldn’t tell what was really happening

I have this gift of perceiving demons that sucks bloods

When I got to the woman who called for our service

She was new in the country

Her call came in so early that morning asking for our service

Since I was the one in charge, I had to go by myself but when I got there, the guy who was standing at the room’s door post was smelling bloods

I stopped before him to examine it but the smell vanished

I couldn’t get it

I couldn’t tell how it happened but it just happened

I would have liked to take him as well for questioning but I don’t know why I couldn’t

He was the only son and I wouldn’t believe if the only son would kill his father

I took the gateman for trial

“Where were you last night?’ I asked him

He was seriously scared

It was obvious on his face

“At my duty post” he replied

“Did anyone attacked you?” I asked

“No, officer” he replied

“Did anyone bribe you?” I asked

“No” he replied

“I don’t want to make this hard on you, is better you tell me the truth” I said keeping a serious face

“I swear to God, I don’t know, I only heard ma’am screamed this morning but I didn’t go to check because I was on duty, I was even surprised when I saw you people and the ambulance, later they took my boss’s body as bloods were all over him” he explained

It was pointless bringing him along

I ordered them to take him away and bring in the house help

“I will only ask you this once and if I didn’t get what I want, you won’t like what will happen next” I tried threatening her

“What happened last night?” I asked

“I don’t know Sir” she replied

I will not have to blame them because I think it was a demon

I had to tell the woman that it might be animal because she wouldn’t believe that demons do exist

It was hard to believe in such thing


…. David POV

The following morning which was Friday

I had to go to school because my mom was seriously on my neck that she wouldn’t like me to fail

‘Since police are into it, I believe they will find it’

That’s what she said

I dressed up and went for school

Everybody was just looking at me when I walked in

I don’t know why

Zita waved from the back

I smiled and waved back

Dorothy was not around when I came in

I sat down on our seat

I looked at my left side and Jenny was looking at me

She changed her gaze forward

One girl was sitting beside her

I haven’t seen her before

But how could I, when I was just new


During break period, we all went out as usual

In the cafeteria, I looked everywhere just to know if I could see Jenny but she wasn’t there

I just want any opportunity to meet her but Zita was a hindrance

“It was really boring yesterday” Zita tried starting up a conversation

“I just had to run things” I lied

“I hope it went well?” She asked while I nodded smiling

“Hello guys” a guy greeted interrupting what Zita was about to say

“Hello” I responded smiling

That’s what I have been expecting

I didn’t get attracted by Zita just that I wanted to make friends

“Can I?” The guy asked

“Sure” I replied

“I guess you haven’t meet me before” the guy said

For sure, I haven’t seen him

“Am Victor” he said stretching out his hand

I took it smiling

“Am David, I guess you know her?” I asked referring to Zita while he nodded

Victor started a conversation

I could tell from the way he was acting, that he needed me to excuse them but I had to get a reason before

My eyes was searching for Jenny

I sighted her walking out of a building which they said was the school library

But she stopped at a spot checking out something in the book she was holding

“Please guys, I have to use the washroom” I said standing up

“Okay bro” Victor responded

I took another way instead of walking directly to where Jenny was

“Hello” I greeted as I stood before her

“Jesus!” She screamed a little stargering back

“Please let me be” she added before walking pass me

I turned my gaze to the cafeteria

Victor and Zita was still busy with whatever they were saying

I followed her from behind

I had to walk ahead of her and dragged out her books from her hand

“Oh no, please my books” she requested stretching out her hand but we didn’t stop walking

We got to the passage

I turned backing where I was going, making me to face her as I walked using my back

“Please hear me out first” I pleaded

“What do you want?” She asked and stopped placing her palm on her face

I stopped as well

“I just have few questions to ask” I replied

“Wait a little” she said and continued walking

I turned, making both of us to be looking forward

She took the lead

“I want to go upstairs” she added while I nodded

We walked up to the school hall

That was my first time being there

It was really big

I used it to know how large the building was, from inside

“Go on” She said immediately we got there

There was no seat in there, talk more of a desk

“Why do you choose here?” I asked instead

I thought we would sit

“It will be dangerous if we happened to be together inside the class, discussing” she replied

“Am confused, how do you mean?” I asked

“Since you come to this school, have you ever seen me with any guy?” She returned the question

And the truth was there I haven’t

“No, but why?” I asked back

“Because of my boyfriend, he’s not around but he is being feared” she replied

I was confused because I didn’t get it

I waved it off

“I just want to know why you keep on screaming, anytime you sees me?” I asked

“Do you see ghosts?” I added asking

I guess I was fast

She took her to explain to me about her dream

It was really something else

“But am not one” I said after the explanation

“I was just surprised seeing that in real life” she replied

That was not what I expected from her

I thought she could see ghosts

I felt disappointed

Dorothy on her own was a badass

She kept ignoring me

“So what do you have with Zita?” Jenny asked bringing me back from thought

“A friend” I replied

“Any problem?” I asked

I sensed something fishy

“No, so why were you not in school yesterday?” She asked

That was our first time talking, I don’t have to start it with lies

I just told her that I lost my Dad the previous day

I don’t have to give her details


….. Victor POV

Am Victor Bonny by name

I was among Jason’s gang

Zita has been my crush ever since I knew her but she never give me chance to speak with her

I felt bad when I saw the new guy with her

I had to interfere

From the look, I could tell that the new guy wasn’t interested in her

When he left to the washroom, I was able to tell Zita my feelings for her but she rejected me

I had to leave in disappointment

Zita was still there waiting for the new guy

I had nowhere in mind to go

I needed to make a plan against the new guy

I started walking around the whole school

Maybe the pain might ease

I took the stairs walking upstairs

I got to the second floor which was where our classroom was

I walked passed it and took another stairs that led to the school main hall

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the new guy with the almighty Jenny

Jason’s girlfriend

I guess my plan has been given a solution

I smiled because Jason would be coming back the following week

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