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Perfect Secret Love - S01 E88

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 88

Top notch suck up

Translator: eunimon Editor: Caron

In the room that was as quiet and gloomy as a cemetery, only the ringing of the phone reverberated.

Xu Yi couldn't guess what was on Si Ye Han's mind and couldn't figure out whether he wanted to answer this call or not. He stood there, frozen, with the phone raised. He had a sense of foreboding about this call; he hoped master would ignore it.

The atmosphere became more and more unbearable with each ring; the ringing was like a bomb ticking away.

Xu Yi's nerves were frazzled, and probably because he was so flustered, his hand slipped and he accidentally pressed the button to answer.

In the next second, Ye Wan Wan's usual grotesque face appeared on the screen.

Damn! It's over...

At the other end, Ye Wan Wan had waited for a very long time and saw that the phone was just about to automatically end the call. Right at that moment, the screen flashed and the video call was finally connected.

The moment she saw the screen, Ye Wan Wan's pupils contracted.

She could only see the man on the screen lying on the sofa with one hand over his forehead, his collar with two buttons unfastened and hair in a mess. His face was abnormally pale.

Even through the screen, she could feel the terrifying and dangerous aura emitting from the man's body.

Judging by the angle on the screen, the phone seemed to be held by another person, possibly Xu Yi.

The display on the phone was shaking slightly and she guessed it was Xu Yi's hand trembling.

From this slight tremble, Ye Wan Wan was acutely aware of the dire situation and was 80% sure that Si Ye Han had received the news already. She was a moment too late.

Ye Wan Wan pressed her lips together and squinted her eyes, "Sorry... Did I interrupt your sleep...?"

Xu Yi saw that he had answered the call accidentally and could only try to mediate the situation with his head drenched in cold sweat, " Ms Ye, 9th master hasn't gone to bed yet. Why are you calling this late, is there something wrong? If there is nothing urgent..."

Ye Wan Wan didn't wait for Xu Yi to finish his sentence before nodding vigorously, "Yes, I have an urgent issue!"

Xu Yi: "Oh..."

Ye Wan Wan quickly said, "There was a boy in school who confessed to me and he said he likes me..."

Xu Yi almost vomited blood and his soul quivered. He knew he shouldn't have taken this call!!!

He didn't notice that the phone was swaying back and forth but he hoped Ye Wan Wan would stop talking.

Nonetheless, Ye Wan Wan's mumbles continued through the phone, "Could you come with me to meet this boy?"

Xu Yi felt a bolt of lightning striking his head.

She actually asked the 9th master to go with her to meet that boy?

At this moment on the sofa, Si Ye Han's half-opened eyes were now fully opened, like a wild beast waking up from its slumber.

While Xu Yi had all his hopes dashed, Ye Wan Wan's voice continued coming through the receiver, "I've told the boy that I have a boyfriend already and he didn't believe me. Do I look single?

I was so mad that I agreed to bring my boyfriend for him to see on impulse. Not only do I have a boyfriend, my boyfriend's also one thousand times better looking than our school's hunk..."

"Erm..." Xu Yi stood rooted to the ground, completely dumbstruck as he listened and wondered whether this was some kind of trick.

Ye Wan Wan's sucking up... Was pretty darn good!

Even the man's dreary expression was stunned for a moment.

As Ye Wan Wan didn't get a response for a long time, she hung her head low, dejected, "Sorry... Did I trouble you? If it's not convenient for you, then..."

"Time?" the man's low and hoarse voice interrupted her from the other end of the call.

Ye Wan Wan was astonished for a moment before her eyes glowed, "How about tomorrow night? Just outside school!"


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