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Perfect Secret Love - S01 E87

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 87

The boy chasing after Wan Wan

Translator: eunimon Editor: Caron

And so, Xu Yi quickly got someone to check up on Ye Wan Wan.

A short while later, the investigation concluded. There was a boy in school who was courting Ye Wan Wan openly and the whole school knew about it!

Xu Yi was on the verge of breaking down. Ye Wan Wan was simply a disaster and the consequences were too terrifying!

"There's someone in school that's openly chasing Ms Ye! Dr Mo, should we tell 9th master about it?" Xu Yi asked with a sullen face.

Normally, when Ye Wan Wan spoke to other guys, 9th master flared up. But now, there was someone who dared to chase her. How could he continue to let Ye Wan Wan wander about freely? If the two of them fought again...

He wanted desperately to hide this from master.

Mo Xuan went blank for a while. "Are you sure?"

With the way Ye Wan Wan looks, she's still able to attract a suitor?

Xu Yi nodded his head sternly, "It's true! Also, it's been said that the guy is Qing He's big shot; he's the son of the school's director. He's quite good looking and popular with the girls. He might just have a problem with his eyesight."

Mo Xuan pinched the space between his brows and was a bit hesitant. After deep consideration, he said, "9th master will find out sooner or later."

Xu Yi agreed. It's just a matter of an early or late death.

So, Xu Yi took a deep breath, knocked on the tightly shut door and pushed it open carefully.

He saw that the curtains were all drawn, with only a narrow gap revealing a weak ray of light that landed on the man's face.

Si Ye Han's long body lay on the sofa, one leg bent and one hand covering his eyes to block out the light. The collar of his black shirt that was normally meticulously buttoned to the top now had two buttons unfastened, his devilishly handsome face morbidly pale. His presence produced a gloomy aura around him.

But with this kind of aura, not only did it not hurt him, it made him look more malicious instead, like a vampire that had been in deep sleep for a thousand years in an ancient palace...

In fact, the master was a hundred times more dangerous when silent than when actively enraged.

Xu Yi swallowed hard and walked over trembling, "9th... 9th master... There are some messages for you... They... They were sent by Shen Meng Qi... She sent many messages over... It might be an emergency..."

In the past, as long as it was a message from Shen Meng Qi, Si Ye Han gave it his full attention. But now, Si Ye Han didn't react at all.

Xu Yi waited for a long while, so long that his limbs were going numb. So, he could only summon up his courage and tell him the news, "9th master... There seems to be a boy in school who's courting Ms Ye..."

In the next second, there was a surge of cold air and a fearsome, murderous intent entered the space.

Although the man on the sofa didn't move and only kept his eyes open slightly, the atmosphere changed completely.

Facing this terror, the petrified Xu Yi was filled with fear in his heart.

He grieved in silence for that boy who was blind and tempting death and prepared himself well for whatever came next.

While Xu Yi was still extremely nervous, a sudden ringing of the phone shocked him so much that he almost tossed the phone away in fright.

He quickly looked at the incoming call display, thinking that it was Shen Meng Qi trying to stir up trouble again but then he saw clearly that it was actually Ye Wan Wan!

Xu Yi's heart suddenly went to his throat; why is Ye Wan Wan calling at this hour?

"9th... 9th master, it's Ms Ye calling... A video call..."

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