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Perfect Secret Love - S01 E89

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 89

Because my boyfriend likes it

Translator: eunimon Editor: Caron

Indeed, telling the truth will get you a lighter sentence.

The next morning, Ye Wan Wan went to class feeling at ease.

Soon after she sat down, a shadow was cast over her head. Ling Dong stood in front of her looking calm.

Seeing this, Ye Wan Wan shot a suspicious gaze over.

Everybody in class looked at the both of them, hungry for gossip.

Ling Dong pressed his lips together, looked at Ye Wan Wan with a serious face and said, "Ye Wan Wan, I don't know where you've heard that rumour but I swear, I'm definitely not pursuing you because of a lost bet or tricking you. I'm serious! Please believe me!"

"Oh——" All the students around burst into an uproar.

Ye Wan Wan's face darkened instead. She had painstakingly thought of this idea last night to refute the rumours but in the end, everything was ruined by this guy.

Looking at the boy's hurt face, Ye Wan Wan stroked her forehead in silence, "The things I told you yesterday were also true, don't you believe me?"

What did she tell me yesterday?

The part where she said that she has a boyfriend?

"Yeah right!" Ling Dong replied boldly.

"I'll bring you to meet him tonight." Ye Wan Wan replied so softly that only Ling Dong and Si Xia beside her could hear.

Ling Dong suddenly realised who the "him" was and a flicker of amazement crossed his face but he quickly regained his composure, "Sure!"

Finally, class ended.

After dinner, there was no one in the school garden. Ye Wan Wan called Ling Dong out and both of them went to a restaurant not far away from school.

Ling Dong sat on the sofa opposite her with a look of certainty, as if he had already seen through Ye Wan Wan's scheme.

She would either give up and say it was all an act, or she would find someone to act as her boyfriend. The latter was more probable unless the guy was blind and couldn't see her ridiculous get-up.

Either way, he would never give up!

Ye Wan Wan naturally knew what was on Ling Dong's mind and didn't offer any explanation. She looked at the time on her phone--Si Ye Han should arrive in about twenty minutes.

"Can I ask you a question?" Ling Dong suddenly asked.

Ye Wan Wan nodded, "Yes?"

Ling Dong stared at Ye Wan Wan's heavily powdered face and coughed lightly, "You... You're so beautiful... Why do you do this to yourself on purpose..."

Ye Wan Wan took a sip of her juice and blinked, "Because my boyfriend likes it!"

Ling Dong was speechless like he got choked on dog food.

"Wan Wan, you don't have to pretend anymore, is it that hard to accept me? Even though I'm not as good looking as Si Xia, I dare say I'm not too shabby too. Anyway, when we're together, I'll never let anybody bully you and you can walk freely in school!" Ling Dong's tone was full of confidence. Of course, he had the ability to make all of that happen.

Ling Dong's popularity in school was only second to that of Si Xia, otherwise, his affection wouldn't have caused everybody to hate her.

Ye Wan Wan rested her chin, "I only have feelings for my boyfriend~"

Ling Dong gave a helpless expression, then his eyes slightly glistened, "Fine, Wan Wan, since you insist that I don't believe you, I'll start believing you now. I'll believe everything you said, believe that you have a boyfriend and believe that your boyfriend treats you as well as you said. But what if your words are proven to be false and you were lying to me this whole time?"

Ye Wan Wan took a big bite of caramel pudding and without thinking, said, "If I was lying to you, then I'll agree to be with you!"

After Ling Dong heard that, his face immediately brightened, "Are you serious?"

Ye Wan Wan nodded sincerely, "Of course I am!"

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