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Perfect Secret Love - S01 E86

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 86

I am no god

Translator: eunimon Editor: Caron

Ye Wan Wan watched as Shen Meng Qi fled and the corners of her lips curled upwards a little.

After what happened today, no matter how Shen Meng Qi tried to explain or hide her behaviour, everybody would have a changed impression of her and her attitude.

According to her understanding of Shen Meng Qi, she was probably thirsting for revenge after suffering such a big defeat.

Back at her dorm, Ye Wan Wan immediately took out her phone and looked up Si Ye Han's number.

She decided to take a risk one more time.

To Si Ye Han, lying and running away were the greatest sins, so this was probably tame in comparison. What was there to lose by being honest?

At the same time, just as Ye Wan Wan expected, Shen Meng Qi was boiling inside.

Jiang Yan Ran and Fang Qin weren't in the dorm. She looked at her face which had been smashed by the phone--it was rapidly swelling up. With one furious sweep of her arm, she sent everything on the table crashing to the ground.

Damn it, this is all that dumb Ye Wan Wan's fault!

That dummy actually dared to bring up my old flame, Ye Mu Fan. Ye Mu Fan is only a dog in my family's company now, how can he compare? He's like a toad wanting to be a swan!

Ye Wan Wan, I definitely won't let you off so easy!

Shen Meng Qi pulled out her phone with a gloomy expression. She sneered and quickly drafted a message: [ Mr Si, Wan Wan's been hanging out with some bad company lately; she's very close to a troublemaker at school. She clearly knows that he has bad intentions. I'm worried that Wan Wan will be foolish and get tricked by him. I really don't understand why she keeps doing things to harm her relationship with you when you're such a good person and treats her so well, Mr Si!]

Shen Meng Qi twisted the truth with just a few words.

On the surface, she acted like she cared about Ye Wan Wan's safety but in reality, she actually didn't care at all.

When it came to snitching on people, Shen Meng Qi was top notch.

Aside from this message, she didn't forget to send over some photos of the two of them walking together. This allowed her to finally let off some steam.

She didn't know what went wrong yesterday; Ye Wan Wan was able to go back to school like usual. But this time, with evidence in place, she would get her for sure!

Late at night, Jin garden:

Xu Yi stared at the door that had been shut for an entire day and night. He paced around anxiously, "What should I do? 9th master has locked himself in the room for one day and one night already. Dr. Mo, aren't you a top psychologist? Think of something!"

Mo Xuan folded his arms and leaned against the wall opposite. He was astonished, "I'm a doctor, not a god!"

Does he think I'm omnipotent?!

Anyway, I'm completely useless with Si Ye Han.

"There's nothing we can do, right...?!"

While Xu Yi was freaking out, there was suddenly the sound of an incoming text nearby.

Xu Yi followed the direction of the sound and realized it was the phone Si Ye Han threw on the floor.

He picked it up to take a look and saw that there were many new message notifications on the screen. They were all from Shen Meng Qi.

"This woman is some lingering ghost! I already have enough to deal with!" Xu Yi cursed silently and clutched the phone tightly to prevent Si Ye Han from hearing.

Mo Xuan looked at the phone and pondered slightly before saying, "Go and check what's going on with Ye Wan Wan, maybe she can lure 9th master out."

Xu Yi's face turned black after he heard that. Did they have to use such a terrifying method to lure the 9th master out?

But there was no other way; if master keeps refusing food and drink, how can his body take it?

It looked like they could only fight poison with poison.

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