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His Wife Or His Maid - S01 E52

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 52


"Turn" +


"Now..." And he turned...but he was looking down.

"Look at me Arhaan" I spoke


"Please" I said and he looked up. Tears were flowing from his eyes. "You should have noticed."

"What??" He asked.

"That Laiba was cheating on you, creating unnecessary differences in our relationship, You should have been the one to find out the truth when she said one thing to me and the second thing to you. You should have been the one to notice and not Rehan." I said each and every word clearly.

"You don't think that I know that??" He said looking straight into my eyes.

"If you would have done that, then all, this wouldn't have happened. I wouldn't have ran, You wouldn't have lost the chair, Yahya's heart wouldn't have been broken...and the list goes on." I said.

"Do you think that it was all so easy for me?? When you ran away, my heart rip open from my body and that's when I, gone mad. Mad, mad for you, my wife, my love...and I promised myself to make Laiba's life a living hell, because she broke us apart and You ran away from me when she came in between us with her dirty plan." He said and clenched his fist.

"I did so wrong with you and still you blame Laiba for all of this??" He said.

"So you want me to blame you?? Fine, You screwed up everything." I said.

"Thank you" he said venomously.

"You have always pulled me, in a position where I have to defend you always. Why?? Because I love you..." I shouted breathing hard and tears pouring down.

"Then stop loving me..." He said clutching the side of bed hard!!

"I can't..." I shouted.

"This has to end." He said closing his eyes.

"It did end. Didn't it just ended when I walked out of that door, five years back??" 1

"Yes, It did..." He said nodding his head.

"Then what are you doing here??" I yelled.

"Because my love brought me here, because you brought me here. I'm here, because I Love you damn it!!! Nothing in this world, except Allah, can stop me from loving you...Not you also" he said breathing hard and it was difficult for me to stop myself from breaking down after listening to his confession.

"I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry. I didn't knew how and when I became heartless. I should have given you a chance. I'm so sorry" I spoke as I took a baby step forward.

"No..please you don't have to say sorry. If it's anyone's fault, it's mine. I was the one who treated you like a maid, I hit you and left you all alone in that cold night, I hated you, I insulted you...You did the right thing Mahira by leaving me. Because if you wouldn't have done that, I wouldn't have felt sorrow, anger, hatred, and most importantly Love, love for you. So don't be sorry." He said and took a baby step forward.

"No, Arhaan. I said and again took a step forward.

"What you've done, no wife could do. What not did I do to you?? But you still stayed...you still stayed Mahira and that's what matters" he said and took a step forward.

"We're married Arhaan, It was destined to happen...I didn't do anything great Arhaan...I did what every wife is suppose to do. But yeah, after that night, I lost all control and yes you were right, I trusted you and I knew you haven't done any such thing but yes I was scared, I was a coward and I ran Arhaan, I ran away from the truth, I ran away from listening the truth, I ran away from you" I was now crying badly as I took a step forward. 8


"No...no, Mahira, please stop crying, it wasn't your fault, it was mine." He said taking a step forward.

"Arhaan, I knew you had worked so hard to become the CEO, but just because of me you lost that position..." I was so ashamed of myself. I had become so cruel that all these years I didn't even knew that he was suffering because of me. Oh My Allah!! What have I done??

"Mahira, listen, it wasn't your fault and I deserved to be punished because of the mistakes I had done." He explained. 2

"Was our relation so weak Arhaan, that so easily Laiba came and just blew it all away..." I asked. 10

"No it wasn't weak Mahira. If it was, then right now we wouldn't have been standing here and talking. Our relation is just like fire and ice, where I'm the fire and you're ice ." he said. 18

"You know everything, of my life came undone when I realized, that I can't feel you Arhaan" I spoke.

"All these years I've been calling out your name in my sleep and yet when I wake up, I needed to touch you, your face...so that I could feel that you were there with me, but it didn't happened...'Cause you weren't there" he said looking down.

"My heart hurted Arhaan, my heart hurted....and your love burned me, and I let it burn me" I said falling down on my knees.

"I'm so sorry Mahira, I'm sorry...I didn't knew what I was doing at that moment. I was a fool at that time, I didn't knew what love is until I realized that I loved you and still love you and will always do" he said.

"You only said now that our relation is just like fire and ice?? Then yes, it is of fire and ice because everytime you said or done something I froze!! But then, you only melted me and I had full hope on you that one day or the other I'll have the best husband...but it proved all wrong. Our relation broke, it broke...and there was always this aching which never stopped, Cause you were not here to stop the aching or melt me" I said looking at him.

"Mahira,We should be thankful to Allah, that no matter what happened, can't break the two of us. You know why?? Because of your love. Yes, Mahira, your love was so strong that it was more than enough for both of us. Our relation is safe till now, is just because of your love. Your love have so much strength, power, that it didn't let us fall apart!!" He said kneeling down.

"Arhaan, I was so use to seeing your face first in the morning and the last face when I slept...that it was just not possible for me to live without you. I tried, I tried my best to live without you...but I failed. I can't live without you...I just can't" I said crying.

"You never give up on us, never. And were always there to forgive me whenever I hurted you, you loved me so much. I was so damn guilty...what not I did to find you, to apologize...but I guess, the whole universe was against me." He said looking down at his hands.

"YOU were the only reason that I kept on trying, YOU gave me every reason to hold on to, YOU gave me everything more than I could even think and yet YOU brought me on my knees and made me cry." I said looking straight in his eyes. 1

"I didn't deserved your love yet YOU loved me. I did everything that was in my will to make you run away from me and yet when YOU ran away, I ran after you. I don't deserve you." He said.

"Nooo...don't say, that you don't deserve me. Please...It hurts, it just doesn't feel right, to hear. Please...." I requested.

"I don't deserve your love...but still I can't get enough!! I don't deserve you" he said. 19

"Arhaan, please, you're hurting me again. You know what Arhaan? We don't deserve each other...but still we're hopelessly in love with each other." I said.


"You have a very big heart Mahira, and I feel proud and lucky, that yes, I'm the one that you've chosen to love and spend your day and night with me, spend your whole eternity with me. I still can't believe that you're sitting right in front of me after all what I've done. I know I don't deserve an another chance, nor I deserve your love or You...but still You're everything I want. 'Cause you're the one that I need. Please forgive me Mahira, I'm sorry...Come back to me. Pleaseee" And with that he broke down with me. 1

And I did what any girl will do at this moment. I ran towards him and hugged him with all my strength. I buried myself on his shoulders. And he hugged me back in such a way that will never let me go away from him.

We both were crying in each others arms. I don't care right now that I'm wearing his shorts which is coming below my knees, or his T-shirt which was always going down my shoulders because it was so damn lose. I don't care that my hair is all tangled and messy right now. Don't care that my eyes are swollen and puffy right now. Don't care that I'm clutching him so hard that my nails were digging into him...but all I care is that we both are together, embracing each other. 1



"Take me back with you" I mumbled in his shoulders. Suddenly he froze and pulled back. "What's wrong?" I asked caressing his face.

"Ashar..." He spoke

"Ashar??" I was confused.

"Yes Ashar, you both are married, you both have a child, Shezan." He said. And I slapped my forehead.

"Who gave you that information??" I asked.

"Nobody gave" he said.

"You thought on your own??" I asked and he nodded. "Stupid Stupid Stupid..."


"How can you think that I'm married to him when we both are already married to each other??"

"You both are so close, Shezan calls you mom." He defended. 1

"Yes we both are close in fact very close but that doesn't mean we're married, and yes Shezan calls me mom...so what?? Arhaan we both are not married he's my best friend, close friend...he's...I can't even say what he is for me, we are that close to each other and you know why?? Because when you were not there, he was here with me. Ashar was there for me every time and every day. Just because of him, I completed my studies and got the job of his P.A in his office. And Shezan?? You really wanna know whose child he is??" I said.

"Yes, I wanna know everything." He said.

"Okay, then listen. In these five years we had never asked each other about our personal life. I only knew that Shezan's mother has dumped him out side his house when Shezan was only four months old. And she has written a letter that it was Ashar's mistake to put her through this so why she should be bother about it. Few days back I told him about our story. And today we went to the mall, there I met Laiba." I said. 1

"What?? Laiba??? " he was shocked.

"Calm down, I haven't finished yet. Yes, I saw her but to my surprise she was changed. She even apologized for her mistakes but what made me curious was her gaze which was shifting from Shezan and Ashar. When we came back, I asked him and then he told me that Laiba is the mother of Shezan and yes they both were even married. But their marriage couldn't last because she started showing her true colors and then one morning she left with all money and everything. 3

From then onwards he searched for her everywhere, but couldn't find her. He didn't wanted to file a case because he loved her very much and on top of that she was a woman and he didn't wanted to harass her. But one day he found out that she was dating you in New York, but he didn't knew that you were that Arhaan, to whom she was dating. He got to know about this when I told him about you and Laiba." I said. 3

"Oh My God, I can't believe this. I was a fool, that I fell for her and even mistreated you just for her. She deserve to rot in hell!! She played with three person's life." He said 9

"Shh..don't say like that. She is changed now and I'm sure about that. I have seen that honesty, purity in her eyes." I said

"Only if you say so" he said and pouted.

"Now can you take me back with you??"

"I'll think about that" he said and behaved as if thinking. He looked so cute and I started laughing. 2

"What???" I asked when I saw that he was staring back at me intensely.

"Nothing...after such a long time I'm hearing your laugh" he said. 2

"And In Sha Allah, you'll always hear." I smiled. "Promise me Arhaan that there's no place for any third person in our relationship??" I asked

"I promise you. I'll never repeat my mistakes" he said and leaned his forehead on mine.

His hand lay gently on the back of my head. Then his hand grips in my hair as he pulls me tighter to him, mouths alternating between open with probing tongue and closed nibbling on each others lips. Having my face cradled between his hands while he gently kisses my lips. His hands move down my back as the kiss gets deeper.............. 20

"I Love you" 2

"I Love you to" 3

And then he again kissed me....

One more chapter left and after that Epilogue. Get ready for some romance in the next chapter.

Love you all...

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