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His Wife Or His Maid - S01 E53

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 53

Me and Arhaan were walking holding hands of a small girl and boy. They look like they're just a year and three month old. We were just walking in a park where there were benches on both side of the pathway and there were trees all over the pathway.

The weather was just so perfect, I guess it's Autumn. The leaves were freely falling, the breeze was just perfect. Everything was so perfect. We both picked up our babies in our arms and they started to giggle suddenly.

And Arhaan was smiling seeing them giggle and I was smiling by seeing them all smile. Suddenly he threw my lil boy up in the air and he started laughing more and I did the same with my lil princess. Our cutie pies were happy, what more we need...

We all were laughing and playing when suddenly Arhaan came near me and my heart beat increased. We both were looking straight into each other's eyes. He came forward and leaned then kissed my forehead.

"Thank You for everything, habibti." He said and I blushed hard. He leaned again and before he could kiss me, my boy kissed me on my cheeks making me laugh and Arhaan shocked. We both started laughing.

"I Love You, Habibti."

"I Love You to, Habibi."

And with a bam I fell down.

"What the actually hell???" I shouted.

"Well, You were sleeping like a dead, which left me with no other choice than to kick you off the bed" he said casually. 31

Wait....that means, it was a dream. But it felt so real. Our babies...

"You know this was the reason that I wasted no time in kicking you off the bed. What are you thinking early in the morning??" He asked cockily.

"Ways to get rid of you" I said rolling my eyes.

"Not gonna happen, you're stuck with me" he smirked.

"With a Gum??" I asked.

"Nope...with marriage" he said cockily.

"You and your cockiness!!" I said

"But still you love me" he said and gave me a devil smile. 1

I sighed and looked around and bam!!! I wasn't in my home nor I'm in Ashar's home...where the hell am I?? The last thing I knew Arhaan brought me to his hotel room...that means...Oh My God, I just can't spend the night with him like that?? What if we??? Oh no no...

"Wohooo...happy realization" he said in a sing song voice which irritated me more.

"Arhaan, did we??" I asked.

"Wao, you're straight..." He said

"Isn't it obvious?? Like, if I wouldn't have been straight then I would have been..." He cut me off!!

"Wait wait wait...." he said in a low voice

"You stated that..."

"Well..I meant to say that your very much straight to the point"

"But you didn't completed your sentence" I defended myself.

"Yes, because I thought you're smart but didn't thought that you'll actually be over smart" he said quoting.

"Not now Arhaan...it's still too early" I said yawning.

"Mahira we have a flight to catch within three hours" he said in a serious tone.

"Okaayy...let me just pack up. I'll meet you straight at the airport." I said walking inside the washroom. I quickly freshened up and thanks to Arhaan that he got me a pair of new clothes. Don't know how he managed!!! After I got dressed, I walked out of the washroom.


"Arhaan, thanks for the clothes. And I'm leaving, I'll meet you directly at the airport." I said and smile. As I walked out of the door, I was suddenly pulled back. "Arhaan..."

"Shhh...." He said burying his face in my shoulders. "I just now got you back...don't wanna lose you again."

"You won't In Sha Allah." I said and smiled. We stayed like that for few minutes and then I went off. I quickly found a cab and got in. I was looking out of the window when I thought that how my life took a U turn. Everything was going right until Arhaan showed up, not that I'm regretting it.

But I'm happy, now that all my misunderstandings are solved. But he has lost many things and have suffered a lot. Before going to New York, have to settle everything and I know what to do. I quickly took out my cell and took a deep breath and dialed.



"Welcome to New York" Arhaan whispered in my ear as soon as we got down of the jet. I smiled and my thoughts went back to that day when I came here for the first time. All this was so new, seemed so exciting but who knew that what was going to happen next.

"You Okay??" He asked standing in front of me caressing my cheeks.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I said and hugged him.

We started walking towards the gate and surprisingly there was no media. I was a bit of shocked. I looked at him and his face was neutral. After walking a little, I stopped him.

"What happen??"

"Umm...turn around" I said and he did. And I quickly blind folded him.

"Hehy what are you doing??" He asked trying to remove the fold.

"No, don't remove. You'll soon know the answer"

"What answer??"

"Nothing. Just be patient and let me guide you."

"But where are you taking me??"

"That's a surprise" I said and we both got out of the airport. After an hour and a half we reached the desired place. I got out of the car and helped Arhaan in getting out.

"Mahira, will you tell me where are we??" He asked.

"Have patience my dear husband" I said.

"From the last one hour I'm doing that only" he sound irritated. I giggled

"Ten more minutes" I said and took him inside. I quickly got inside the elevator and made him also get inside. He was losing his patience and I was enjoying this. We got out of the elevator and then I made him enter in a room and opened his blind fold and hid behind the door, recording everything in my video camera.

"Mahira, what th...." He was shocked, he was confused and I was having the best time of my life.

"Mahira why did you brought me in my cabin??" He said and turned around. I was waiting for this moment only.

"Because this is where you belong" Mom said and I was smiling like a fool.

"Mom..." He said with tears in his eyes.

"Mahira told us everything. We are very sorry" Mom said and broke down clutching his hand. 1

"No mom, please don't say like that. It was my fault and I deserved it" he said hugging her. Even I couldn't control my own tears.

"We are really sorry Son" Dad said coming forward. 1

"No dad, please you're making me feel bad" he said hugging dad.


"So what are we waiting for?? Chair is waiting for you..." Aamna said from behind and he gave a big smile and ran to give her a big hug.

"And this chair belongs to Yahya not me" he said smiling.

"And I've always said that this position is only yours" Yahya said entering and giving me a thumbs up sign. He went and gave him a huge hug. "Please Arhaan, this was yours and always will be" he said and made him sat on the chair. 6

He was smiling and seeing him smile made me cry. This was the moment I was waiting for, his smile, his real smile...and this was my cue to enter. I quickly went to the other room and lit the candle on the cake.

"Congratulations and Celebrations we want the whole world to know that we are proud of you..." Everyone was happy and smiling. I kept the cake in front of him and motioned him to cut. He cut the cake and got up and made ate with his hands. 2

"It's not only you, who can give surprises" he said with a devilish grin. And now I was confused. He motioned me to turn around and I gasped. 1

"Sani...." Tears were flowing out. 1

"Ri..." She said and ran towards me. We both hugged each other and were crying.

"Sani...I missed you sooo much. I'm so sorry that I didn't even contacted you."

"Shhh...all forgiven and forgotten. I'm happy for you both" She said and wiped away my tears. We hugged again. Rehan also came.

"Sanya and Aamna, she's all yours but make sure to bring her back on time" Arhaan said coming forward.

"Sure..." Sanya and Aamna replied.

"Now, it's your turn" he said and I frowned. He slowly turn me around and blind folded me. "Promise me you'll not open your eyes until I say, even if they remove your blind fold" he said and kissed my cheeks making me blush.

"Promise" I whispered.

Soon I was stuffed in the car and they took me somewhere. Truly speaking, now I totally understand how Arhaan felt at that time when I blind folded him. And after that whatever they told me I did, without opening my eyes.

After they finished doing what not with me they again stuffed me in the car and took me somewhere. After sometime the car door opened and Arhaan helped me in getting out.

"Enjoy..." They both shouted and I could hear the distant sound of the car, meaning they drove off!! He was holding my hands and we both were walking slowly.

"Mahira say bismillah and enter" he said and I did still confused. I heard the sound of the door being closed. O.M.A. where did he brought me. Soon he picked me up in bridal style and I was clutching his shirt tightly. I was sure that my red cheeks were fully visible.

After a while he put me down and again I heard the sound of the door closing.

"Arhaan where are we??" I asked.

"Shhhh..." He whispered slowly in my ears making my heart stop!! He took out my blind fold and it took a second to adjust my eyes. When I looked, second time I gasped!!

I was standing in his room which was fully decorated with flowers and candles, the lights were dim. I turned around to find him leaning on the door. 4

"Arhaan what is all this??" I asked him.

"I never gave you this opportunity" he said.

"No issues...O.M.G you're wearing our wedding Suit" I said placing my hands over my mouth. He laughed

"Not only me. You are also wearing your wedding dress" he said pointing at me. I looked my self from top to bottom, then I quickly went near the dresser and again looked at myself. Yup, I was wearing my wedding dress!!! 5


"Did I mention that my wife is the most beautiful girl in the universe??" He said hugging me from back.

"Aha...from which book or movie you've copied this line??" I asked laughing. 1

"Mmm...the book name is 'His Wife Or His Maid'." He said after thinking for a while. 52

"And from where you got this book??" I asked. 9

"That's a secret..." He said and laughed. I was pouting which made him more laugh. "Forget all this, did you opened your eyes while you were getting ready??" He asked with a frown. 2

"No, I didn't. As much as this sound weird but I didn't opened my eyes once also." I said.

"Good girl" he said and patted my shoulder.

"But your good girl is not stupid. So what if my eyes was closed but I could easily make out that what they were doing or what I was wearing. But what surprised me more was this...you did this all and that to for me!!" I said with tears in my eyes.

"No, I did this all for Us. I don't want to be Me and You, I want to be Us" he said looking down. 1

"Arhaan, we are Us" I said holding his hands and then he hugged me which I gladly accepted it. 4

"Come come, I have another surprise for you" he said pulling me towards the balcony which was also decorated. I stood there beside him and was about to ask him but he cut me off and motioned me to look at the sky.

I did what he said and right on cue there was fireworks. I was stunned, speechless...the whole sky was lit up with fireworks and when I looked at him, he was on his knees. O.M.A is he....??? I can't believe this...I was dumbstruck. 3

"Mahira, I know I've made many mistakes in my life and the one which I'll always regret will be making you suffer unnecessary. I didn't gave you any of your rights but you still loved me with all your heart. I may or may not give you all the happiness like your parents gave but I promise to take away all your pain and suffering. I promise to Love you always and always make you smile. I'm not a good person but I will become a good person for you if you give me a chance. I promise that from today onwards, I'll never make you cry..." Then he pointed towards the sky. 1

There it was written in bold letters with fireworks "I Love You...Marry me" when I looked at him he has ring in his hand.

"I Love You alot Wifey...Marry me" he said with tears in his eyes. And by now I was literally crying...don't care if my make up gets spoiled or not. My one hand was over my mouth and I was nodding my head. 1

"Ye..ye..Yesss. I will marry you and I love you too" I said and gave him my left hand he slid the ring in my ring finger and we both were smiling and crying at the same time. He just grew silent and was looking into my eyes and said how romantic he thought it was to be standing with me like this. A touch of a cool breeze passed...within that breeze, I closed my eyes... like sweet rose petals which brushed across my lips...He then picked me up in bridal style and took me inside the bedroom.

He then put me down. We gazed lovingly into each others eyes. I was looking at him and giving a shy smile each time. He undid my hair very gently and then took off his coat and neck tie. We were both blushing like teenagers! My face was red but I kept looking deeply into his eyes and smiling. He then slowly undid the pins that held my flowing dupatta in place. 9

His eyes were roving all over me. I felt excited and elated. When he saw me noticing him, I covered my face with my hands, and looked down shyly. He kissed my forehead and gently continued removing my dupatta. When his hand moved toward my waist to undo the dupatta that was tucked in the lehenga, I took a deep breath and looked up into his eyes intensely, my face red and my hands trembling. He took me in his arms and pressed me in his chest.

He ran his hands down my back and touched my face. It all started with the eyes and work down the cheeks and the tongue, licks the edges of my lips, and we linger there awhile, nibbling and playing, and that's how we delve into each other, tasting each other with all the passion we care to share.

With the heat of the moment, entering back into that cave of darkness to feel the pressures from within, deeper more passionately, than ever before. I knew I was losing my control. Oh My Gosh, that feels so good. Your kiss is weakening my knees, I pull back a little, turn my head the other way, grab him back to me, and we kiss more.

Don't know how and when we ended up on the bed. He then kissed my neck and slowly nuzzled his head on my chest. I began moaning, and my heart was beating faster and faster. I sensed he was breathing a lot harder too. I was going crazy with desire.



And I had the best time of my life that night. Each and every touch had his love.

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