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His Wife Or His Maid - S01 E51

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 51

Arhaan POV

I was now tired of this life, this time and situation. I don't know how I will make her understand, she's just not ready to hear me only. I so badly want her back in my life. Want to start a new life with her, I had even started thinking of family planning. But she is she!!

"You going somewhere??" Rehan asked.

"Yeah...need to drop Mr.Bran" I said buttoning my shirt. 3

"Okkaayy..." He said

"Are you okay??" I asked.

"Yeah...why?" He asked.

"You seem a bit lost!! Is something cooking in your head or are you trying to cook something??" I asked.

"Yeah...Chicken Tikka" he said and we both started laughing. I quickly put on my coat, took my keys, said my good bye and walked out of the room. I quickly got in my Car and drove towards Mr.Bran's office.

I also wanted to leave, but yesterday in the morning Ashar called me and told me that the contract papers are not ready, it'll take two or three more days, so I was left with no choice and I had to stay. After that day, I didn't saw her. I kept on arguing with myself to forcefully make her come with me and explain everything to her or should I leave everything as it is.

I reached Mr.Bran's office and went in. Greeted him and waited for sometime so that he finishes his work and we can leave straightaway. After he finished, we quickly got in the car and I started driving. I may or may not be the CEO now but still I am Arhaan Sheikh, and I've got the permission to take my car in and can drop him to his jet.

I really miss my Mom, Dad, Aamna. It has been five years since I've last talked to them. It's not that I didn't called them in these five years. I called them everyday but they never received. They have shut me down for always. The charity also that takes place every year, I was not allowed to attend. Why? Because my family was there and they didn't wanted to see me so they banished me from attending them.

It all happened just because of me, my attitude and how I blindly loved and trusted Laiba. Now how do I make them understand that I've changed, changed for the good, changed for Mahira. I only know how desperately I want Mahira back with me. All these years I've gone mad without her and on top of that the marriage pull was just getting stronger day by day.

And when I saw her here, I got the biggest shock, Mahira with a child and an another guy. I know that she'll never do anything foolish but then from when and where did this child and Ashar came from??? No doubt Ashar is a very good man and a trustworthy person. He's also full of patience and humble. He's just the opposite of me...and totally suitable for Mahira. But here, I'm the husband of her, then who is he and what's his role in her life??? 9

We reached the airport, went through the security checking, then we proceeded towards the jet. After I bid him my farewell, I got a call from Rehan.

"Hello" I asked

"Where are you?? He asked.

"Well, I just dropped Mr.Bran" I said walking towards my car. Today the weather was so pleasant, it was breezy, but it was good. I was wearing grey pants, light pink shirt with grey tie and grey coat.

"Okkaayyy" he again dragged.

"Rehan what is actually wrong with you today??" I asked. He was about to answer when I suddenly hear someone calling me from my back. I turned and saw a girl running towards me from far and was calling my name. Wao!! I still have fan following, sorry, but now I'm only reserved for Mahira. 16

I smiled and then again turn back when she called me again, and then my mind hit me hard!! Mahira... Immediately, I cut the call and turned back. She was running towards but the guards and security officers were also running behind her...wait!! What's happening here. 13


She came running towards me and hugged me with so much force that I actually lost my balance for a second. 6

"Please please don't go. Don't leave please" She was saying and crying. 6

"Mahira...shh..I'm not going anywhere. Will you tell me what's happening here?" I asked stroking her back. 3

"Excuse me Sir, we have to take this lady for custody" Officer said.

"Why???" I asked confused

"Because she ran passed all the security check and she even pushed some of our officers and came here all the way running without permission." The officer said.

"Mahira, why would you that?? You know that's not acceptable." I said and she buried herself more in my shoulders. As much as I was loving this moment, I need to clear out everything now. 1

"Because you were leaving again. And I wanted to stop you" she mumbled. 1

"Mahira...you should have at least thought about the consequences once!!!" I said. 1

"Sir, please hand over the lady." Officer said again.

"No...this lady is my wife. She's Mrs.Mahira Arhaan Sheikh. She's my wife and the owner of Sheikh Corporations. Do you even know what and who you are talking about???" I bellowed at him in rage!! How dare he take my Mahira away.

"I'm sorry Sir, but duty is duty. She broke all the rules and she came here without permission which is not at all permissible." The officer said

"Well, Officer if you really love your job, you'll not speak once again also about her doing that!! And she has broke the rules which I agree is wrong and I'll talk to the head. Lead me the way" I said sternly. She was still clutching me tightly and was still not ready to look at me or anyone.

We then went to the head and I talked to him or rather tried to convince him. Then I have to agree to pay as a compensation. But yeah, I was happy that Mahira was safe in my arms. We then walked out of the airport. I made her sit on the passenger side, buckled her up then I got in drove. The whole ride she kept looking down and sniffed.

She was looking beautiful. She was wearing Jeans and pink blouse. Hey...we were matching!!! She was wearing her hijab which was pink and white color. She actually look good. But she was totally dirty. I guess, she need to clean up first!! I stopped at my hotel, gave the keys to the valet. Got out made her get out of the car and took her in my room.

When I got in my room it was actually silent and everything was at the right place. May be Rehan cleaned it but where is he? Guess, he's out!!

"Ummm...over there is the washroom. You can go and freshen up." I said looking down at her and she just nodded her head and went towards the washroom and locked the door. I sighed, what actually happened, that she had to run all the way down. And why is she saying that I was leaving, when I was not!!

I called the hotel service and ordered coffee and some sandwiches. And in few minutes the order was here. I laid down everything and set the table. I smiled remembering that Mahira use to always do this.

"Arhaan" she called me from the washroom and I stopped breathing. For the first time she had called my name softly like she use to before. Because from the day we have met she had only called my name in anger, disgust, hate.

"Yes" I said

"I don't have clothes!!"

"Wait a minute" I said. I walked towards my wardrobe took out my T-shirt and shorts and then walked back towards the washroom.

"Here" I said. She just took the clothes and slammed the door shut. Guess, some of the habits are still not changed!! 11

"Arhaan" she again called



"I can't come out"


"A lot, of my skin is showing"

"It's nothing I haven't seen before" I smirked.

"Jerk, it's everything that you have actually not seen before!!!" And my smirk dropped.

"Fine, you can come out. I won't turn unless you say to turn" I said and turned myself to the other side and I noticed that there's a little crack in the wall!!! How interesting?? After a while she came out, I could make out by the steps. "There's a coffee and sandwich on the table, have it" I said looking at the wall.

"Now will you tell me why you were running like a mad woman??" I asked

"I was running to stop you from leaving"

"And why??"

"Because Rehan called me and told me that you were leaving for New York. And I don't want you to leave, because I wanted to hear you out first!!"

"Finally, you're ready. And btw I wasn't leaving, I can't leave at least for two days."


"Because your Ashar called me and told me that the papers are still not ready for the contract!!" I said

"Excuse Me, the papers are very much ready. In fact, I was the one who proof red the papers"

"Oohhh...I see."

"Wait, that was a trap. Rehan calling me, Ashar calling you"

"Isn't it obvious???"

"Still that egoistic jerk!!"

"Still wearing tight jeans!!"

"It wasn't tight!!"

"Yeah yeah..."

"Ugghh...I'm leaving!!"

"Yeah sure, you can surely leave in that clothes" I smirked.

"I hate you"

"Pleasures all mine". And then we stayed quiet for a while. "Mahira, I am changed. I'm not that Arhaan anymore. And I'm truly sorry for hurting you and giving you pain which you clearly didn't deserve. And I know very well that you somewhat believe that, that night nothing happened between me and Laiba. But you're scared to know the truth, that what if, if it's the truth!!" And I heard her gasp.

"Mahira, not only you know me well, I also know you well enough!!"

"Cut this crap Arhaan, and tell me what you actually wanted to tell me. I'm here now, so tell me what you wanted to tell me. And please I want the truth!!" She said.

"Okayy..as you say." I said and took a long sip of my coffee.

"It all started with when Rehan came and told me that he had saw Laiba with a guy. At first I didn't believed him but I knew that he'll never lie to me. So I decided to look into the matter myself and I kept on keeping an eye on her. Then that night I finished my meeting early and decided to surprise you all, especially you. I didn't knew the name of the hotel so I thought I'll call Rehan and ask him.

When I was halfway, Laiba called and told me that she's sick and she's in a hotel. Due to her bad stomach, she couldn't drive to her home so she decided to stay the night in the hotel. And her family was out of town so she couldn't even call anyone for help. So I said yes to her and went so that she doesn't doubt on me. After meeting with her, I was leaving when she started talking about us and made me fall into her trap by making me drink and then when I was falling into a deep slumber, I saw her opening her own clothes and then I felt asleep.

I knew it was my mistake that I drank that drink but when I woke up, I remembered everything. But I acted along with her because I didn't have the proof to show her or to you. I tried everything to stop you from going but you didn't stopped. And I know that you were right in your place that's why I never was angry with you, I was angry with myself and then I decided to make Laiba fall on her own trap.

I tried finding everything about her and with every proof, I went to her and confessed. I showed her my medical reports which clearly showed that I had sleeping pills in that drink. And you know what, she lied in front of me that she's pregnant. But I wasn't backing down. I broke all the deals and contract with her firm!! I threatened her to leave the city or she'll be in jail.

And you know what hurted me the most?? She bloody was engaged with Yahya. Yes, she got engaged right after our marriage and kept me and him in the dark all the while. I was so pissed off with her!! If you still needed to know the truth about medical reports then I'll make you talk to the doctor. And it is very much clear that, that night I didn't slept with her.

After breaking up with her, I went to the mosque and prayed. Yes, Mahira...I prayed with all of my heart and soul, I prayed for you, for us and from then I changed. But my punishment doesn't end here, when I returned home, Mom, Dad and Aamna was there. And they got to know about everything. Dad removed me from the CEO post and Mom disowned me and Aamna, well she was ashamed of me, you know how bad it feels when your sister feels ashamed of her brother???" Tears were now flowing from my eyes.

"Mahira, it has been five years, and I haven't talk to my family. You know Yahya was appointed as the new CEO of the company and I was his employee. Though he never treated me like that, he always said that this chair is mine!! Laiba left...and we didn't where she was. I tried everything to find you but couldn't succeed because not a single trace also you left!!"

"Now do you know that, the last five years wasn't a piece of cake for me. I've suffered alot Mahira. Not having your family and wife beside is the biggest torture that a man can get!! I was dying every time but always kept praying that one day I'll find you. Our marriage kept me alive and hopeful, because someway or the other I was happy that we were not divorced, we were still married. And amidst all of this I realized my love towards you." 5

"I love you alot Mahira. Just give me a last chance...please. I beg you, be mine Mahira and I promise, I won't disappoint you. Please" I was crying now. 2

"Arhaan" She said. She hadn't said anything from the last one hour while I poured my heart out.





And I turned...

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