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TL : GoldenLung

Ying Luohong did not expect that Old Shu would use a drop of his life essence. With this, even if the little ape was an ordinary beast, it would inevitably evolve into an extremely powerful lifeform.

One had to know, this was the result of Old Shu’s thousand-year long cultivation ! He himself couldn’t squeeze out more than a few drops. And it would damage his source.

Ying Luohong’s mood was a bit complicated currently. While admiring Old Shu, she also couldn’t help recall his usual appearance, and she felt a little bit incredulous.

The body of the little ape was constantly trembling. Qian Lei was the closest to it. He found that from the little ape’s body, more hair began to grow, and its originally dry and sparse hair gradually became thicker. Its shriveled skin was gradually swelling up. More accurately, it started to become fat.

The jade green light on its body gradually diminished, and the little ape began to look healthier as it grew fatter. At least the dry folds of its skin were stretched out. Its sparse hair that was originally golden pale gradually turned golden.

Qian Lei clenched his fists, he was feeling a little nervous. Please be strong ! He muttered silently in his heart.

“Done. Bite yourself.” Old Shu said suddenly.

Qian Lei hurriedly put his finger to his mouth, but he hesitated a little when it was in front of his mouth for fear of the pain.

“Hurry up!” Ying Luohong urged.

Qian Lei steeled himself, biting fiercely, and a sharp pain transmitted to his brain, followed by a salty taste in his mouth.

Old Shu threw out a vine, taking his hand and quickly pressing it on the face of the little ape, Qian Lei resisted the pain and hurriedly pointed his index finger to the center of its brow.

A strange scene then appeared, Qian Lei only felt that a suction force came in an instant, the little ape’s forehead was actually s-----g at his index finger.

The little ape’s body trembled violently again, and in the next instant, its eyes suddenly opened.

Its brown-yellow eyes were crystal clear, like gems. Strangely, its pupils actually turned out to be golden. It looked a little sluggish and confused. When he saw Qian Lei in front of him at first glance, it couldn’t help but blink subconsciously.

Old Shu had already stepped aside. At this moment, it was very important for the little ape to see only Qian Lei.

And then, suddenly Qian Lei felt his body tremble violently, and his whole body began to produce strong soul power fluctuations. There seemed to be an obscure force pushing his soul power to circulate.

With a crisp “ding” sound, his Summoning Coin appeared out of thin air, and two soul rings rose from Qian Lei’s body.

For a moment, Qian Lei suddenly felt the body of the little ape suddenly light up, turning into a bright golden light. Immediately afterwards, a strong life aura rushed to his face. He couldn’t tell if this came from Old Shu’s life essence or the little ape’s. The golden light suddenly rushed over and enveloped his entire body.

“Old Shu.” Ying Luohong came to him in a flash.

Old Shu raised his hand to stop her, narrowing his eyes, and said, “It’s okay. This change is a bit interesting. The little ape is by no means an ordinary animal. It seems to have felt something because of my life essence. It just woke up and it’s already about to evolve. This little Fatty should be connected to it because of the life print, and he will benefit along with its evolution. It will not be a bad thing. Don’t worry. The little fatty’s life source is growing stronger. That little guy is still confused, this is not something that it willed, it won’t be harmful. What’s more, their life imprints are connected. If it were to hurt little fatty, it would also hurt itself.”

Ying Luohong nodded. Although she never had a good impression of Old Shu in the past, he was still in charge of the Life School. No one in the entire Federation could match his perception of life. If he said it was okay, then nothing unfortunate should happen.

The golden light fused with Qian Lei’s body, and the little ape could no longer be seen, but the life energy from the surrounding swarmed under the golden light’s attraction, constantly pouring into Qian Lei’s body.

Ying Luohong also gradually felt that Qian Lei’s soul power seemed to be slowly increasing under the nourishment of this life energy.

The body of the little ape had completely disappeared, leaving only a rich golden light permeating Qian Lei’s body. Ying Luohong vaguely saw that Qian Lei had begun to grow some light golden hairs, and his body seemed to have become a bit fatter.

Was this a fusion? Was that little ape actually fusing with Qian Lei’s body? This was already beyond the scope of a soul master’s knowledge. Even for Old Shu, this was the first time he was seeing such a situation happen.

But Qian Lei’s life aura and soul power fluctuations were indeed constantly growing stronger.

Suddenly, the golden light converged inward fiercely. In the next instant, Qian Lei’s body shook violently, and a halo was released from him.

When this halo appeared, Ying Luohong and Shulao were both surprised.

It was a dark golden halo, and Qian Lei’s two purple soul rings appeared with it at the same time.

“A variant soul ring?” Ying Luohong exclaimed in surprise.

Usually, a soul master’s soul ring could only take on between a few well-known colors. White represented ten-year, yellow hundred-year, purple thousand-year, black ten-thousand-year, and red hundred-thousand-year.

But other colors also existed, throughout the history of soul master some variant soul rings had appeared.

For example, the legendary golden soul ring that represented a million-year, and white gold that also represented a million-year. There was also the orange-golden soul ring from the Great Beasts, and the green-golden soul ring that represented the Life School, and so on.

But no matter what kind of variant soul ring it was, it was always a very powerful existence.

Ying Luohong was absolutely certain that, at least in the history of Shrek Academy, there has never been a dark golden soul ring.

What did such a variant soul ring represent? This little beast that came from tens of thousands of years ago combined Old Shu’s life essence had given birth to a special variant soul ring, and that dark golden color looked so powerful and mysterious.

Did they strike gold ?

Qian Lei’s cultivation was originally not far from the three-ring level, and it was not surprising that he broke through for Ying Luohong, but this variant soul ring seemed so miraculous ! Even she couldn’t help being a little envious.

Gradually, the light on Qian Lei’s body converged, and his absorption towards the outside world slowed down greatly. The golden hairs on his body were also slowly retracting back. Only his body did not return to its original shape.

He was already fat, but now he looked even fatter. And he seemed to have grown taller and burlier.

Old Shu and Ying Luohong looked at each other. They didn’t know how Qian Lei had changed.

At this moment, Qian Lei slowly opened his eyes, looking a little confused. He gazed at his hands, he didn’t seem to feel any changes.

“Where is the little ape?” He asked subconsciously.

Old Shu pointed at him, “It seems to have fused with you. Can’t you feel it?”

Qian Lei was stunned, subconsciously tilting his head and thought, then suddenly jumped up, “I, I seem to have three rings? Did it give me one?”

Ying Luohong said: “Release your third soul skill to see what it is.”

“Yes.” Qian Lei hurriedly mobilized his Martial Soul, and his Summoning Coin instantly appeared in his hands.

He was also shocked when he saw the dark golden soul ring appearing on his body, and he was overjoyed, “Holy, dark gold, so cool! Teacher, what level of soul ring is this ?”

Ying Luohong wanted to reply, how do I know? But for the sake of her face, she just said: “Release your soul skill and take a look.”

“Okay!” Qian Lei excitedly activated his third soul skill. In an instant, the Summoning Coin in his hand suddenly turned dark gold, light flashed, and a figure appeared in front of him.

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