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Qian Lei’s Third Soul Skill

Its whole body was covered with thick golden hair, and some of its hair at the roots had a dark gold shade. It was about one meter tall, short and stout, squatting there, looking at Qian Lei in confusion.


Qian Lei rubbed his eyes, how did the little ape have become a fat ape ?

What was in front of him was undoubtedly the little guy from before, but it was obviously fatter, almost looking like a golden sphere.

The fat ape was also looking up at him, and suddenly he made a lept and landed on Qian Lei, its pair of arms directly hugged his neck, and then it tucked its head into his chest.

Qian Lei was relatively burly among the twelve-year-old boys, with his height of 1.6 meters, but the weight of this little ape really couldn’t be considered as light, and jumping on him had immediately knocked him into making his butt kiss the ground.

The little ape was embracing his head, kissing on his face with its big mouth, and kept arching his body toward him.

“Don’t resist, you have to get close to it, as if it was your close relative. This little beast is indeed in its juvenile period, so if you get close to it now, with your life imprint on it, it will inevitably become bound to you and follow you forever.” Old Shu’s voice sounded.

Qian Lei had no choice but to hug the little ape, and for a while, he didn’t know what to do.

“The third soul ring… what’s going on, Old Shu.” Ying Luohong looked at Old Shu in a daze.

Old Shu said with a weird expression: “I don’t know! After all, this creature has never been sighted before. Its life core is very strong, which at least means that the vitality is very strong. As for its fusion with little fatty, this might be because of the life imprint, plus the fact that little fatty just broke through to three-ring, it naturally completed its fusion with him and became a part of him. This is a bit similar to absorbing a spirit soul, but generally a soul beast will abandon its physical body. I don’t know why this little thing fused with little fatty. It’s indeed weird and worth studying.”

As Qian Lei listened, he felt that there was something wrong, and Ying Luohong was frowning. It was hard to tell if it was good or bad.

For a soul master, the third soul skill was very important. It was often the most important one in a soul master’s arsenal in the initial stage. The strength of the soul skill would definitely affect the soul master’s overall strength, and even his future potential.

“It shouldn’t be a bad thing. Although I don’t know what this dark golden soul ring means, it still looks quite advanced.” Old Shu said solemnly.

“Well, I’m leaving first. After consuming my life core, this old man has to go back and take a rest. You can take him away after a little while.” After saying this, Old Shu didn’t give Ying Luohong a chance to speak and disappeared into a green light with a “sweesh”.

Ying Luohong looked at the place where Old Shu disappeared, and was left speechless for a while. Qian Lei was currently holding the little ape, no, the fat ape and made it sit up. He looked somewhat at a loss, with the saliva of the fat ape all over his face.

“Teacher, teacher…” He looked at Ying Luohong as if asking for help.

Ying Luohong asked, “Was there any change in your body when you released it?”

Qian Lei, dumbfounded, said: “It seems, it seems that nothing has changed!” Yes, at least he himself didn’t feel any changes inside him, and there was no soul ability that followed up, and even his Summoning Coin did not react, as if it had nothing to do with this fat gorilla that was his third soul skill.

“Put it away first, and we’ll talk after going back.” Ying Luohong said in an angry voice.

Urging his spiritual power, Qian Lei tried to take the fat ape go back. The fat ape licked him reluctantly, and then turned into a golden light, which then disappeared directly into the center of his eyebrows.

At this moment, Qian Lei actually felt a change, he instantly paled, and he cried out “Teacher, teacher, it seems to be absorbing my vitality! I…”

“Huh?” Ying Luohong walked to Qian Lei’s side and grabbed his wrist.

Sure enough, she immediately felt Qian Lei’s vitality fluctuating very steadily, and it really showed signs of being consumed. One had to know, they were in Eternal Sky City, where life energy was very rich, and even in this situation, the fat ape was still consuming his vitality, which showed how voraciously it was devouring life energy.

“Its life core is very powerful, and it needs a lot of life energy as it just woke up, the same for its future growth. It must absorb life energy, and this can also be supplemented through eating. Eating ordinary will make this a very slow process, it’s best if you eat Heaven and Earth treasures. The best way would be to try to feed it with the water of Sea God Lake. Otherwise, it can only absorb your vitality. It might s--k you dry, who knows.” Old Shu’s voice came slowly, “If not for him absorbing this old man’s life core just now, according to the strength of its life core, and it absorbing so much life energy just after awakening, it would have been impossible for it to survive, because very few things contain enough life energy that meet its needs within this short time frame. Therefore, you haven’t suffered a loss in this deal, but I don’t know yet how useful it will be.”

Qian Lei suddenly felt the urge to cry, because he suddenly understood one thing. At least so far, they didn’t know what the little ape was, but what was certain was that it would cost him a great deal of money. If he remembered correctly, the water of Sea God Lake cost a white emblem for only one liter! Using this to feed this fat ape, how long can his savings last?

Dark golden light flashed, and Qian Lei hurriedly summoned the fat ape again. The only thing that made him feel gratified was that this guy didn’t seem to consume his soul power when he was summoned. Just a thought was enough to make it appear in front of him.

The fat ape covered with golden fluffy hair looked at Qian Lei in a puzzled manner.

Qian Lei said miserably: “First stop s-----g my vitality, OK? After going back I will find you something to eat. If you s--k it again, I won’t be able to bear it !”

What he didn’t notice was that after such a short time, the golden color of the fat ape seemed to have become thicker.

As if it could understand what he said, the fat ape nodded at him, but with a wronged expression.

When he sent it back again, Qian Lei looked as if he had lost his soul. He really didn’t feel anything from summoning this guy, and it seemed that this chubby little thing didn’t seem to have any fighting power.

Ying Luohong also took a long breath, the situation didn’t seem so good ! Even if it was useless it wouldn’t have become a big deal, the crucial point here was that it occupied the position of Qian Lei’s third soul ring. This undoubtedly had a great influence on Qian Lei’s growth. If a soul master did not reach Godhood, there were only nine soul rings in total. To have his fourth soul ring, Qian Lei would need to reach rank 40, and he was undoubtedly far from it.

Lan Xuanyu didn’t know yet what happened to his good brother. Currently, he was meditating while utterly exhausted. He didn’t notice that the rainbow-colored gem on his chest was slightly fluctuating, and as his bloodline aura recovered, the gem sparkled more and more.

Early next morning, Lan Xuanyu washed up and went to the cafeteria to eat. They could order food in the dormitory, but there were also communal cafeterias. The meals in the communal cafeteria were cheaper. After all, there was no delivery fee. Qian Lei had contacted him early in the morning and asked him to go to the cafeteria.

When Lan Xuanyu came to the cafeteria, he saw a surprising scene. Qian Lei was sitting listlessly in the cafeteria without eating, but beside him, a chubby little ape with golden fluffy hair all over its body was eating happily.

This little guy was not picky about anything, he ate everything, grabbing food with its two hands with droplets of juice dripped everywhere.

“It resurrected?” Lan Xuanyu came to Qian Lei pleasantly surprised, looking at the fat ape in amazement.

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