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Old Shu’s Core Essence

TL : GoldenLung

The results ? A river of tears……

Lan Xuanyu learned through experience how skilled Tang Zhenhua was, and also how cruel he was…

Tang Zhenhua’s combat skills could be described like this : under his attacks, Lan Xuanyu felt like he was a cow getting skillfully dismembered by a butcher. Under Tang Zhenhua’s control, his soul lasers destroyed Lan Xuanyu’s space fighter again and again.

One wing was shot off, and as his plane was crashing, it was constantly getting hit by soul lasers, making it fly up again and again without ever destroying him. His pain could easily be imagined.

When he climbed out of the simulation pod, he vomited on the ground for ten whole minutes…

This afternoon had really left an indelible impression and shadow on him. It also made him realize for the first time that a space fighter could also be piloted like that.

Lan Xuanyu went back to his dormitory by almost crawling. Originally, he had planned to go to Sea God Lake to cultivate for the night, but he couldn’t move an inch in his current state. Reluctantly supporting himself to sit still in the meditation room, he quickly entered into a meditative state, and he was so tired that he could not even be bothered by distracting thoughts.

At the same time, Qian Lei was sent to Eternal Sky City by Ying Luohong.

Qian Lei was blindfolded and led by Ying Luohong to that mysterious place. When his vision became clear again, he was in a huge room.

This room was very peculiar, with the surroundings all green. As soon as Ying Luohong removed the protective soul barrier surrounding him, Qian Lei suddenly felt a strong sense of suffocation.

The life energy here was too rich, so rich that it was difficult for him to breathe.

He was in a circular space with a height of about ten meters and a diameter of about thirty meters. The ground and walls were covered with vines, and the vines exuded a faint fluorescence.

Old Shu was looking at him with a smile, “You little fatty look quite cute don’t you. Unfortunately, your affinity for life energy is too low.”

Ying Luohong coughed.

Old Shu said: “Don’t worry, I won’t steal your apprentice with you. To be honest, if it wasn’t for the Ivy of Life’s roots being too precious for us, I would have been very unwilling to hand that little guy to you. This little guy has a very strong life aura, and its life core is something unique in its kind. It should be very promising after cultivation. Fatty, you have to feed it well in the future.”

“Yes. Definitely.” Qian Lei said solemnly. The more Old Shu praised his little ape, the more excited he was.

Old Shu smiled slightly and said: “Then let’s start. You sit down in the middle. No matter what happens afterwards, don’t move.”

“Okay.” Qian Lei impatiently ran to the center of the room, where there was a wooden futon, and he sat down on it.

Ying Luohong took the initiative to retreat to the side to watch.

Old Shu didn’t care about her, if it wasn’t for the Ivy of Life being too important, in fact Qian Lei would never have been eligible to come to Eternal Sky City. The life energy here was extremely rich, but also extremely precious. Only the real core members of Shrek Academy could come here. Even disciples in the Inner Court couldn’t cultivate here as they wished. It also needed to be exchanged against emblems. Therefore, most of the Inner Court disciples performed tasks in the outside world in exchange for time to cultivate in Eternal Sky City. This was why Qian Lei had to be blindfolded before he came here.

Old Shu flicked his wrist, and a mass of green jade light suddenly emerged from his palm. It was the Ivy of Life bag he had obtained from the storage coin.

Strangely, this bag seemed to be completely different in Old Shu’s hands. The original green jade vine’s weaving patterns were becoming increasingly more crystal clear, and the whole bag seemed to be transparent.

Old Shu touched it as if reluctant to part with it, and a green halo appeared on his body. Suddenly, the surrounding green jade vines spread towards Old Shu.

He opened the bag, revealing the “little ape” that was sleeping inside. The vines then immediately entangled it. Its limbs and torso were all entangled by the vines, making it hang in the air.

The vines moved slowly, and the “little ape” was transported in front of Qian Lei.

Its body fully unfolded, only then did Qian Lei see that the “little ape” was about one meter tall, with sparse pale golden hair, a little wrinkled face, and it was really not very good-looking. With its head tilted, it seemed to be sleeping very deeply.

Old Shu’s expression became grave, he walked to its side, slowly raising his right hand, and touched the little ape’s forehead with his fingers.

Gradually, Old Shu’s body began to tremble slightly, and his whole body began to emit a rich green color, and green vines continuously drilled out of his back and danced in the air.

Seeing this scene, Ying Luohong couldn’t help being moved. She wanted to say something, but finally held back.

Old Shu’s eyes narrowed slightly, and they suddenly turned into an extremely clear green jade color, as if they were carved from jade. From his slightly trembling right index finger, suddenly, a drop of dark green liquid slowly manifested.

“Old Shu!” Ying Luohong finally couldn’t help but yell out.

Old Shu turned his head to look at her, his old face smiled, “Little girl, did you really think I would take advantage of juniors ? What’s more, if I don’t do this, how can I ensure that this little thing will survive? Do you think this old man can go back on his words ?”

As he spoke, he flicked his finger, and the drop of dark green liquid immediately sank into the forehead of the little ape.

Suddenly, its whole body trembled, and its original brown-colored body suddenly turned into green jade, creating an extremely strange sight.

Old Shu’s face turned pale after the drop of dark green liquid was manifested. He took a deep breath and muttered to himself: “It’s a loss, a loss. My poor old bones !”

Qian Lei stared blankly at what was happening in front of him. He could only vaguely guess that the drop of dark green liquid that Shu Lao just shot out seemed to be something extraordinary.

At the same time, waves of jade green light began to flood the little ape from the vines that entangled it. Suddenly, the little ape body trembled more and more severely.

Old Shu took a deep breath and seemed to have somewhat recovered, and said to Qian Lei: “This little guy has been asleep for too long, so long his source has been affected and is almost exhausted. If it weren’t for its life core energy being strong enough, plus the protection of the Ivy of Life, it would have died a long time ago. Therefore, if you want to resurrect it, we’ll need to rouse up all of its life function and at the same time supplement it with the purest source of life energy. A drop of this old man’s life source is enough to ensure that it can restore its life while not damaging its foundation.”

“Yes, yes, thank you, Elder. Shu.” Qian Lei hurriedly thanked him again and again.

Old Shu smiled and said: “This little thing is very special. I also want to see what it will become when it grows up in the future. When I signal it to you, bite your finger and let your blood mark its forehead, paired with my life source that I have just fused into it, it will imprint your lifeprint on it. When it wakes up, seeing you at first sight, it will definitely recognize you as its master. Was I clear ?”

“Ah? I have to bite my finger? It hurts.” Qian Lei suddenly turned into a bitter face.

Old Shu smiled and said, “Afraid of pain? Then you don’t have to do it. It’s okay.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, listen to Old Shu.” Ying Luohong’s scolding voice sounded.

That was the result of a drop of Old Shu’s life essence! One had to know, in Shrek Academy, there were some things considered particularly precious. The highest-level red emblem was required to exchange for these. Such super Heaven and Earth treasures were as rare as a phoenix feather. And Old Shu’s life essence was one of them.

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