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Devilish Afternoon

TL : GoldenLung

“What’s going on?” Ying Luohong frowned and looked at Lan Xuanyu.

Lan Xuanyu pondered for a moment and said, “Dean, it may be caused by the changes that happened to my body. Yesterday I got a rainbow-colored gem from our Shrek auction. At that time, I felt that the gem seemed to be somehow related to me. After I brought it back and wore it to assist in my cultivation, my bloodline seemed to have undergone some changes. Not quite reaching the level of a Second Awakening, but my two kinds of bloodline fused together and complemented each other more closely than before, which allowed me to improve by a lot. But because of that, there was no longer energy conflicting in my bloodline. Could it be caused by this?”

He couldn’t hide the fact that he had won the rainbow-colored gem. There are records at the Auction House, and Ling Yiyi was the auctioneer!

But he didn’t talk about what he saw in that “dreamland”, because his speculation about the Dragon God’s bloodline was too shocking, and he didn’t want to be “dissected” as a research specimen.

Regarding Lan Xuanyu’s two bloodlines, the academy had already taken a drop of his blood to study it, but they haven’t found out anything yet. At this time, hearing him talk about his bloodline fusionning, Zhang Chenyu suddenly looked curious.

“Can I draw a little more of your blood?” Zhang Chenyu couldn’t help but say.

Lan Xuanyu looked at Ying Luohong, then at the teachers around him, nodded, and said, “Okay.”

The expressions of Ying Luohong and the teachers were not without disappointment. No one had expected such an anticlimactic result.

“Ahhhhh! Why? Why did I miss it again?!” Qian Lei suddenly screamed, grabbing Liu Feng’s neck next to him, and shook him vigorously.

Liu Feng looked at him helplessly. When they earned Douluo coins in Douluo World, Qian Lei missed it. When they could make a Martial Soul awaken for a second time, Qian Lei missed it again.

Lan Xuanyu was also very gloomy. Undoubtedly, the fusion of his gold and silver bloodlines allowed him to cultivate with no more worries, but he had cut off his road to fortune!

As the idiom said, there is nothing free. There was often only a thin line between good things and bad things.

Next, Lan Xuanyu spent the rest of the morning doing various tests. Not only him, Liu Feng was also arranged for some.

Facts proved that Liu Feng’s Martial Soul had indeed evolved, or in other words, his bloodline had evolved. His Martial Soul was no longer a simple White Dragon Spear, it could be said to be the White Dragon King’s. The changes and benefits brought upon by this evolution were only beginning to reveal themselves, and would become more and more obvious along his growth and his control over his bloodline. The benefits were undoubtedly huge. The biggest problem of Liu Feng’s Martial Soul being too weak was solved in an instant.

There was also Xiao Qi who was in a complicated mood. He took Liu Feng as a disciple because Liu Feng was, like him, born untalented, but his will was persevering.

Why did he have such a teammate and not him ? Only a few days had passed since they entered Shrek! Innately untalented ? Where was it ? After his Martial Soul had mutated, his deficiencies in talent were completely made up ! Now even if he competed purely in terms of Martial Soul throughout his grade, he was no weaker than anyone. His evolved bloodline will undoubtedly increase his cultivation speed. Now he really had no more problems.

This made Xiao Qi couldn’t help sighing, Heaven was really unfair! Moreover, Lan Xuanyu’s ability to mutate people had vanished, and he couldn’t copy it.

After being tormented all morning, even with Lan Xuanyu’s physique, when he returned to his dormitory at noon, he was exhausted.

Qian Lei was so sad that he didn’t even eat lunch. Now he could only hope that the little ape will be very strong after it wakes up and recognizes his master.

The only person who was in a good mood was Liu Feng. He had been tormented all morning, but he was still full of energy. As soon as he returned at noon, he shut himself in the meditation room to cultivate.

Lan Xuanyu slept for a while, allowing his spirit to recover. This afternoon was Tang Zhenhua’s class, and he had to learn how to pilot a space fighter.

When he arrived at the empty Interstellar Center, Lan Xuanyu saw Tang Zhenhua standing in front of the mecha in the hall, looking at it, with his back facing him.

“Teacher.” Lan Xuanyu came to Tang Zhenhua’s back and saluted respectfully.

Tang Zhenhua didn’t turn around, but his voice was calm and honest: “Do you know that what happened today was actually a good thing for you.”

Lan Xuanyu was taken aback for a moment: “Huh?”

Tang Zhenhua turned around and said, “Actually, I sweated it out for you today. You haven’t been in school for a long time, but you have shown a lot of abilities, and each of them had such a big impact on other people. A person’s talent being too good, in many cases is not a good thing. If your ability to help people awaken for a second time worked today, then you would have immediately been sent to the Inner Court for special protection and training. However, in my opinion, this is not a good thing for you.

“It takes time for a person to grow up. It takes time to go through the whole process of growth. After entering the Inner Court, you are more likely to become an object of research. And excessive protection will make you unable to integrate into this society ever again and you will be doomed to always stay in Shrek Academy. This would not have been at the demand of the Academy but the entire Federation’s. Therefore, today losing the ability to provoke a Second Awakening is in fact equivalent to you protecting yourself, at least you have not lost your freedom.”

Lan Xuanyu was startled: “Teacher, was it so serious?”

Tang Zhenhua laughed and said, “It is so serious. Think about it, if you can awaken a person’s Martial Soul and evolve his bloodline, what does that mean ? It means that you can turn ordinary soul masters into genius soul masters, powerful ones, and even artificially create a group of powerful ones. If this ability was not controlled by the Federation, once it is used by criminal organizations, it will likely become a great destabilizing factor that might lead to a crisis in the Federation. After all, it is not as if there are no opposition forces. There are still depraved soul masters and organizations. Therefore, once your abilities were established, the Federation would have definitely not allow you to fall into others hands. They will naturally over-protect you, which will make you lose your most important freedom. That’s why I sweated for you today.

“You have already been noticed by the School of Life. Your life energy affinity and physique have made the Academy pay much attention to you. It was the same when you made other soul masters perform Martial Soul Fusion skills. If you were able to make people awaken a second time in addition, your abilities would have become beyond the academy’s control. This is a blessing in disguise. Do you understand what I mean?”

Lan Xuanyu thought for a while: “I think I have understood a little bit.”

“It’s good that you understand. In the next period of time, you should pay attention to keeping a low profile. Even if you have made some major progress, don’t stick out too much, and don’t let your presence be so strong. However, if something else happens to you in the future, remember to tell me first.”

“Yes teacher.”

Tang Zhenhua smiled and said, “Let’s go and start learning today. Since your bloodline has fused and improved your overall physical abilities, then I think our training’s intensity should be increased accordingly.”

“Teacher, isn’t it…”

Tang Zhenhua said indifferently: “I knew I was being too kind to you. You still have the energy to do all kinds of things. In the future, I will be a good teacher who is serious and responsible. Today’s course will be me chasing after you and killing you. Pain will be set at fifty percent. Figure out on your own what to do.” This afternoon, for Lan Xuanyu, was definitely going to be a devilish afternoon.

This was his first space fighter battle against Tang Zhenhua face to face. In a complex terrain and only the two of them, one to one!

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