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“Yes.” Liu Feng agreed. In the next instant, his body seemed to disappear suddenly out of thin air. When he reappeared, his right fist had already reached Xiao Qi.

Xiao Qi raised his hand and blocked his fist.

There was a muffled sound. A white light lit up from Xiao Qi, absorbing all the energy of the collision.

Lan Xuanyu had been carefully observing his changes. Liu Feng actually did not teleport just now, he was simply extremely fast, and when he sped up, the scales on his body seemed to have some light refracting properties, so it looked as if he had disappeared suddenly.

But judging from the speed, Liu Feng’s speed had more than doubled. One had to know, he was adept at speed originally, and it doubled again. His current speed was really impressive.

Xiao Qi’s eyes slightly congealed, and he turned to look at Ying Luohong, “He improved a lot.”

Ying Luohong nodded and said to Liu Feng: “Let’s hear about the whole process of your evolution, don’t miss any details. Lan Xuanyu, if he misses any detail, you complete.”

“Ok.” Lan Xuanyu agreed. Currently, he had already shifted his thinking, and he was already considering if his ability to help people awaken could continue, in that case, could he issue that as an exchange item ? One can improve so much from this awakening, once would be enough for a purple emblem right ? If this was true, then he had struck gold ! No longer did he have to worry about cultivation resources.

What he didn’t know was that he still underestimated his ability, and if he really achieved it, then he would probably be promoted to the rank of a national treasure immediately. His studying in the Outer Court would also likely be no longer possible.

Liu Feng had already told Xiao Qi once before, and he recounted again, from the moment he saw Yuanen Huihui’s bloodline evolve to his thoughts after that, and how he went to find Lan Xuanyu to execute it, and under the stimulation and his internal struggle, the process of awakening finally appeared.

The teachers’ faces became more and more excited as they listened to him. They only had one thought in their hearts at this time. Was this even permitted ? Wasn’t that too easy?

Whether it was the Martial Soul or the bloodline going through a Second Awakening, even in Shrek Academy’s history, it was an absolutely rare phenomenon. In less than a month since these freshmen came to the academy, two cases had already appeared. And according to the situation, there was a possibility of mass production? In that case, it would really topple history.

“Let’s try it. Qian Lei, you try. Go to the simulation classroom, everyone enters the simulation cabin. Chen Yu, you are responsible for recording detailed data changes.” Ying Luohong said immediately.

Facts were best to prove everything. Test it, and if it was successful, it would be really incredible.

“Okay.” Qian Lei happily agreed. This was a bit ahead of schedule, or else he would have asked Lan Xuanyu to try at night no matter what.

They entered the simulation classroom. All the teachers, including Lan Xuanyu, entered into the simulation pod.

The look in Tang Zhenhua’s eyes when looking at his disciple was a bit complicated until now. He felt more and more that he couldn’t see through his precious apprentice. His ability to make trouble was really too strong. They had yet to solve the Life School’s matter and, in a blink of an eye, another more terrifying ability appeared. Furthermore he had only two rings. Wouldn’t it be even more terrifying after he became stronger?

After Lan Xuanyu saw Liu Feng’s changes, he actually wanted to know whether his ability would still be effective. It wasn’t a bad thing to try it now. The ability was his, if it worked, then he had really struck gold. Which soul master did not want his Martial Soul to go through a Second Awakening ! Not to mention other places, Shrek Academy had so many students.

Light flickered and they entered the Douluo World.

The Douluo World here belonged to ​​Shrek Academy’s exclusive area. Ying Luohong had used her authority to take everyone directly to the training grounds.

“Here you can recover on spot. If Qian Lei explodes, he will recover here. We will also take care of watching over you. So don’t hesitate and do what you want.” Ying Luohong said to Lan Xuanyu.


When the two came to the center of the place, Lan Xuanyu’s eyes flashed, and his golden-patterned and silver-patterned Blue Silver Grass were released.

“Fatty, get ready, I’m about to start.” Lan Xuanyu nodded to Qian Lei. Yesterday, Liu Feng’s pain each time he exploded was no joke. In terms of mental strength, there was a big gap between Qian Lei and Liu Feng.

Qian Lei looked excited, “Come on, let me evolve too!”

“Let’s do it.”

Two strands of Blue Silver Grass were thrown at Qian Lei simultaneously, wrapping around his waist, Lan Xuanyu’s bloodline power fluctuated, giving him a double boost.

Qian Lei took a deep breath. Although he was very excited, he was actually also very nervous. The feeling of your body exploding was definitely not something to take leisurely!

However, something unexpected happened to him.

Two strands of Blue Silver Grass had wrapped around his body, he had felt his waist tighten, and then…, there was no explosion.

There was no feeling at all, not even the feeling of the silver-patterned Blue Silver Grass buffed his summoning skills, there was no increase at all, let alone stimulating his bloodline into exploding.

All the teachers were watching. Lan Xuanyu was also staring blankly.

What happened? Fatty had become more resistant?

After a full ten seconds, everyone felt that something was wrong. There was no augmentation effect whatsoever. Qian Lei just stood there stupidly. The data also showed that there was no change.

“What’s the matter?” Ying Luohong asked suspiciously.

Lan Xuanyu was also at a loss, “I don’t know! I’ll try again.” He immediately urged his soul power and bloodline power to surge towards Qian Lei.

Still nothing.

He removed golden-patterned Blue Silver Grass, only using his silver-patterned Blue Silver Grass to buff !

Qian Lei’s body shook, and his soul power suddenly increased, and his bloodline fluctuations also became intense. He threw out his Summoning Gold Coin, the summoning door opened, and an Earth Dragon appeared.

Zhang Chenyu reported the data immediately, an effective increase.

Lan Xuanyu waved his golden-patterned Blue Silver Grass to wrap around Qian Lei again. But a weird scene appeared. When the gold-patterned blue silver grass also wrapped around Qian Lei, not only did his body not explode, but even the previous effect of his silver-patterned Blue Silver Grass vanished in an instant.

This change was so obvious that everyone could clearly feel it.

“That’s not right! It was not like this before. With the two Blue Silver Grasses’ buff at the same time, I wasn’t able to bear it and ended up exploding.” Liu Feng said.

“You go try it.” Xiao Qi said to him.

Liu Feng came to Lan Xuanyu.

The double buff fell on him.

Same as Qian Lei, there was no change.

When they tried to buff separately, it was still effective individually. Even after his Second Awakening, it still had an increasing effect on Liu Feng. But what was extremely strange was that the double boost was gone, he could no longer explode, let alone unleashing a Martial Soul Fusion skill.

“No! It’s really not like that. Yesterday was fine.” Liu Feng looked puzzled.

Lan Xuanyu’s expression also became very weird. In fact, he had only slightly guessed the reason. Because when he was giving Liu Feng and Qian Lei a double boost, he found that the feeling of something bursting in his bloodline vortex was gone. His bloodline vortex was just rotating peacefully. The power of his gold and silver bloodlines were now complementing each other. That was it. There was nothing going berserk.

Could it be that because of his bloodline evolving the day before, his double boost failed? Because of that rainbow-colored crystal?

That was to say, after his two bloodlines had truly fused, there was no more Martial Soul Fusion skills and body exploding caused by a sudden strong stimulation from his bloodlines colliding ?

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