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Santa began narrating his experience with those thugs to Landon.

And when he was done, Landon in turn gave him the letters and maps to a the illegal underground sex camps within Carona.

Santa was so shocked that he felt his hairs stand up.

The royal family and the people had worked hard in keeping Carona free from such activities….. but this Nopline guy dared to create them?

Santa knew that he would soon be Penelope’s king… so any problem or threat targeted at Carona, was also part of his concern.

Thinking about it now, he was fortunate that Landon had an upright personality.

If another noble knew of this scheme, they would’ve used it against Carona instead.

Santa stood quietly for a while, as he tried to calm himself down.

This was Nopline they were talking about.

The guy had the forces that could rival an entire empire.

If they made any wrong moves, this guy could even launch a full scale attack on Carona.

This guy could literally send ships to attack them and dominate the empire if he chooses to.

It was either they risked it and rescued all those people, or they pretended like they didn’t know anything.

But he knew deep within his soul that there was no way in hell that he or the royal family.. and even the people, could allow such a crime to go unpunished.

But… what should he do?

“Why not stay for 2 more days and have my men, and myself follow you back.” Landon said calmly.

Truth be told, this was a golden opportunity in Landon’s eyes.

This was the perfect hostage scenario mission for the men to undergo.

Training could never beat the real thing.

Landon thought that it wasn’t a big deal for them to aid Carona, as he didn’t want to give Nopline a reason to conquer Carona.

Plus, he had a bone to pick with the guy as well.

How dare he try to make the people of Baymard slaves?

His plan was to rescue the slaves, destroy all underground camps and let Nopline know that it was Baymard that did it, and not Carona.

He would only let one person escape with a message to Nopline.

And by the time the message got through, July would’ve already arrived.

Even if Nopline wanted to attack, Landon was sure that he would be blasted to pieces …. be it on land or sea, Baymard’s forces would be unstoppable by July.

Santa was both touched and worried.

Why was this brother of his so reckless?

“Little bro…. I cant allow you to do that.


“If you take me as your brother, then you would allow me to aid you in your time of need.

Even though you don’t believe me right now, I guarantee that I won’t be at the loosing end.”

Santa looked at his little bro who was oozing with confidence, and was at loss for words.

What more could he say?

“Fine… I’ll listen to you.” He said, while raising his hands up in defeat.

Why did this brother of his remind him so much of his wife to be?

Landon thought for a while and realised a huge problem.

The warships would only be completed in June, and Baymard didn’t have any boats at the moment.

He needed a ride.

“Elder bro, can you give us a lift to Carona and back?… as well as leave us some of your crew men who could aid us in manning the ship?”

Currently, he hadn’t taught the men about sailing…. so it would be difficult to man the ship without an experienced crew.

“That’s definitely not a problem.

It’s the least I can do, since you’re taking care of this problem for Carona.” Santa said while nodding.

“Alright…. since I don’t want you or Carona to be implicated, send 2 ships back and leave 1 ship with me.” Landon said.

“Okay…. But I’m coming with you on this mission.

Don’t worry, I’ll properly disguise myself up….. this way, no one will be able to link me with Carona.”

Landon thought for a while and agreed.

Santa probably felt guilty for putting him in such a dangerous situation, and nothing he would say would change the guy’s mind.

So why not agree?

“Alright… I accept.”


Within this 2 day period, Landon wanted to choose and brief the soldiers on their new mission.

He also wanted to select soldiers who would stay and protect Baymard’s city gates if any attacks occurred within his time if absence.

Truth be told, he knew that his half brother Eli should have already arrived at the Capital… and Landon had a hunch that he should be sending his minions to Baymard anytime soon.

So he needed the men to completely wipe them out.

And judging from the distance between the capital and here, Landon was guessing that they should arrive in May or June at most.

The second wall was 92% completed.

By the end of this April, and at most the first weeks of May….. Landon expected it to be finished.

Long story short, he would leave Lucius in control for all decisions linked to Baymard’s safety.

He also wanted to use this period to plan out all industry and construction activities within this month and the next.

Depending on how long the mission would take, Landon was sure that he would be back at the start of June.

So he had to give out plans for this April, as well as May.

And just in case he came back in late June, then he also had to give the people June’s work plan as well.

All he knew was that he would be back at most 2 weeks, before the grand opening in July.

“So little bro… you mean that I’ll finally be able to see what you’ve got in your city?” Santa asked curiously.

“Of course… but you all will stay in the castle with me.

Just know that whatever you see now, will only be the tip of the iceberg for what Baymard will offer in July.

I guarantee you that this place is like no other within Hertfilia!!”

Santa looked at Landon doubtfully.

Granted, he was impressed with those monster-like carriages.

But that didn’t mean that he would believe that an entire city could change because of those carriages.

He had been to so many cities and towns… and even though they were beautiful, they still had the same things that other cities had.

Water was still being fetched from the wells, people still used torches and every basic necessity was the same.

So just how different could Baymard truly be?

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