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There was no way that this city would be different from others… or so Santa thought.

F*** it!!!!…. He took it all back.

This place was definitely heaven!!

As he and his crewmen sat in the doubledecker bus with Landon, as their eyes beamed out at all the magnificent buildings and carriages passing by.

They looked around, and ther breathes were almost blown away.

The clean roads ran in a neat orderly grid pattern, that enabled the onlookers to know what was beyond the numerous buildings and narrow roads around the highway.

The beautifully crafted buildings all had various shapes and sizes, that were made from strange materials that Santa couldn’t identfy.

While driving in the carriage, he truly felt like he was in another world.

He could see the citizens walking around in their beautifully tailored clothes, as they walked about minding their own businesses.

Some were boarding other carriages, while others were going in and out of these god-like buildings frequently.

If the heavens truly existed, then Santa would have sworn that it would look just like Baymard right now.

His hands began to tremble slightly, as he took in the scene in front of him.

‘Marvelous’, he thought.

“You said that this moving carriage is called a bus?” Santa asked as he kept touching the seat in front of him.

The bus was red in color, and had the Baymard’s flag and name painted on it…. as well as the words: ‘Tour Bus’ on it.

Of course the second floor if the decker bus was open roofed, which allowed the men to have a better view of the city.

“Seriously little bro…. can I just get one bus?” Santa asked helplessly.

How could he see all these things and let it go?

Landon just looked at him and smiled wryly.

Obviously, the answer was NO!!

As they moved forward, they saw the workers constructing several new buildings within each district.

One should know that it was currently 8 months since the residential builders had started construction….. So of course they were done with the residences.

With the homes completed, Landon had immediately instructed for them to build several other buildings in other Districts ages ago.

One should know that Landon was following Asia’s standards when doing construction.

In Landon’s opinion, it was either Europe or North America was too lazy or too stingy when it concerned construction.

Landon could still remember numerous incredible feats that Asians had done back on earth.

For example in 2015, these people had built a massive 57-storey tower in a matter of 19 DAYS.

That’s 57 stories tall in 19 Days for God’s sake!!!


The rest of the world would probably take 2 or 3 years to do it.

But with Asians… Nooo!!!, they didn’t believe in wasting time.

For example, the rest of the world would only hire 100 to 200 people to build such buildings.

But with Asians, they could just hire thousands of people at once… just to get it done early.

I mean…. if you have the raw materials and people, why wait forever?

It makes no sense!

Just construct the d--n building!!!

These people could build 2000 homes in just one week…. but the rest of the world would take years to achieve that same feat.

In Asia, even getting approval for construction could be done in a matter of days…. but the rest of the world would approve these documents in a matter of months… and sometimes even years.

People usually did their work halfheartedly, and would take time just to read a single report.

But Asians wouldn’t waste anytime and get it done A.S.A.P.

Their system was built on time and efficiency.

Those people were the most efficient people that existed on earth…. and that was a fact!!

There were also many cases, where they had built 15-storey to even 25 story buildings in a matter of 6 to 9 days.

And yet the rest of the world would use months and years to do that.

If one looked at these construction sites, they would see more than 500 heavy machines building all at once…. but the rest of the world would only use 50 to 70 machines.


Landon was talking about people who used 14 days to install train tracks for a distance that would take the rest of the world a year to install.

They used 2000 people just to build it fast…. but yet, the rest of the world would hire just 100 to 200 people for the job.

Why wouldn’t it take years to complete?

Tsk!!….. Stingy people.

So in conclusion, the world was either lazy or stingy compared to them.

Heck!!… these people could build ships in a matter of days, yet the rest of the world would do it in years.

Nahh!!!….. there was no way that he would use the western world as his standard.

As far as he was concerned, they were backwards when compared to Asia.

Even when building their bridges, technology, cars and so on…. they never spent so long to build them like the rest of the world.

As for Landon, he had the people, he had the raw materials…. and for God’s sake, he had thousands of heavy machines.

So what exactly would stall him from building fast?

Unlike the western world that would use 3 to 7 people to build a single home, Landon used 27 to 50 people to do so… and for Large enterprises, he used thousands to build them…. instead of a measly 100.

So really…. what would stop him in developing the place fast?

Like he had said, he didn’t know if the rest of the world was lazy, or just stingy.

Or maybe their project budgets could only use 100 people, instead of 1000’s… who knew.

Anyway, the construction workers within Baymard had been building a lot of empty buildings as of late.

They didn’t know what these buildings were for, but since their king had requested them to be built… then they had just followed the design plans for these buildings and constructed them.

Time was money!

Well….. intead of something like a 57-storey building, Landon had preferred 5 to 15 storey buildings all around Baymard within the various districts.

Also, some of the workers had been renovating the palace within this time…. as well as most of the estates within the Upper region.

Driving through the massive city, Santa was thoroughly convinced by Landon’s words.

Baymard was definitely one of a kind.

It was more than that, it was a whole new world.

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