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final and epilogue

Authoress p.o.v

“yes any problem” Xander replied. “we are calling from the station we want to inform you that Mr Collins escape…… the cops said.

“what!!!!” me and Xander shouted at the same time.”what!!! what did you mean by he escaped” Xander shouted Angrily. “sir calm down and let me explain.

“Mr Collins escape when we are talking to the hospital but he his dead” the cops said. “really how come?” Xander asked.

“I shot him when he tried to run away” the cops said. “that’s nice hope he’s truly dead cause I don’t wanna hear story that touches the heart later” Xander said.

“yes sir he is dead” the cop said. “where’s his corpse?” Xander asked. “at the mortuary sir” the cop replied.

“alright we will come tommorow to take his dead body home” Xander said. and end the call. “let continue from where we stop” Xander said.

“am tired I wanna sleep” Alora said and lye down flat. “this is unfair you put me in the mood and you’re now saying you tired ” Xander said.

“it wasn’t my fault it’s the cops fault Alora said smiling. “remember you promised me know one is sleeping today” Xander said.

“I knew but am feeling sleepy” Alora said. “this is just not right is unfair” Xander said and sleep beside Alora.

“go and say that to the cops” Alora said. Xander can’t sleep he is busy checking the time.

once is 6pm Xander wake Alora up. “hey what happen why are you disturbing my sleep?” Alora asked.


“you promised me this morning Xander said. “did you sleep at all?” Alora asked and Xander scratch the back of his head.

“I didn’t sleep how will i sleep when you left me with a boner yesterday” “oh poor guy am sorry for that I just wanna see how can endure something like this you can have me now, am ready” Alora said and Xander jump up happily.

“wait… I heard is painful, please be gentle with me you knew am very fragile” Alora said.


“yes madam” Xander replied. “Xander placed his lips on hers and kiss her roughly and sweet. he lift up her nightie and it became shorter.

he played with her brsst romancing her npole with his palm. he insert his middle finger into her hole and a moan escaped her mouth and she tried to gasp for air.

Alora was the boss yesterday but not anymore, Xander showed her he his the real boss. he pulled her nightie and go to the main point.

Alora hold onto the bed spread tightly when Xander insert his c*ck in her opening. he pushed it further and Alora shouted in pain.

“did you wanna kill?” “Am sorry my love I can’t kill you I will go slowly” Xander said and move his waist slowly. twenty minutes later they’re done.


Alora and the Cole’s went to the mortuary to check if Mr Collins is truly dead. they’re very happy cause Mr collins is truly dead.

“officer can you guys release his corpse to us?” Mr Cole asked the cops. “sure we can give his corpse to you if that’s what you want, you are a very respectable person in the society and Mr president asked us to do anything you want concerning the case the cop said.

“thank you I really appreciate” Mr cole thanks the cops happily. “Cole what did you want to use his corpse for?” Mrs Cole asked.

“I want to burry him my self I want to be sure he didn’t escaped this time” Mr cole said.

“that’s nice but I have an idea we can’t burry his corpse he doesn’t deserve to be buried. am thinking we should burn his corpse with that we will be rest assure he isn’t coming back again” Xander said.

“you’re right he doesn’t deserve to be burry” Alora said. “fine since you guys suggest we burn his corpse we will surely do that” Mr Cole said.


Two years later

“Congratulations your wife just gave birth to a bouncing baby girl” the doctor said to xander.

“aww thank you doctor can I see my wife and the baby now?” Xander asked the doctor.

“sure you’re free to see her but please don’t disturb her she need a lot of rest” the doctor said.

“thank you doctor I promise not to disturb her” Xander said and rushed to her ward.

“congratulations to us my crazy wife” Xander said smiling. “thank you my arrongant husband” Alora replied.

“where’s my grandchild?” Mrs Cole and Mrs Houston asked running to the ward with Everett by their side.

“mum have finally given me a kid sister” Everett said happily.

“how are you doing my baby?” Alora asked. “am doing fine mum I missed you I can’t wait for you to come home” Everett said.

“thank you for giving us our granddaughter” Mrs Cole and Mrs Houston said happily.

president Houston and Mr Cole enter the ward at the same time. “how’s my baby doing?” president Houston asked.

“as you can see your baby is doing well absolutely fine” Alora replied and smile at him where’s Andrew and his pregnant wife?” Alora asked.

“we are here” Andrew said coming to the ward. “thank you for giving me a beautiful neice” Andrew said and engulfed her in a tight hug.

Xander groan and pushed him away and glare at him. “did you want to kill my wife?” Xander asked

“relax bro am not killing her it just an harmless hug” Andrew said.

“congratulations sister” Sandra said to Alora. “thank you your own baby is on the way” Alora said.

“thank you” Andrew said and kissed Sandra baby bump.”I am so romantic” Andrew said dramatically.

Mr cole handover Alora properties to her after the death of Mr Collins. Bryan on the other hand attended college in another country. Alora is now a multi billionaire.

The end.

I don’t really know how to write sex scene but am learning. thanks to my Wonderful readers who stayed with me all through the story I love you all and can’t trade you guys for everything.

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