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semi final

Authoress p.o.v

“And what are you doing here?” Mr Collins asked. “I came to teach you some lessons” Alora said standing on her feet.

“don’t come closer” Mr Collins said fearfully. “did I just see fear in your eyes? I thought heartless people like you don’t fear anyone” Alora said.

“why are you ignoring me I thought am talking to someone” Alora said and gave Mr Collins a ear deafen slap.

“ahhhhh” Mr Collins shouted. “why are you shouting I am not even done with you. corporate with me and you will enjoy your self”

Alora said and brought out a cloth in her bag she kick Mr Collins d”ck and he groan in pain she used the opportunity to cover his mouth with the cloth.

she tied his hand at the back of the chair with the help of Xander. “how many hours did the cops gave us?” Alora asked Xander.

“I think is thirty minutes” Xander replied. “ahhh thirty minutes is too small to deal with this fool now. anyway let me get to work” Alora said and grab Mr Collins by his neck.

“so you’re not more than this. huh just gave me two reasons you killed my parents” Alora said and slam his back on the wall.

Mr Collins groan in pain. “I haven’t even started with you yet you’re shouting. am listening why did you killed them?” Alora asked and hit his nose with her sander.

“oh I have forgotten you can’t talk. my parents are so cool and nice that’s why you killed them right?” Alora asked and hit his head with a rod.

tears come out from Mr Collins eyes and Xander smirk. “Xander he is already crying should I forgive him?” Alora asked faking tears.

“no he need more beatings is good for his health, let me come and help you if you’re tired” Xander said.

“no now, you shouldn’t help me remember I told the cops I won’t let you touch my uncle. this is family matters stay away from it” Alora said smiling devilish.

she moved closer to him and hit the rod on his back. “this is for making me an orphan” Alora said.

“this is for killing my father” she said and hit the rod on his arm.

“this is for my poor mother” she said and hit it on his mouth. “if I didn’t punish you for ruining and killing your own daughter I will be a bad person” Alora said and hit it hard on his nose.

“you f*cking make me and my kidbro an orphan Alora said and bounce on him. she beat him till he passed out.

Xander Separate Alora from Mr Collins he made her sit down before he rushed out to get a bottle of water.

“hey Mr why are you running” one of the cops asked him. “I need water my girlfriend wants to drink water” Xander said and the cops gave him a bottle of water.

he ran back inside the cell and empty the water on Mr Collins. Mr Collins jerk up immmediately.

“am sorry Mr collins said crying “time up” the cops said and enter the cell he was surprised to meet Mr Collins on the ground with bruise all over his body.

“what happen here?” I thought you said you won’t allow Xander to touch this man?” the cops asked shocked.

“this is nothing he is my uncle and we are having a family meeting” Alora said smiling. “you mean you’re the one that beat this man like this?” the cops asked Alora.

“yes any problem? it nothing that’s how we do family meeting in our family” Alora said smiling.

“madam you’re a criminal you’re not going anywhere” the cops. Alora signal Xander to run and they both ran out.

“so smart the cops said and shake his head.he called his boys to take mr Collins to the hospital for treatment.

Rated Strictly for mature mind

“you’re really strong I don’t believe you can beat that man up like that” Xander said.

“yeah am strong am even stronger than you are Alora said. “what if I show you how strong I am” Xander said.

Alora p.o.v

I know what he mean but I will tease him a little bit. “what did you mean by you wanna show me how strong you’re?” I asked Xander.

“hmm I mean I need you it’s not easy to keep myself. all this while I think am losing it” Xander said.

“really?” i asked bitting my lips seductively. I moved closer to him and pushed him with a finger and he fall flat on the bed.

as in, I only use a finger to pushed this guy I thought. I put off his trouser and get hold of his d*ck. “wow he’s so big.

“do you know what we will be doing till day break?” I asked Xander.

“yes I think I have an idea” Xander said and kiss me.

i pushed him slightly. “not so soon lover boy” I said and get hold of his dck am a virgin but a badass one at that. I get hold of his dck and started stroking it.

I took my hand away from his d*ck and I run my hand down his chest to his packs.

I went back to his d*ck and rubbed on it and gave it gentle strokes getting him charged up. I love how is body react to my touch.

“did you wanna sleep?” I asked him. “no am not feeling sleepy” he replied.

“better I replied him” “I will show you am stronger than you i said and put his d*ck in my mouth.

“arrgg!” he groaned out. I kept on stroking and s-----g his d*ck. “dawn so sweet he groan.

f--k your mouth is covered with honey you’re so sweet” he said and I smile he really loves what am doing to him.

the blaring of his phone make me stop what am doing. he groan and picked the phone angrily. “Hello is this Mr Xander Cole?” the caller asked.

“yes any problem” Xander replied. “we are calling from the station we want to inform you that Mr Collins escape…… the cops said. “what!!!!” me and Xander shouted at the same time.

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